Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco

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13 reviews for Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco (Black)

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  1. Jesse M.

    I cannot explain enough how much i love this product; it is soo great. like I’ve been wanting a cheap, but excellent thermostat for a while now and i came across this one. It had promising reviews, and turns out that it really does work as well as everyone said. I like how the set up is easy with multiple templates for energy efficiency and comfort. The app is especially very easy to navigate.

  2. Reyna Johnson

    I cannot express in coherent words how much i love this device. I’ve used the Cielo Plust before and it worked amazingly in my old home but sadly when i was shifting places, there was a change in system where we have ducted and it was not compatible anymore. With all the moving around, i was on a tight budget when i noticed that cielo launched another new product; cielo smart thermostat eco. Its features sounded really cool, and i won’t lie when i say it even seemed kinda like an upgrade on budget.
    So i bought and i did not regret it for one second. Everything is explained so well in the manual and the app itself, and it was so easy to set up and manage!
    100/100 man

  3. Benedict Tanner

    I’m been in the HVAC industry for years now (had a job for fifteen years as an HVAC technician) so i’d like to think I’m somewhat an expert on the subject. When i started hearing around about another one of cielo’s products in the market, i knew it would be a good one. So i bought one to try out for myself. The packaging is so neat and includes everything that you need while instaaling. Intallation guide is detailed and it comes with the c wire adapter included which is awesome in this price point!
    I don’t think anyone truly realizes how efficient this thermostat is. It has a ton of useful features that make it easy to use and provide people with maximum comfort. Did you know you can also allow your thermostat to control the fan of your HVAC system, and let me tell you, those threshold templates are a godsend. The in-app descriptions for advanced settings are a great addition to make them understand for a layman.
    Honestly, I have to say this is one of the best smart thermostats I’ve used in a long while.

  4. Annabeth K

    I cannot tell you how much i love this thermostat. I’ve been on a a search for a smart eco-friendly thermostat option for my home. And that’s when i found this one on amazon. I researched a bit more about this device and the company selling it, which ended with me having a bunch of positive feedback. I figured it’s as much of a green flag as I could get when looking for a new thermostat investment. So, i went and brought it.
    and OMG, like i cannot tell you how amazing this device is. It had so many features, and the app was super easy to navigate. The energy insights are great. I’m ordering their other thermostat for my minisplit as well so both can be controlled in the same app.

  5. Eleanora H

    Installation and setup were a breeze, and it functions seamlessly. exceptionally user-friendly. I love that this thermostat is also available in white. The sleek and stylish look adds a touch of sophistication to our home. It is a fantastic addition to cielos current product list! I have already used their minisplit thermostats and now added this to our home.

  6. Tilly Lane

    This device has been a literal blessing for me. I no longer leave my heating on and monitor it via the app and have set schedules that keep my home at the required temperature all day long. Its so incredibly easy to use the app and the thermostat. I’m particularly fond of its vacation mode; since i travel alot i needed something efficient like this that was easy to manage, so the fact i could do it all really easily from my phone is a definitive plus for me.

  7. paul k.

    I am so impressed with this smart thermostat!!! Its sleek design and easy setup are great, thanks to the comprehensive guide that provides clear instructions. The notifications about energy usage are a great touch. The screen display is really easy to navigate and understand, and the whole inclusion of the threshold templates to prioritize comfort or energy savings is very thoughtful. Connecting it to Alexa was also a breeze. I am genuinely happy with it and would wholeheartedly recommend it to friends.

  8. Gina Landon

    Our HVAC provider suggested this thermostat. He told us your company recently launched this thermostat eco but that it worked really excellently, and in his opinion, even better than the hihg pricedd models out there. We took his word for it since it is cheaper then nest or ecobee smart thermostats. It has proven to be excellent so far. I could easily establish schedules that suit our household. The ability to review and make changes on our devices from anywhere is amazing. The energy usage is also a good addition to keep the bills in check.
    I love the display with temperature, time, and weather accessible on the display all the time. With its price point, it looks like a fancy gadget on the wall and not an eyesore which is a plus.

  9. Stacy

    Now i was browsing through amazon to find a replacement for my old programmable thermostat cause i really wanted to experience all that convenience my friends wouldn’t stop telling me about that comes with a smart thermostat. Figured id look through different options, that’s when i discovered the cielo smart thermostat eco. The main thing that really intrigued me was the price. And when i compared it with the other models out there, the feature set it offered had all those options what one needs. As someone using a smart thermostat for the first time, the setup and installation seemed super easy. I was planning on calling the technician but when i opened the box and looked at the instructions manual it looked like an easy gig. I thought to give it a try with the mindset that i’m gonna leave it in between where i’ll be stuck. BUT oh boy i was screaming with excitement when the thermostat screen lit up because i had no expectation i would be able to do it on my own.
    After using it for a week, i can see all the hype around these smart devices. This thermostat was really easy to set up, register and use. I went through the easy route of setting one of the templates, but i’ve also been experimenting around with other features and i’m loving it so far. The location triggers and scheduling are awesome!!! Plus those energy reports are so detailed. Love this device 10/10 from me!!!

  10. Doris Stanford

    I had an older version thermostat from another brand and two breez max for the mini-splits in the individual rooms of my home to speed up heating in certain rooms that the central system takes too long to warm. It was a hassle to look into two different apps for managing temperature and tbh i didn’t even realise it until i learned i can controll all the systems through one app if i use all cielo thermostats. And tbh i was mind blown by the idea of it. I instantly placed the order for cielo thermostat eco since it was on a discount. Let me tell you where it gets interesting! I called the support to clear up my confusion regarding a wiring and later the guy introduced me to Cielo Linked. I can LINK all the tree systems to operate automatically and also based on the weather outside. Amazing functionality for someone who has multiple units and wants to save on energy bills.
    Now, I can set up links to switch off the central system which will automatically activate the heating in my bedroom. This is only the tip of the iceberg of course, after going through the website’s support page, i discovered there are other link combinations i can set too!! It’s a fantastic setup, and really encourages efficient HVAC equipment. And as someone who is really concerned about environmental impacts, i was really happy to find this feature!

  11. Jonathan M.

    To be completely upfront Im the kind of buyer who doesn’t mess around when it comes to spending money. Im all about practicality and rationality and I won’t part with my cash until I’ve done a thorough comparisons of the cost and the benefits im getting out of it. Some might call me frugal (many have to be honest haha), but I call it being smart with my finances.
    So, I’ve been on the prowl for a decent thermostat for my apartment, and let me tell you, I hit the jackpot with this one. The features packed into this thing for the price I paid are just mind-blowing. It was a new launch and didn’t have any reviews online but when i looked up the brand, it held a solid reputation among users for their other products. So i thought to give it a shot and try out the features within the return window.
    The whole registration process was super easy and simple which is something i was not expecting at all. The initial setup and working has been smooth and i’m trying out all its features. I’ll update my experience later, but right now, I’m feeling pretty pleased with my find.

  12. lacey kent

    I was already a big fan of their initial smart thermostat. my sister had one, and I had my eyes on it for a while and was waiting for the sale days to grab one for my home. When I heard they rolled out a new version with an even better price tag, I didn’t waste any time. Got my hands on it, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer.
    The addition of threshold template for energy savings is just brilliant. It’s like having a personal temperature genie that knows exactly what I want from my HVAC system without me having to spell it out every time. And can we talk about the color upgrade? White all the way for me – a personal preference, but hey, it’s the little things that count.
    All in all, a solid upgrade that’s keeping me one happy customer.

  13. Zack Rogers

    I usully find the wiring DIY projects a bit challenging and a hassle i just want to get over with since they can often go wrong and mess up with your equipment(I’m speaking to all the DIYers out there).
    Now, here’s the thing, I was swapping out the non-smart thermostat that come with my system that my technician had done me the favor of installing himself. But now we needed smart phone controls to look after the home temperature when away and cut down on bills. Cielo Eco Thermostat looked promising and the price point is also low on the market considering all the smart features.
    The great thing about this cielo thermostat i think was the easy labellings and clear instructions in its mauals, i knew exactly where which wire was supposed to go; so that’s a huge plus point from my side. Just to be on the safe side, i even called up the Cielo helpline and the agent Jason walked me through everything. The support agent stayed on line the whole time and even after i installed the thermostat, he walked me through some of its features – now that’s some excellent customer service right there!
    Speaking of features, can i tell you how absolutely convenient the threshold templates were?? Like i had predesigned settings for any kind of preference that might hit my fancy.
    The working of the thermostat is smooth and easy. The app controls are easy to understand. It also gives a detail on the usage which helps in reducing the unnecessary usage.

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