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at Its Very Best

Achieve your perfect home climate with
enhanced comfort and savings

Cielo Smart Thermostat, Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco in white, Cielo Breez Max in black

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Smart Thermostats for
Central HVAC

Supports conventional systems
up to (2H/2C) & heat pumps (4H/2C)

Smart Thermostats for

Next-gen smart thermostats for mini-split,
window & portable air conditioners or heat pumps

(White & Black)
(White & Black)
(White & Black)

Avoid Mode Conflict
with Cielo Breez Max

Cielo Breez Max for multi-zone mini-split control via Cielo Home app

Managing a multi-zone mini-split system can be
challenging due to mode conflicts. Cielo Breez
offers an innovative solution to prevent this
issue, ensuring seamless operation and
enhanced comfort.

Cielo Breez Max for multi-zone mini-split control via Cielo Home app

One App to Control Central & Mini-Split Heat Pumps

A person using Cielo Home app to manage their central hvac system and room mini-split

The Cielo Home app provides a single place to manage and control your central and room air conditioners. No need for multiple apps, embrace total control with one!

A person using Cielo Home app to manage their central hvac system and room mini-split

Optimized for Savings

Optimizing energy efficiency with Cielo Smart Products

Usage Monitoring

Monitor your HVAC runtime and
set achievable goals for energy

A woman monitoring her AC usage history using Cielo Home app for efficient management


Create temperature
schedules that match your
daily routine to save energy.

A happy family enjoying time in chilly weather


Location-based triggers to automatically adjust your HVAC settings when you enter or exit a predefined area.

Designed for Convenience

Automatically Senses,
Intelligently Adjusts

Perfect temperature where it
matters with built-in temperature
& humidity sensors.

Comfort Like
Never Before

Powerful set of features to
take your comfort to a
whole new level.

Exceptional Control
for Everyday Use

With controls so easy, day to
day temperature adjustments
are a breeze.

Experience Ultimate Home Climate Control
With the Free Cielo Home App

Cielo mobile and web app

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Smartly Link Multiple HVAC Systems for Maximum Energy Savings

Smart Heat Management With Your Furnace & Central Heat Pump

Optimizing energy efficiency through intelligent switching between furnace/boiler
and a heat pump to minimize reliance on fossil fuel-based heating systems.

Intelligent Switching Between Your Furnace & Mini-Split

Minimize dependence on fossil fuel-based heating (furnace/boiler) while
enhancing the utilization of mini-splits through automated connections.

Automating the operation of mini-split heat pump (paired with Breez Max) and furnace (paired with Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco) via Cielo Linked based on outdoor weather.

Optimized Usage of Mini-Splits & Central Heat Pump

Cut down on energy expenses by optimizing the utilization of mini-splits
while minimizing the usage of central heat pump.

Automating the operation of central heat pump (paired with Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco) and mini-split heat pump (paired with Breez Max) via Cielo Linked based on indoor temperature.

Coordinated Automation for Multiple Mini-Splits

Tailor multiple mini-splits based on occupancy for
optimal comfort and smart energy management.

Cielo Linked automating the operation of bedroom and living room mini-splits based on outdoor weather via Cielo Linked

Supercharge Your Savings
With Energy Rebates

Cielo’s energy-efficient smart thermostats save
you money
and help support the environment.

Explore rebates offered in your area.

Energy bills of a house

More Options - More Control

Experience a truly connected smart home by integrating your Cielo smart products
with the rest of your smart home

Giving command to Alexa for setting temperature
Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco in white on the wall
Giving command to Google for setting temperature

Cielo in the Press

“The Cielo Breez Eco Smart AC Controller is the knight in shining armor you need to make your ductless cooling system more high-tech”

"Easy to set up and incredibly responsive. This is one of the best devices we’ve tested for controlling a stand-alone air conditioner."

"This Wi-Fi enabled smart AC controller turns your air conditioner or heat pump into a smart, easily manageable resource."

"Between its wall-mounted control panel and rich control suite, the Cielo Breez Plus really helps your ductless AC units feel like a fully integrated part of your home."

"Offering the same smart control features for regulating a central air conditioning system to one of those manual old-school and — pardon the term — dumb AC units."

"The Cielo Breez Eco gives you full smart control over any AC unit. Engineered to smarten up all those ductless cooling systems that have been dumb for way too long."

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