Industry’s Best
Smart HVAC Integrated Controls

Redefine your comfort and energy savings with the next-gen platform
to link your central air conditioning with room air conditioners.


Enjoy perfect home climate control with the power of automated HVAC linking - your indoor comfort just got smarter!


Experience ultimate convenience with seamless connectivity between your ductless and ducted HVAC system - all through one platform.


Gain the upper hand on your energy bills with smart linkages and intelligent actions for your heating and cooling.

Link Your Ducted and Ductless
HVAC Systems
to One Interface

With Cielo Linked, seamlessly and smartly connect, and integrate your smart HVAC systems
(ductless and/or ducted) using Cielo Breez smart AC controllers and Cielo Smart Thermostat.

Automate Home Temperature

Auto interplay of ducted and/or ductless smart HVAC units

Combat Temperature Fluctuations

Automatic protection of your home from freezing temperatures

Perfect Temperature Always

No matter the location! All your air conditioning units work in harmony

Smart Links Between Your
Ductless and Ducted HVAC Units

Ensure a perfect climate at every corner of your home using an easy-to-use interface of Cielo
Linked. Make smart linkages and keep saving energy.

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