Cielo Linked

Auto Switching Between Your Residential HVAC Systems

Minimizes the use of a fossil fuel based furnace/ boiler while maximizing the use of heat pump to provide maximum savings and comfort!

Smart linkage between a heat pump and a furnace using Cielo Linked

A Cloud-Based Platform to Pair Residential
HVAC Systems
(Central Heat Pump, Furnace/Boiler, Mini-Splits)

Smart Heat Management With Your Furnace & Central Heat Pump

Optimizing energy efficiency through intelligent switching between furnace/boiler
and a heat pump to minimize reliance on fossil fuel-based heating systems.

Linking heat pump and furnace operation via cielo linked using Cielo Smart Thermostat based on outdoor weather.

Intelligent Switching Between Your Furnace & Mini-Split

Minimize dependence on fossil fuel-based heating (furnace/boiler) while
enhancing the utilization of mini-splits through automated connections.

Optimized Usage of Mini-Splits & Central Heat Pump

Cut down on energy expenses by optimizing the utilization of mini-splits
while minimizing the usage of central heat pump.

Automating the operation of central heat pump (paired with Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco) and mini-split heat pump (paired with Breez Max) via Cielo Linked based on indoor temperature.

Coordinated Automation For Multiple Mini-Splits

Tailor multiple mini-splits based on occupancy for
optimal comfort and smart energy management.

Integrated HVAC Control
for Sustainable Comfort

Weather icon

Switch between your
HVAC systems based
on outdoor weather

home climate icon

Set automations based
on indoor temperature
or your personal

link icon

Link multiple HVAC
units, including
mini-splits, central
and AUX systems

Woman using cielo linked on her phone
Simple setup icon

Simplified Setup

Requires no additional hardware
for integration, streamlining the
setup process.

wifi icon

Wireless Connectivity

Offers the convenience of creating
links over Wi-Fi, ensuring a hassle-
free connection.

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Flip Into Savings Mode
With Exclusive Rebates

Enjoy exclusive rebates provided by your local utility for smarter,
and cost-effective home climate control.

Rebates Logos
Rebates Logos
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Experience effortless climate
control, ensuring a personalized and
comfortable environment tailored to
your preferences.

A father and a son entering their home

Elevate your lifestyle and enjoy
unparalleled convenience as your heating/
cooling operates automatically as per your
desired settings.

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Enhance energy efficiency and reduce
carbon footprint by preventing
unnecessary usage for sustainable

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