This privacy policy document explains how Cielo WiGle Inc. (Hereinafter termed as “Cielo”, “Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) collects, uses, and, protects the data of its website(s) visitors (hereinafter termed as “customers”, “visitors”, “users”, “you”, or “your”). Cielo treats any information as personal information that reveals the identity of an individual, such as name, email address, IP address, billing information, and so on.

We have a separate privacy policy on the use of Cielo products and services. To learn about our privacy policy for Cielo products and services, please visit this link.

We respect your privacy and decision to trust us with your personal information for the successful completion of the goals and transactions made through our website. Cielo does not share or disseminate your personal information to anyone without your consent and solely keeps it for improving the products, services, and experience of visitors on the Cielo website.

Following are the detailed terms and conditions of Cielo website’s privacy policy:


Cielo collects customer data through cookies, website forms, and related mediums. The information is collected once users interact with the Cielo website. The collected data is used to provide better information about Cielo products and services, to ascertain the navigation preferences of visitors, and to provide a better user experience. By visiting the Cielo website, you agree and acknowledge the privacy policy set forth by the Company.  Cielo collects the following information through its website:

  • Purchase Information: When you purchase Cielo products and services from our website, you are asked to provide some essential information and data to complete the transaction, such as your name, email address, required billing and shipping information, etc. The billing service providers will collect and store full payment information from you, whether logged in as a guest or regular website user, when an order is placed until the payment is cleared.
  • Email Information: Your submitted email address may be used to send you news about Cielo-related services, products, or promotions. Cielo may use one or more service providers to administer these messages, but Cielo does not share your email address with spammers or any other third parties without your permission. You can withdraw your email address by either hitting the unsubscribe button present in Cielo emails, or you can contact to convey your intention to unsubscribe.
  • Cookie Guidelines: A cookie is a small file that is sent from a website to the user’s browser in order to understand the preferences of the user. Cielo’s website uses cookies, such as sessions, persistent, or relevant cookies, to improve the functions and operations of the website. Cookies help us to improve our offerings by understanding your behavior and patterns on our website. Cielo also tracks click-through data features contained in its email to users to help Cielo measure the effectiveness of its communication with the users. Cielo also permits third-party analytics partners like Google Analytics, etc., to use cookies on the Cielo website, which are later used for retargeting and marketing activities. Cielo also uses aggregated information like the total number of visitors, exit rate, etc., to improve its website content, products, and services. You have the option to block certain cookies from your browser settings, but that would affect your browsing experience on our website.
  • Third-Party Sites and Features:Our website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties and may include social media features and buttons (such as “Like,” “Tweet” or “Pin”). These third-party websites may collect information about you as per their policies and guidelines. Cielo would not be accountable for any information and policies of other websites. Your interactions with other websites are governed by the privacy policy of those websites, not by the Cielo website privacy policy. Cielo does not control what information these third parties collect. In addition to that, all the third-party trademarks, including logos and icons, are the property of their respective owners. Their presence on the Cielo website is only for informational purposes and not based on any sponsorship, endorsement, or association of any kind.
  • Publishing Comments and Reviews: Cielo is entirely open to the feedback of its customers as this provides the opportunity to fill the gap between the current and desired state. Customers can post their comments and reviews on the Cielo website to give their feedback about Cielo products and services. During this, the reviewer/commenter is asked to share the name, email address, IP address, star rating, remarks, and any other relevant information about the action. By posting comments and reviews, the customers warrant to abide by and agree to the privacy policy of the Cielo website.
  • Children Policy: As a policy, we do not knowingly collect or store any personal information of children below age 13. The website’s content and propositions do not apply to children under the age of 13.


Cielo collects the data to enhance the functionality of the website by understanding users’ preferences. Cielo uses your personal information to place and deliver your orders through the website. Cielo customer support team works diligently to resolve the queries of its customers, hence, resulting in the information collection and retention for present or future customer support. In addition to that, Cielo aims to give the right product to the right customer at the right time. Therefore, marketing, advertising, and/or retargeting helps in exploring our right target market. Cielo also uses third-party platforms for analytics and research purposes, such as Google Analytics,, etc. Cielo also ensures to maintain and secure the data of its customers to abide by the applicable rules, regulations, and laws.


Cielo only collects and manages data related to its product and services. Cielo would never rent, sell, share, or disseminate customer listing without the prior consent of its customers. We only share data in case of explicit consent of the customer, for external processing like product or service support, as part of business transaction or analysis. We may also share non-personal information (for example, averages of customer data) publicly and with our partners for any government schemes or private rebates schemes. Additionally, your personal information may also be collected, processed, and shared by Cielo to fulfill the US legal requirements.


Cielo takes the privacy of its valuable customers very seriously. We use data encryption and the best possible security measures to safeguard the data of our website visitors. We use AWS cloud services for data management. Cielo may share information with its associates and subsidiaries, and/or third parties & partners. Cielo would also disclose personal information in response to an official request from public authorities.


Cielo’s customer data is commonly stored on Cielo’s servers and cloud-based ecosystem. The data is processed to provide Cielo customers with the products and services and their relevant operations and support. Besides, Cielo may store your personal information for legal purposes, audits, and to maintain applicable laws. Your data remains with Cielo until and unless you notify Cielo via email to stop the data retention as you are no more using Cielo products and/or services. The stoppage notice can be sent to Cielo via


Cielo’s website visitors do have the right to opt-out of the data collection process. There are two ways to do that: By changing the cookies settings from the browser that, once done, would not allow the website to collect the data through cookies, and/or you can reach out to Cielo through the email ‘’ to request for the access or deletion of your data.


Cielo is headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA. Cielo web servers are hosted in the United States, and the website’s related information, offers, products, and services, etc., are intended for the United States residents. If you visit the website from a country that has different laws, then you are transferring your data with your consent, and Cielo in no way responsible for the implementation of your local privacy law.


Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you behold the right to receive information about Cielo data collection and usage practices as described in this privacy policy. Moreover, you can also request Cielo for the access or deletion of your data saved on Cielo’s servers. Cielo would never sell or share your personal information without your consent, and this is only collected and used for business & legal purposes and to improve Cielo products & customers’ experiences.


Please note that this privacy policy may be changed by Cielo from time to time. Cielo will provide notice of any changes or updates on the website.


If you have any questions relevant to the privacy policy of our website, please contact us at 

Last Updated: August 12, 2020