Cielo Smart Thermostats

Perfect balance of comfort and energy savings. Compatible with residential
HVAC systems up to (2H/2C) & heat pumps (4H/2C) with auxiliary heat.

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Cielo Smart Thermostat

For Central HVAC Systems

Next-Gen Smart Features, Exquisite Design.
A dynamic blend of comfort and savings.


$12999 $16900

Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco

For Central HVAC Systems

Unbeatable Value, Ultimate Comfort.
A thermostat that guarantees savings.



$9999 $12900
$9999 $12900

Works Flawlessly with more
than 95% of HVAC Systems

Your Home's Comfort
Revolution Starts Here

Redefine home HVAC control with cutting-edge features that prioritize comfort and savings.

Redefine home HVAC control with cutting-edge features that prioritize comfort and savings.


Set your scheduling preferences once and let your smart thermostat handle the rest.


With location-based triggers, you can always come back to a comfy home.


Unwind with vacation mode, leaving frost and heat worries behind.


Minimize energy wastage, reduce costs, and promote sustainable living.

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Integrated HVAC Controls

Link your central HVAC system with room air conditioners using
Smart Thermostat for Central HVAC and Mini-Split Controllers.

Cielo Linked
Cielo Linked

Home Temperature at
Your Command

Maximize connectivity and simplify temperature control
with effortless smart home integration.

A crossover of seasons & perfect settings

Embracing the fall feels with the perfect thermostat setting for a snug autumn ambiance

Setting the thermostat to cool vibes for a refreshing summer escape

Cranking up the coziness with the thermostat for a warm and inviting winter haven

Match Your Home With The
Thermostat That's Just Right

Cielo Smart thermostat

Smart Thermostat

$12999 $16900
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Cielo Smart Thermostat Eco in black and white

Smart Thermostat Eco

$9999 $12900
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Supports Most 24V Conventional Systems up to (2H/2C) & Heat Pumps (4H/2C)
Supports Most 24V Conventional Systems up to (2H/2C) & Heat Pumps (4H/2C)
Full Touch Screen Color Display with Dynamic Screens
Crisp display with Mode, Temperature, Fan Settings, Presets, and Hold Settings
Color Options
White & Black
Included in the box
C-Wire Adapter
Comes with a C-Wire Adapter that simplifies the thermostat installation where there is no existing common wire available.
Included in the box
On-Device Registration
Guided Installation & Setup
Through Cielo Home App
Yes, can be set on thermostat or Cielo Home App
Weekly Schedules
Yes, can be set using Cielo Home App
Home, Away, Sleep, Pets, Custom
Home, Away, Sleep
Vacation Mode
Settings that keep your home safe without driving up the bills when you're away on a holiday.
Location-based triggers to automatically turn your HVAC on or off as you enter or leave an area.
Cielo Linked
Link your central air with room air conditioners using Cielo Smart Thermostat and mini-split controllers.
Control From Anywhere
View and manage your settings from anywhere using the free Cielo Home app for iOS and Android.
Energy Insights
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Continuously monitors your home environment to ensure ultimate comfort.
Temperature & Humidity Display
Displays real-time home temperature and humidity on the thermostat screen.
DIY Installation
Weather Monitoring
Weather-based home climate control decisions via Clelo Linked.
Weather Display
Displays real-time weather information on the thermostat screen.
Near-Field Sensing
Detects your presence and lights up the control screen.
Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT
Smart Home Compatibility
Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT
Free Support Included
Free Support Included
3-Year Limited Warranty
3-Year Limited Warranty
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