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  1. Cara Thompson

    I love this device. I can’t fully express in coherent words how amazingly it works, but its literally a god send, has made controlling my HVAC system so easy!

  2. Mark Gills

    I have very little patience for long DIY processes. So when i was looking for a new thermostat i was mainly looking for the easiest option there was when it came to installing it. Heard some people recommending this so i went ahead and got it. true to its word, the whole process was really easy and the device worked perfectly well with my home.

  3. Bethy L

    Ok so I recently purchased this thermostat after my old one basically gave up on me. I had my eye on it for quite some time now, and have been wanting to get it, so this was the perfect excuse really. It was pretty easy to install, but i did find some of its features a little hard to understand. I called up the support, and they were quick to walk me through the features on the app andeven how to navigate the touch screen. Overall, i’ve had a good experience with it. a solid 4/5 from me cause this is one of the better thermostat brands out there.

  4. Teddy Hale

    love this thermostat so much. much better than the nest one i used to use before. after their recent update, the features have become even better. cannot praise it enough

  5. Liam Brown

    I stumbled upon the Cielo thermostat while searching for a solution to combat the relentless heat this season. I decided to give it a shot since the reviews were good. Setting it up was easy. I can use the app to contorl home temperature from anywhere. Scheduling and preset options also work very well. The app is super easy to use.

  6. Ralph

    awesome product. really easy to use and customize. has really cut back on my costs too.

  7. Belle Shawn

    switching to cielo was an amazing decision on my part. This product is so brilliant and better than any other thermostat I’ve ever used before. 10/10 man.

  8. Arnold Morgan

    My daughter insisted this is a good thermostat. It apparently had some really good features that she thought would interest me but I was skeptical. An old timer like me is set in his ways. But she got it for me on new years, and i felt bad about letting it gather dust.
    So i installed it and what do you know, she was right. It works really well. and the support is always there to answer all my questions (i do have many haha).

  9. ian holmes

    i barely go and give reviews for the products but the excellence of this product forced me to put the words out here. I bought this thermostat because of its amazing looks ngl. but im even more impressed by all the features and its smooth working. the installation was so easy with the guide book. the wall plate is a good addition to hide the marks. the schedules are super easy to set up. im glad the latest update allows to set custom ones in addition to presets. this has been very convenient.

  10. Violet Lawes

    I like the thermostat! easy to control. features are great. the wall plate came in handy to hide the wall marks. its a good investment.

  11. Ray Barnes

    This is absolutely fantastic and adds a sleek touch to my wall. The app is simple to use. Schedules are my favorite and they work on time. The energy insights provide a good detail into usage so you can reduce the unnecessary running and save on bills. We’re definitely buying one more to gift my parents!

  12. Holly Aster

    Switched to cielo from a non smart thermostat that did not have wifi controls at my mothers advice, and it exceeded everything i was expecting. I had difficulty in understanding the wiring setup despite the manual it came with. I called their support and to my surprise the response was instant. Ian stayed with me on the phone throughout the installation process and walked me over all the incredible features i could use. Absolutely amazing support that you dont come across these days. The style of the device is stunning! Incredibly user-friendly! iabsolutely love it !

  13. Josephina Morris

    Absolutely in love with this model, it’s sleek, elegant, and the interface is really easy to use. So glad i chose this product!

  14. Levi Sawyer

    Our HVAC provider suggested this thermostat and helped install it when he replaced our HVAC system, and despite my initial concerns about its seemingly limited control, it has proven to be excellent. I could easily set a schedule that suits our household for optimal efficiency ( i like it to be a little warmer when i wake up at sunrise, and cooler by noon). The presets are also very handy for different temperature setups throughout the day. Overall, we’re very pleased with this device.

  15. Doug Jones

    We swapped out our old outdated thermostat for this cielo smart thermostat on the recommendation of a friend. The installation process surprised me with its simplicity, and the app is incredibly user-friendly. Having it on a schedule and the easy uncomplicated way we can control it from our phones is just chef’s kiss. Also i really love the detailed usage history feature. kudos to cielo for an awesome product.

  16. Lenore K.

    This smart thermostat is so awesoome! The instructions to install were clear and detailed. HAd to google around some stuff around wiring and it was easily available online.
    It lets me to control my home’s temperature from anywhere, and its energy-saving features have made an actual impact on my utility bills, i wasn’t expecting that to be fair. Also i really like how its so affordable; even my stingy husband felt it was a worthy investment haha.

  17. Dahlia Chase

    Our cielo smart thermostat has truly transformed our home and made a noticeable impact on our heating bills. The many fantastic features is impressive!!!!you can set it for when you’re home or away, and the vacation mode is just awesome. Having the ability to control the thermostat from my phone, regardless of my location, is so convenient (i think i find this especially amazing since we used to use a very old fashioned thermostat before we got this smart one). I highly recommend everyone to get a Cielo Smart Thermostat for their home.

  18. Ashton Lloyd

    Without a doubt, one of my favorite products ever! It works flawlessly, and the ability to control the temperature from my phone and those presets are simply awesome! I highly recommend it to any homeowner. Plus, the setup and installation are incredibly easy, so thats a plus point for everyone who wants to save up on installation costs!

  19. Mitch k.

    I’m absolutely in love with this thermostat! The sleek and modern look is a standout for me. While it was a bit challenging for me to get it hooked up, the instruction book provided excellent step by step guide!!!

  20. Patricia Hennessy

    We bought an older house a year ago with a heating/cooling system installed over 10 years ago. Changing everything proved a bit challenging, especially with the old thermostat outlet was buried pretty deep into the wall.
    Installing the newer stuff we had was more easy in comparison. when we were setting up our new cielo smart thermostat the box included basically everything we needed, and the clear guide provided really easy to understand step-by-step instructions. So it was really easy to install and use.

  21. Isabella Keller

    Absolutely impressed with this smartl thermostat. The sleek look fits into my home very well. Installation may seem overwhelming if it’s your first time installing on your own but the detail instructions make the process easy to follow. The app and thermostat controls are incredibly user-friendly. I think everyone should have one of this.

  22. Darren w

    Coming from another smart thermostat that served its purpose well in our previous home, we were initially hesitant to install this one, but I’m glad we did! The presets are something i especially love, and make temperature control really convenient. The voice assistant integration with Alexa is really easy and simple. Overall, i think this was a great upgrade!

  23. Meredith Boyd

    This thermostat had been going strong for about a month now. The responsiveness is impressive, it looks pretty on the wall, and the installation was straightforward (self-install, no need for HVAC service). After having an older thermostat in our last house, the quick upgrade to this smart thermostat in our new house is a definite improvement. Overall, very pleased with the quality of features this offers.

  24. Jackson M

    Absolutely adore this thermostat! The app control and array of features, including the energy usage reports, are fantastic. Installation was simple, and the process was quick withh the easy to follow instructions manual it came with. The clean and sleek design also adds sophisticated look to my home. It’s user-friendly, and thewhole saving money shiz is just cool

  25. Suzy McAdams

    Absolutely loving how great it looks in my house. It’s exactly what I needed to replace my old thermostat. The design is fancy, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

  26. Lana Chen

    I had been contemplating buying this product and did extensive research, but the cost made me hesitate. A few months later, I was finally able to buy it, and let me tell you, it made my month! I mean, it thought it was a bit pricey but turns out it was actually pretty reasonable seeing all the useful features it was offering. I think my favorite thing is setting up the presets; its super convenient.

  27. Daisy Nottingham

    I kid you not when i say everyone needs to have one of these in their homes. Love this thermostat so much. The user manual it came with had detailed instructions so i decided to install it on my own. And i could not believe how easy the whole process was and it saved me the installation costs. It is my favorite already!

  28. Oliver N

    It’s actually hilarious. My older brother forced me to order this thermostat. He literally stood on my head while i was placing the order. I didn’t see the appeal in getting a smart thermostat since older one did the job well imo. But after i received this device, i could appreciate how simple and efficient it was. Now i wasn’t expecting much out of it but i can see that it totally made a difference with all its neat energy efficient features. I really like the way it gives us a detailed list of actions ive taken. I never felt the need to go smart before but after getting this thermostat i can’t believe i was living without schedules. Its such a convenient feature everyone should use it. Never thought Id be saying this but smart thermostats are worth the money and Cielo does a great job!

  29. Steven Springs

    I wont lie, one of my greatest motivation to getting this thermostat was availing the rebates offered on it. I already own the Plus for my minisplit and came across the integrated controls rebate offer. I had difficulty in understanding the process of how their Linked feature works but one email to them and I got a detailed response explaining different scenarios and links. I was actually amazed by the response.
    I think it really makes a difference in lowering my bills.

  30. Samantha K.

    You knw what? Ive used a lot of different thermostats over the years as I moved home, but the one that i adore out of them all is this smart thermostat. I discovered this brand after watching some review videos on youtube, those were about ac controllers but i figured id check if there was any thermostats too. When i found they had one, so i quickly placed an order for it when i read the positive reviews about it. Can’t say i regret it, it is so easy to control and use! I had wiring confusions since this was the first time I installed the thermostat myself. I called support and the guy was so quick in explaining me everything. He even offered to stay online till the whole setup is complete. I was surprised to get a follow up call to ask if everything was working fine! This level of support I have not seen anywhere.
    The product itself is really easy to use. It has all the smart features that i was looking for. The UI of the app is very user-friendly. I could easily navigate all the features. Loving it so far!

  31. John Sinclair

    Love love love the presets. Really convenient and I don’t have to through anyy extra hassle. Amazing.

  32. Kristen G

    I love this device so much!!! It works really great and blends in perfectly at home!!! Great Job!!!

  33. Max Rivera

    What’s really great about this thermostat is the really easy installation process. I’m always wary about how expensive it can be to hire professionals to install a thermostat. But I’m really glad that the whole easy diy process. Registering the device was a total walk in the park too.

  34. Lily Morris

    This is one of the most amazing devices I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. like it has all the features i could ever want, but i especially love the vacation mode. i travel a lot and am constantly worried about my home and furniture. but this device had made everything super easy to manage! love it!

  35. Damien T

    love how easy it was to install and register. i just followed the instructions it came with and it was up and running. the controls are very user friendly. Also its much better than the non-smart thermostat i used to use before, everyone should have one of these in their homes.

  36. Susanna O’Neill

    Can we just appreciate how beautiful this device is? I really like its style better than the other thermostats out there! Really fits in well with our home decor. Just ordered another one for our holiday cottage.

  37. Sharon M

    I LOVE THIS DEVICE SO MUCH! Its a blessing in disguise. Iused to use a programmable thermostat but my best friend forced me to shift to smart thermostats. I won’t lie, ihate changing the technological appliances in my home. If something works fine then i don’t usually see the point in changing it. But my friend gifted this thermostat to me and i didn’t want to be rude so I got up to installing it. This was something i was dreading very much because I’m not very technology oriented in general. I even contemplated calling in an expert for installation. But after I read through the manual, it was super easy to understand. So, i thought i might as well give it a try myself. And the entire DIY process went as smooth as butter!
    After installation, the phone app made everything so easy to control! I will not lie that my horizons literally expanded at all the convenient features I had never even thought of before! I’m still experimenting with the features, but from what I’ve experienced so far, I really love this product!

  38. Barry L

    I recently upgraded to the Cielo Smart Thermostat and I have to say, it’s been a game-changer. I used a coupon to purchase this thermostat during the black Friday sale. I was initially confused setting up the device but i figured that I could just give a call to their support because I’ve had experience interacting with them before. As always they were so warm and concise with the way they explained everything to me. I love how easy they made it to set up!
    Features wise, this device is soo great, its made my entire experience of controlling temperature so easy! I also have two room units connected with cielo breez controllers and I love all of these thermostats can be controlled through one app. I’m also looking forward to explore the linked feature they have introduced recently that support guy told me about.
    I haven’t had any issues in controlling the thermostat so far. It provides good value for money as compared to the other expensive options in the market. The design is also top-notch! Although, I’d have loved to have an option in white as well since it blends in better.

  39. Killian Harrow

    I’ve been on the outlook for a smart thermostat for a while. I wanted something in black to match my interior but couldn’t find any options. I came across this while randomly scrolling through amazon and when I visited their website they had a sale going on. I read about the brand online andplaced the order right away.
    It came with a detailed user manual so i thought i’d give DIY installation a try. I had some trouble with the wires when setting it up but because i had read up on the device and the company producing it, i knew to expect a prompt helpline service. And i was right! the person i talked to was really cooperative and explained everything to me perfectly, and patiently stayed with me on the line till the device was up and running. I was actually amazed by that!
    I think what i loved most about this device was how amazingly easy its app was and the design of the device. I wont lie; the black, simple but elegant look was something i was going for and it really fit in my living space really well!

  40. Kimmy Lloyd

    Iwas gifted this thermostat by my dad when I moved into my new place. He’s a huge home tech enthusiast, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’d give me a thermostat as a housewarming gift. But knowing that this thermostat met his stamp of approval was enough of a validation for me.
    He helped me through the installation process, and when we explored the features, I found them to be really cool and efficient. Dad was especially a fan of the presets, and I could understand his eagerness for me to try them out. I especially love the home and away presets. they were perfect and suited my needs really well. The only critique i’d have is that the touchpad of the thermostat is too small, but i guess its not that big of deal. The design otherwise was really awesome.

  41. Aaron Reed

    A friend of mine told me about this new smart thermostat so I ordered one. He was all praises about Cielo so I knew I had to give it a go. After using it for more than 15 days, I gotta say it is pretty cool! What would make it even better though is if they added sensors.
    I mean i just wanted a replacement for my extremely old analog thermostat and things like scheduling is huge bonus for me. It feels like my entire air conditioning system has been upgraded and is new.

  42. Amanda Smith

    I just wanted to replace my old thermostat with a smart one so I can control it from anywhere but the Cielo Smart Thermostat is so much more. It has scheduling, presets like home and away, vacation mode and you can even track your HVAC unit runtime. These features are going to be so much helpful in reducing my energy consumption in the longer run.

  43. Meghan

    Installation was pretty straightforward. I like how they have labeled the wires which makes it super easy to connect them, and then double check when you turn on the thermostat. So basically you can’t go wrong with the wires.The old smart thermostat started giving me some issues so I decided to buy a better one. Not only does it work perfectly with my central unit but has some pretty cool features too! Definitely deserves 5 stars.

  44. Bella

    I recently decided to upgrade my home’s heating and cooling system and after thorough research, I settled on the Cielo smart thermostat. Having had it installed for a couple of weeks now, I can confidently say that this device has exceeded my expectations in so many ways!
    The whole installation process was surprisingly straightforward. With detailed and easy instructions provided in the manual and the online installation guide, I was able to set up the thermostat in barely 30 minutes. Im not a very techy person so I felt very accomplished and impressed when I was able to do no problem. Oh and I think the compatibility checker on their website is really convenient. If anyone wants to check if the smart device works with their hvac system before making their purchase they can do it from here!
    The whole device is literally a godsend! i love all the scheduling and preset features!! Its really awesome, I definetly recommend this to everyone in my family!!

  45. Phil Curry

    Installation was mostly a breeze, thanks to the really easy to understand instructions provided in the manual. Still I was a little confused when it came to wire connections. I reached out to their customer support for some clarifications, and I cannot stress enough how much impressed I was with their response time! And they were helpful!!! They guided me through the process and made sure that I had a hasslefree setup. It all went really smoothly and they even assured me that they would be calling again for an update. Im really impressed with the whole team!

  46. Josh K

    I cant tell you how eagerly I’ve been waiting for this smart thermostat’s release. Ive always admired the Cielo products, my sister and parents have breez plus in their homes. After waiting an unbearable amount of time I finally got the smart thermostat!!! When I opened the package I was really pleasantly surprised. The sleek and minimalist look of it just blends into my homes chic aesthetic style
    The geofencing thing has always been my favorite smart feature. I LOVE how I just need to park in my driveway and the thermostat will automatically set my home temperature just how I like it. The vacation mode is really incredible and convenient for someone like me who frequently travels. Moreover, including the C-wire adapter in the package won me over. I didn’t have the c wire in my home so that helped a lot. Im hoping for some significant savings with this thermostat.

  47. Alex Brown

    I have a two-story house and have mini splits in my 2nd floor bedrooms along with the central AC. I have been using breez plus devices for quite some time now. So when I came to know about cielo thermostat, I knew I had to get it so I can control all the units from one single app. The design is impressive, goes well with my living room decor. Scheduling with presets is quite interesting. I went away for 4 days with family and vacation mode really saved my home, because the high temperature back home could have caused some serious damage to the house. We scheduled the temperature to return back to our normal settings 2 hours before our arrival.

  48. Ashley

    Cielo smart thermostat is way too good! After getting alexa for our home, we were looking to upgrade our thermostat so it can be controlled using voice commands. Alexa integration works smoothly, no issues so far. I also really like the Home and Away preset thing. If I forget to adjust my temperature before leaving, the cielo thermostat automatically switches to away mode and reduces energy consumption. Viola geofencing. However, it remains to be seen if this functionality will have a significant impact on our bill.

  49. Harrison

    Just got the Cielo Smart Thermostat, and it’s beyond my expectations. Initially, I had some wiring confusion, but their excellent support helped me out and saved me installation costs. Loving the thermostat presets, super helpful in daily routine and being able to view the weather on the thermostat is a really nice addition! It looks great, it’s easy to use, it controls home temperature like it should – what more can one want!

  50. Jessica Holland

    This Cielo smart thermostat is amazing! Lets me control my home climate through my phone from anywhere. Setup was pretty straightforward and the app is really user-friendly. Got it for two reasons, it has a great price compared to Nest, and Im already using Cielo Breez Plus for my mini split so I get to control both the devices using a single app.

  51. Rebecca Ward

    I am extremely satisfied with this product. The setup process is remarkably easy. However, what truly sets this thermostat apart is the exceptional customer service and support. When they claim to be available from 9 am to 9 pm, they truly mean it. They were quick to follow up with my emails. Even after my issue with c wire installation, which had nothing to do with the thermostat, was resolved, they took the time to ensure my continued happiness with the device. Amazing job!!

  52. Esther James

    Ive been using cielo products for a long time, but i recently moved into a house with central air conditioning. It gave me an excuse to buy the cielo smart thermostats and I’m so glad i did! its such a sleek and amazing device. I love that the user interface of the app is user-friendly. I can easily adjust the temperature, set schedules, and even monitor energy usage with just a few taps. The app also give me all the valuable insights into my heating and cooling patterns, helps me see how i can make energy-efficicnet actions.
    I’m glad i got this one, now i can control all my ACs using one app only. This saves me a lot of hassle, i keep switching between central and mini splits as needed even when away from home.
    Really love this product, 10/10!!!

  53. Brooke

    Received mine a few weeks ago. The setup and registration process was pretty easy. The detailed manual with pictures and instructions made the installation process a piece of cake. At this price point, Cielo offers more than what you’d expect from a smart thermostat. I got their thermostat because i already have their room AC controllers. They allow to create links between room and central cooling with their special feature Linked. It’s amazing and makes controlling the HVAC systems much much easier!
    More than anything, they have the best support out there. I ran into some issue where it wasn’t picking up my wifi and their support walked me through it without getting annoyed by my questions. They even called me for a follow up on how my experience is going so far.
    Really excited to set up vacation mode when I leave for a month next week!

  54. L. Stinson

    I just wanted to replace my old thermostat with a smart one so I can control it from anywhere but the Cielo Smart Thermostat is so much more. It came with the installation kit, a base plate, a c-wire adaptor and even a goof plate to cover up any holes in the wall. Installation details were written in the manual to the last detail so I faced no issue in setting up. It powered up just fine and connected to my mobile in a jif! So far so good.

  55. John Thomas

    Came in very nicely packaged. I called the helpline to send someone to install it for me. However, they offered to help me in doing it myself. Turns out, it was not as difficult as I thought, plus saved me from the installation costs. It even identified an incorrect wire i had placed! The smart thermostat looks really neat on my wall. It works pretty well. Definitely my money’s worth! Highly recommended.

  56. A. Roberts

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Cielo minisplit thermostats so I had to try the thermostat for my 2 stage heat pump & control all units from the same app. It delivered in a neat package with detailed instructions making DIY absolutely possible. What’s always been great about Cielo is that you can give their customer support a call and they make sure you have an even better experience than imagined. Extremely reliable thermostat with a great set of features like Linked!

  57. Sammy

    Switched to Cielo from my previous thermostat and the main reason was so that i’m able to control my minisplit and central units using one app, and i am so grateful! Its brilliant and works really well. I love how great it looks, i mean, my favorite color is black so its a no-brainer that i love this thermostat. It surprisingly didn’t take me long to set it up. I had a little confusion in some of the settings but the support cleared up each and every one of my troubles. I loved how they called me a few days later for a quick checkup.

  58. Stacy

    Can I tell you how much I love the vacation mode in this product. I mean, recently i left to go on a trip to Europe, and i was worried about the antique furniture i have at home. I was worried the excessive heat would damage to my home. The vacation mode made everything so much easier. I was so glad that my bills weren’t high and that my antiques weren’t damaged either. I could monitor my home temperature and humidity all the time via their mobile app which is also very easy to use. Very impressive!
    I just ordered their room ac thermostat for my office and really excited to try out the linked feature.

  59. Aaron

    Recently received my smart thermostat in the mail today. Its so gorgeous man. it looks so modern and stylish, i just want to spend my time admiring it all the time. Im saying this because i did not expect it to look this good given their price point. Another reason for me buying their thermostat is that Ii use three of their controllers also. I didnt want the hassle to keep switching between the apps to control all my units at a time. I can monitor everything on one app which is really cool.
    I was able to install it myself using their detailed manual. I got confused seeing the c wire adapter and couldn’t figure where should i connect it. I called their support, who instantly figured out that with my setup i don’t need to use it. The agent even gave a follow up call to ask about my experience which was really surprising. Would really recommend this thermostat!

  60. Dean Hawes

    If you’re looking to upgrade from your programmable thermostat to one that’s smart, I really recommend you all to get this cielo smart thermostat. It is amazing and works really well. Pretty easy to install yourself, and it has the best look too. I love challenging myself, and decided to install on my own. Their manual was pretty detailed and explained all the steps of the process. I was able to do it in around 90 minutes.
    I was a bit skeptical at first too but honestly, this thermostat does wonders. I think my favorite feature for now would be the default presets they have. The app is easy to use as well. I’m waiting for a sale to order their controller for my garage AC.

  61. Amara

    I finally got this thermostat. Ive used other cielo products that I was desperately looking forward to their thermostat. It is a work of art, truly. One of the most beautiful and sleek devices I’ve ever seen. i think I like it all the more because my home interior has a dark and grey theme and this device fits right in. It was also pretty easy to install with the detailed instructions on the manual but I still contacted their support to confirm a couple of things and they were awesome. Now i can easily controll all my air conditioners using a single app and login which is a blessing.

  62. Robert

    celio smart thermostat was a switch from my honeywell with the buttons to smart and it’s going really really well! i don’t give 5 stars unless a product has blown my mind and I think this thermostat is getting there. I mean, just sitting on my couch and adjusting the temperature from my phone makes me feel like I am in 2023.
    The set up was a tad bit difficult because I am not extremely techy, I used the support number option that I keep reading about and they literally told me which colored wire to put where. This made it extremely easy and saved me so much on hiring tech – it was completely free.
    Since then no issues, received a call back from support to check if everything is working all right. WOW. It sure is!

  63. Dennis Branson

    As someone who doesn’t usually leave reviews, I just had to share my experience with Cielo smart thermostat.
    I’m already a fan of their products and have been using two plus controllers in my rooms and a Breez lite in my garage. So when I heard they were launching a smart thermostat, I knew it was gonna be a big thing.
    The highlight of adding the smart thermostat to my collection of Cielo products is the way I’m able to control all my air conditioners from the same app. My mini-splits, window and central AC – all from one place. Now that is super convenient!
    If you have both central and room acs, I highly recommend this.

  64. Tim

    I finally received the thermostat a week ago. The installation process was pretty easy. I just had some confusion about the wiring stuff but the awesome support swiftly guided me through it.
    So far, I am LOVING this product, especially its design.

  65. Angelica Harrison

    I’ve been wanting to switch to a smart thermostat since everything is smart nowadays. I was checking various options when I came across cielo and saw that they have launched their smart thermostat. I have heard of ceilo before as some of my friends use their smart controllers. They have all the good things to say about Cielo, so I went ahead and placed my order after checking my requirements.
    I received it two days ago and god, it’s such a beautiful device. It looks sleek and fits the modern contemporary theme of my home. The icing on the cake is that it is SO easy to install! I also like their default presets, really helpful.

  66. Mark Steven

    Just got my hands on the Cielo Smart Thermostat and it has exceeded my expectations. I’m not particularly handy but I thought to give DIY installation a try since it came with a detailed user guide. I was impressed how easily I was able to install it with no issues and it saved me so much on installation.
    The device itself is incredible and easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with my smart home system, and oof I can do so much more with the app. It’s just been a couple of days and I’m enjoying the experience so far, can’t wait to explore more.

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