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Cielo Breez Lite in black and white

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Based on 118 reviews
  1. Anna P.

    Super satisfied with this buy. I live in a studio apartment with a window AC and a neighbour recommended buying this to cut back on costs. Took her advice and I’ll be damned cause my energy utilities were so much lower by the next month, thank the lord. Amazing device!

  2. David Wilson

    Since integrating the Cielo Breez Lite into my home, controlling the climate has become a seamless experience. I can monitor and manage my home’s climate from wherever I am. Also, it’s a very budget-friendly device so I would highly recommend this solution for anyone seeking efficient climate control without the hassle.

  3. Mary-Anne Wilson

    I wont lie i got this controller to handle the mini-splits in our summer cabin, especially when i heard that it has a freeze protection feature. already had a bad experience with burst pipes in our cabin and i didn’t want a repeat of it so I’ve been searching for something to help with that and someone recommended this breeze lite to me. So far its been working amazingly.

  4. Niall

    The device does as promised. It turned my old window AC into a smart AC which I can control from its app. Over all, I have no regrets in buying this little device- cielo lite.

  5. Em Cole

    small. compact. powerful. thats the words i would use to describe this device. it works brilliantly with my window ac unit and i will forever be greatful to the person on reddit who reccomended it to me.

  6. Jules

    Don’t let its compact size fool you- Breez Lite packs a punch! Perfect for anyone looking for a straightforward climate control solution, this device has left me in awe. Its easy installation and user-friendly mobile app make it a joy to use, while its energy-saving features help cut down on utility costs. LOVE IT.

  7. Donald J.

    Happy with Cielo Lite. Small, easy to use and efficient.

  8. Clara

    Wow I’m genuinely impressed by the Cielo breez lite! I never imagined my old window AC could become smart, but this device has completely transformed it. I’m absolutely loving the convenience it brings. Being able to control my AC from anywhere using my smartphone is a game-changer. LOVE IT!

  9. Diana H

    I recently landed a good job, which allowed me to move into a better apartment. But even with a better paycheck, i still understand the importance of frugality in my life rn. I need to save up on costs as much as i can, but i was stumped a bit on how. My father advised me to get a portable AC and a cheap smart ac controller which would help me save up on energy costs. I have to say he was right. This tiny device paired with my portable unit has saved me so much! Its super convenient to control even when not home from the app. Love it!

  10. timothy stane

    Recently moved into a small studio apartment, and i installed a window ac unit to save up on costs. Got this breeze lite to control it and i haven’t regretted it sinc.e. I mean the app is so convenient and easy to use. I’ll admit i sometimes get confused about the setting schedules, but the support helpline is super helpful in solving all my problems.

  11. Valentin

    Absolutely loving the Cielo Breez Lite! Its seamless integration into my home’s ecosystem has been a game-changer. The energy-saving capabilities are remarkable, and the convenience of remote control is unbeatable. Highly satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone seeking efficient climate control solutions.

  12. Gia

    Works great for mini splits

  13. Frank Lee

    Great product in this price and even better customer service.

  14. Leslie

    I bought 2 of these for our attic and garage mini splits. The set up was pretty simple. It came with a guide, i followed the steps and the device was connected to the unit in less than 2 minutes, it was that easy! The free app gives control for both the units and i can look at the temperatures on my phone at all times.

  15. Ramona L.

    you’d think a tiny controller like this wont work really well, but don’t be deceived. This is such an excellent thermostat to control your mini-splits. Ive recommended it to everyone in my family and friend circle.

  16. Ian

    Faced difficulty where the lite would disconnect or not stay in sync with the minisplit which was very annoying. This forced me to contact the support. And to my surprise the process of contacting support and getting the issue fixed has never been this smooth. The guy knew what i was talking about and instantly resolved my issue. He called back a few days later for a follow up. Never experienced this kind of support service before.
    The device is also working fine now.

  17. Jenny

    I have 5 of them in our home and they work well. All have schedules set up for the week which turn the mini splits on and off. The good thing is you get the notification once the schedule is applied. It can be switched off via the app if not needed to be on any day.

  18. Selene

    Great product! Connected with my age old window AC instantly.

  19. martha brigham

    I absolutely love this device!!! Like everyone should have one of these in their home!

  20. Willa Henderson

    Im just plain delighted with the cost savings and convenience of being able to remotely controll my heating with this device.

  21. Cynthia Jones

    This is a simple, effective product with excellent customer service support

  22. Alec Reid

    Absolutely do not hesitate, get it now! We have been using cielo ac controller for over a month now and with how much of a great experience we had, we ended up buying four more. We can see a significant drop in bill after setting up schedules. Previously we’d have to leave the heating on, even if we were not home that resulted in huge bills. The convenience of heat running on its on as per the set schedules and being able to control it via the app has made our lives a heaven.

  23. Graham Mort

    This is the fifth time i purchased this! Absolutely love this lite

  24. Macy Thompson

    OMG, I love this controller! Im always losing those remotes, so this device and its awesome features are amazing!!!!!

  25. Anthony

    Setting it up and connecting it with my mini split was really easy, and the connection with Amazon Alexa makes everything even easier.

  26. Jane

    Installation and configuration were a breeze—reliable, straightforward, and highly effective!

  27. Callum

    Don’t let the installation of this lite intimidate you—it’s a breeze and takes only around 5 minutes. Even if youre confused the box has a manual included and the website provides easy-to-follow instructions too. Once installed, the controller practically sets itself up, taking just minutes to connect with your ac. The level of customization is fantastic; you can tailor numerous schedules and connect to Alexa. It looks sleek on the wall, operates flawlessly, and is a no-brainer for an easy, money-saving home upgrade!

  28. Morgan Willis

    Absolutely thrilled with my decision to upgrade to the cielo lite for my mini-split heat pump system in my living room. Being able to control it from anywhere is a game-changer. I made this switch from the age old remote that came with the unit since i was facing a lot of issues with it, especially the lack of accurate control, and cielo has truly exceeded my expectations. The elegant design, coupled with voice integrations has me hooked. As for my upstairs unit, i got another lite and thankfully the app ensures seamless control of both devices.

  29. Bryce Grady

    This smart ac controller pleasantly surprised me with its performance. Having used a competing brand for a while, the ease of installation and user-friendly app was a breath of fresh air. Overall, it’s a really great product!

  30. Robert

    I absolutely adore this breezey lite. Its really easy to control and i think i love the geofencing feature the most

  31. Collin Ashton

    After moving to a new house with pre-installed minisplit acs, and a hard-to-use remote, I extensively researched various options and settled on the lite as a budget-friendly, smart option. The unit’s small design and evident quality immediately stood out. The app controls are super friendly. Highly recommended for its style and ease of use!

  32. Audrey Samson

    I’ve had the breez lite installed for about two weeks now, and I’m incredibly impressed with its performance. We’ve always been loyal to cielo, and after moving to our new home, I couldn’t wait to add the lite in our kids nursery. I adore its aesthetic and how it simplifies life for me. With just my phone, I can effortlessly manage the temperature schedules. Creating routines has never been easier. Plus it was a super easy installation too!

  33. Leonard d.

    Being in the HVAC industry, I can confidently say that this AC controller is top-of-the-line within its price range.

  34. Mareena S

    I’m really enjoying the convenience of being able to manage the thermostat from my phone and devices. However, one improvement that would make this device really perfect is if it had an on-screen display. I know cielo has other products with an on-screen display, but i think i’d really love it if there were a budget-friendly variant with a screen.

  35. Teresa Terrance

    I absolutely love this product so much! Great job!

  36. Marge

    Installed lite a month ago, and i am SOOO satisfied. From the installation process to the setup, everything was straightforward and well-explained with step-by-step instructions. Encountered a hiccup while connecting it with Alexa, but a quick call to customer support proved invaluable. The support agents were incredibly helpful and resolved the issue for me in just minutes.

  37. Isaac t.

    I really loved this product! Its perfect for my studio apartment!

  38. elliot cassidy

    Recently upgraded our A/C to a mini-split heatpump for the winter months, and I chose to buy a breez lite to get the most out of it. After reading about cielo products, this breez lite caught my eye with its awesome budget-friendly features. Considering the range of features, I found it to be a great deal. The freeze control feature was a particularly appealing feature. Overall, extremely satisfied with this upgrade.

  39. Tobias P

    Installation was a breeze, and the quick setup process got me up and running in no time. Appreciated support channel available; when I had a question, the assistance I received made the process straightforward. Highly recommend this product!

  40. Stephanie Jordon

    Upgrading the smart ac controller for my garage heater led me to choose the breez lite for my living room as well. The user interface is a standout, and I’m all for the its effortless control from a single app. The addition of the the freez control feature is an absolute godsend. Highly recommend cielo breez lite for any smart ac controlling needs!

  41. Sloan Jameson

    This device is fantastic for home use. The convenience of adjusting the temperature from the comfort of my bed or when I’m away from home is truly practical.

  42. Cooper K

    Installed this controller as a DIY project around a month ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! The installation instructions were crystal clear, making the setup a breeze (you cannot tell me no one has made this pun before lol). Kudos to the responsive support—they quickly assisted me when I encountered a slight issue with in the installation process. The features are top-notch too, and the user interface of the app is incredibly intuitive. The convenience of adjusting the temperature from my phone, especially during late-night moments or when I’m feeling a bit lazy, is such a relief. The usage reports provide me a level of isight into my home’s environment that I’ve never had before and thankfully i can control the usage of my mini-split to lessen my energy bills. Overall, a fantastic product.

  43. Nellie

    Okauy so i got this device as a new years gift from my in laws, and i had no expectations out of it! but i have to say: Breezy Lite, is the epitome of elegance and intelligence! The sleek design is perfect for my homes interior design! also the geofencing is soo great. I had a bad experience before with a previous smart ac controller, so i had lost all hope in finding one that would help me save energy, but this lite is a just a perfect smart accessory for my home. I genuinely think everyone should have one of these.

  44. David Coulson

    Hey, so I’ve been using cielo for 2 years now. That thing did its job, and I appreciated the updates along the way.
    Install was a piece of cake, and figuring out how to program it was surprisingly easy. The new stuff it brings to the table just adds a whole new level of awesome to my home setup. Totally stoked about the upgrade!

  45. Erik

    We recently had our old gas furnace replaced with a Senville central heat pump unit, and were disappointed to hear from our HVAC contractor that reconnecting our smart thermostat would hinder several features of the “communicating thermostat” the unit came with. If we were to have reinstalled our old smart thermostat, it we would no longer have a continually variable speed fan (just high, med, low) and more importantly, it would greatly reduce the energy efficient of the unit because it would bypass several feature of the variable compressor as well. BUT…the unit came with a wireless remote and describes the communicating thermostat as a “wired remote” which includes an IR sensor. Just got the Cielo Breez Eco, which was really simple to set up, plugged it in down the hall from the thermostat (in line of slight) where I had an outlet, and it works just great. Now I have the best of both worlds. Thanks for a great product!

  46. Jace S

    My grandad always used to say you should be smart about your buys. I took that literally over here, hahaha. But seriously, I got this device because I heard a lot of good things about it from a friend, and seeing that I had recently invested in a ductless mini split, I figured I id pair it with this controller. Its so convenient and the scheduling has especially made my life so much easier!

  47. Sheila Ramirez

    I really beleieve in being frugal but that said, i understand the necessity of having efficient devices around my home that will help reduce extra costs. So after searching through a lot of ac controllers, i found this one to be in my budget. And i cannot tell you how great most of its features are. You definitely get a return for every bit of penny spent.

  48. Dustin Rossum

    love this device so much! especially with how easily it integrates with the voice controlling ai!

  49. Alessia Bishop

    I recently had the opportunity to test out this device at my friend’s place, and I must say, I was impressed. I ordered one for myself instantly. This smart controller for minisplits not only looks sleek and modern, but it also functions flawlessly. I love all the features especially scheduling.

  50. Kacie

    Absolutely love this device! Would recommend it to everyone!

  51. Tatia

    If you’re on the lookout for a smart ac controller, Breez Lite should definitely be on your radar. It comes equipped with multiple options that makes life so much easier. I figured i should get another one to gift my mom, she’s been recently worried about the hike in her energy bills too.

  52. Ronnie Lowe

    breez lite is PHENOMENAL when it comes to HVAC control, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. From its unassuming design to its smart compatibility, this device is a must-have for anyone looking to make their home heating and cooling system more efficient. The installation process was simple, and the app is user-friendly, allowing me to control my system with ease. I love the ability to set schedules and make adjustments on the go, all while saving the $s!

  53. Gordon

    You have complete control with its user-friendly app, and the device seamlessly integrates even with an age old AC system. Overall, if you want to improve your air conditioning experience while saving money, Cielo Breez Lite is the ultimate choice, powerful but also budget-friendly. What more could you ask for?

  54. Vivian Todd

    As a homeowner, one of the most frustrating things for me is fluctuating temperatures in my home. That’s why I was excited to try out this lite device. This controller promised to not only give me greater control over my home’s temperature, but also save me money on my energy bills. After using it for several weeks, I can confidently say that it delivered on both counts. This device was incredibly easy to install and set up, and its small design seamlessly blends into my home decor. But what really impressed me was the level of control it gave me over my HVAC system, allowing me to create custom schedules, and even monitor my energy use in real time.

  55. Tommy-Lee

    Lite controller is smart and the app is user friendly. It offeres more features than i expected. Most of them do not even come with the remote like scheduling and geofencing.

  56. Carter Richards

    Cielo Lite wifi control is a tech marvel for anyone who wants more control over their home environment. The sleek device seamlessly integrates with my AC, and the app offers a level of customization that I didn’t know was possible. The ‘freeze control’ feature is a standout, ensuring that my pipes never burst (something as a homeowner living in Alaska i was always worried about)

  57. Holly M.

    Cielo Breeze Lite is more than a remote for your AC – it’s a wizard. Setting it up was a breeze, and now I control my comfort from anywhere. its a no brainer that i ordered another for the garage.

  58. Franklin

    My close friends suggested this brand to me. When i figured id give it a try, i decided to buy the breeze lite first. Oh my gosh. This controller has made my home a haven of comfort. The fact that I can control my mini-split heatpump from anywhere is so awesome. The device syncs with my routine with the preset schedules, and the energy savings are so much more noticeable. I’ve place an order for the breeze max now!

  59. Bea

    After using Cielo Breeze Lite, I can’t imagine going back to the traditional way of managing my AC. The geofencing technology has made energy efficiency effortless, and the app’s user-friendly interface makes customization a breeze. It’s a small investment for a significant upgrade in home comfort and efficiency.

  60. Mattie Higgins

    Amazing! This device is like having my own climate genie. Super easy setup and the app gives me total control over my AC.

  61. Addy Parker

    Cielo Breeze Lite has made me realize how inefficient my old AC habits were. The scheduling function is brilliant!! no more wasted energy when I forget to turn off the AC. The simplicity of controlling everything through my phone is especially awesome.

  62. Eddie C

    I was worried about ‘smartifying’ my AC, but Breeze Lite proved me wrong. The installation was surprisingly simple, even for a tech novice like me. The weekly energy reports give me insights into my usage patterns, helping me make informed decisions about my home’s climate. It’s not just a gadget but a step towards a more sustainable living!!!

  63. Liam

    Love this product! I’m so happy to get all my heating controls on my phone. It was getting super expensive to leave the unit on even when I was away for work. I came across this product on Amazon and ordered it right away and luckily there was a sale going on their website. Can’t believe the features it offers at such a low price.
    The app is very user-friendly. Way better than using the remote, I never actually understood half of the control options on the remote. The app lets me set schedules for the week and I can ensure my heating is off when i’m away. It also shows usage history which helps with the bill assessment. Offers much more than I expected!

  64. Ava

    This controller is a must have for minisplits. It’s such a relief over the old school remote that comes with the ac. Tbh, i had so much problems using the remote, couldn’t figure out most of its fuctions. Lite made all the controls available on my phone. The app is so easy to navigate and use.
    The smart features are a plus. Schedules and geo fencing are my favorites. No manual inputs required anymore! A true blessing!

  65. Betty

    I bought it for my minisplit but it did not connect. I called their support and surprisingly they picked up instantly. The guy added my remote in their database and I was able to pair it up with my minisplit. Working absolutely fine.

  66. KellM.

    We have it connected with the 3 split systems at our home. I really wish it also had homekit integration since we mostly control all smart devices using homekit. Other than that it works pretty great and has all the smart features you need.

  67. Trent

    Paired it up with my Samsung minisplit in less than a minute. No need to use the remote anymore. The app does it all. It even has the features that do not come with the remote like comfy, schedules and geo-fence. It’s a must have for minisplits.

  68. X Parker

    I got 2 for my units but they did not connect. I contacted support and they updated their database and I was able to connect these with my older model air conditioners. Support walked me through all the features and also guided me about the best placement. Wonderful experience so far!

  69. Louis

    We have 5 mini split heat pumps and all connected by breez lite. They’re so easy to install and setup. Detail step by step instructions come inside the box. It has amazing features. I have schedules set up and they work flawlessly.

  70. Olive

    This tiny device can do so much, it’s almost unbelievable. My expectation was only controling my split unit from away ssince freezing temperatures can freeze the pipes. But it does so much more. I have set schedules depending on the weather for the week and don’t have to constantly worry about pipes freezing. Absolutely amazing

  71. Christopher

    This isa really awesome device. perfect for my small place. the winters can get really cold here and myy wife is especially sensitive to temperature changes and can easily get a cold if the temperature isn’t just right. that’s whyi love the schedules of this smartcontroller cause it lets me have customized settings throughout the day.

  72. D Hall

    I got 3 of these for mini split heat pumps in my home. They’re awesome. All units can be controlled through one app. I can monitor all room temperatures at all times.

  73. Kate

    Breez lite thermostat is a very good and much needed replacement for the regular mitsubishi heat pump remote. I got it only because I wanted to be able to control my unit over phone when I’m away. But it offers much more than that. You can set schedules for the whole week which is great! It can also turn heat on and off based on my location. I love how it also gathers the usage data and sends notifications for filter cleaning. Their comfy mode is also very convenient especially if you have to control humidity. Would totally recommend!

  74. Will

    Cielo lite version goes beyond my expectations. I already had 2 plus and 3 ecos in my home and got lite for the room that is not used much. Other than display, it does everything and is still better than the remote. This version is good value for money. 👍

  75. Tyler H.

    Cielo is high on customer satisfaction. I love the devi e but what I love more is their customer support. They instantly answer your call, answer in detail, solve your problem and then also make a follow up call to check if everything’s going good.
    I have this set up in my garage and trust me walking into a cozy heave rightly sets the mood for the day. Schedules turn the heating on before i go there. Previously it used to be so cold that some days I’d just skip going to the garage because of that.

  76. Marie

    I love thiis device. It’s the most affordable option out there yet packed with all the amazing features!!
    You can schedule your unit, set geofencing, have temperature triggers and what not. It also gives you a usage chart to assess your bills.
    The only limitation that this device has ffor me is the limited fan control options. Their tech says it’s gonna be available soon so looking forward to it. Other than that this device has done a perfect job so far.

  77. Adaline Carter

    I recently got a breeze lite for my home. I live in a studio apartment that already had a mini-split. I figured if I wanted to maximize energy efficiency and cut back on my bills, then I might as well get a smart AC controller. I was using another brand at first but I didn’t really like it and eventually shifted to this device after getting recommendations on reddit.
    I was initially expecting something basic out of this device, but man for once I was glad to be wrong. It has so many neat features. Like, my favorite thing is the geofencing which was really easy to set up by the way! It has made my life so much easier And simple. I just set it up once and now my unit turns on and off as i enter and leave my home. Pretty amazing!

  78. Brett

    I got it for the portable heater in my dorm room. It was really difficult before to manage temperature with a tight schedule. I’d be freezing whenever I got back to my room and couldn’t leave it on for the entire day when I was away.
    Out of frusturation I posted on reddit and someone recommended I check Cielo. Lite was the most budget friendly option since I don’t need any fancy controls.
    My room has gotten so much comfortable ever sinceI got this device. I have the schedules set for the week. If there is any change I can easily switch my heater on/off with the app. Cielo app is also very easy to use.

  79. Ash Finnian

    The budget-friendly price was a big selling point for me, and the fact that I can monitor and adjust the temperature anytime, especially with the weather getting colder, is a huge relief.

  80. Benjamin Aiden

    Moving to a new city for college brought a whole set of challenges, and dealing with the unpredictable temperature might have been a major one. Nights were restless and I constantly found myself waking up to tweak the temperature, desperate to achieve comfort and avoiding unnecessary AC expenses when the room cooled down. It was a real headache initially until a fellow hostel mate dropped the golden nugget of wisdom and filled me in about smart AC controllers. I hit the web, and after some thorough digging, this one seemed both promising and pocket-friendly, so I hit that order button. Ever since, I’ve been sleeping like a baby and not having to play hide-and-seek with the remote has seriously freed up so much of my time.

  81. Amelia Benson

    I stumbled upon the Cielo Breeze Lite in an Airbnb, and it was like a lightbulb moment. My elder sister has got this thing where she gets super annoyed if the house isn’t just the right temperature, especially after our morning strolls. It’s like a mood barometer, and I have to play this waiting game until the room cozies up or cools down. With Christmas looming, I thought this gadget might make the perfect present. With the geofencing magic, I can kiss that waiting game goodbye. I hope she likes it too!

  82. Courtney F.

    Ran into some installation hiccups initially, but the support team not only resolved those but also walked me through some extra features. This AC controller has become the coolest gadget in my house, and I find myself showing off the app to everyone who visits. Totally recommended!

  83. Brett

    So, I recently snagged the new Breeze Lite for my window heat pump, and let me spill the bean. It’s been a total game-changer. The fact that it syncs up with Google Assistant is just pure magic. The setup is a breeze (pun intended), and the interface is so friendly; it’s like the tech gods heard my prayers. But, here’s the scoop- I kinda wish it had a bit more range. Like, just a tad. It’s not a deal-breaker, though.

  84. Justin W.

    So, picture this – I’ve got this north-facing room that’s practically begging for sunlight, and even though I’ve got central heating at home, it’s like waiting for eternity to warm up. Also recently, I welcomed a new kitten into the mix. Winter hits, and she’s all kinds of uncomfortable. That’s when I decided to level up my game. Enter the minisplit. Now, paired that bad boy up with the Cielo Breeze Lite for some extra convenience – because, let’s face it, life gets busy, and I’m not always around to hit the buttons. The app has made my life a whole lot easier. Luna is practically living her best life too. I am glad I came across this little device.

  85. Jared

    I recently got my hands on the Cielo Breez Lite and I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s a small and compact device that attaches easily to my heat pump and allows me to control it with my phone. The app is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing me to adjust the temperature and set schedules with just a few taps. I bought it to control the ductless heatpump in my toddlers room, and i wanted one that was budget-friendly, and didn’t have a screen my kid would fiddle with. I can monitor the room temperature all the time on my phone and that’s a big relief since weather is getting really cold. This device has been pretty useful. Overall, the Cielo Breez Lite is a pretty solid investment!!

  86. Samuel P.

    When getting this device I was not sure how it’d work and connect with my Mitsubishi heat pump. I emailed the support and got a detailed response within a day.
    I ordered it rigbt away, it came with a detaileduser manual which helped me with the installation d connectivity.
    Scheduling feature is a game changer ffor me. I set up schedules for the week on sunday since its always changing and my unit turns on of on its own. I love how I’m able to change it through the app in case something comes up and doesn’t fir the schedules set earlier.
    The app is very user friendly. I love they don’t require subscriptions for their additional features like Comfy.

  87. Kevin

    I’m already using Plus in my home officeand now I needed one for my Airbnb.
    I’m amazed at how this small device offers all the features of Plus except the display.
    It is absolutely amazing and working as smoothly as Plus. The app also has all the features.

  88. Adrian Campbell

    When it comes to staying cool during the sweltering summer months, I’ve tried just about every gadget and gizmo under the sun. But after testing out the Cielo Breez Lite, I’m convinced it’s the best smart air conditioner controller on the market.
    It was so incredibly easy to set up and sync with my existing AC unit, but i think what really sets it apart is despite its compact size it packs a punch in power! Its intuitive, user-friendly app. I love how easy it is to adjust the temperature and schedule cooling cycles from my phone, even when I’m not at home. Plus, the energy-saving features have already helped me trim down my electric bill. The Cielo Breez Lite is a must-have.

  89. Sue Kim

    I recently moved to the US for grad school. I rented out an apartment with a couple of other students and it came with a mini-split. As someone with limited expenses and the NEED to save up more on costs, I researched for some budget-friendly ac controllers and i came across the breeze lite.
    I heard some good reviews about it and when i got it i could appreciate how amazingly this small device could do so much! I loved the global control features it has, because we’re so busy that most of the time we forget to turn off the mini-split. The scheduling is also really helpful! Great device!

  90. Dana

    I loved this device so much! I have a very old window ac in my home and i was skeptical whether the device would work with it or not but i when i called up the support, they quickly told me the device was compatible with the model of my ac. i was pleasantly surprised and asked them for tips on how best to use the features when i was finished installing the device.
    They gave me a pretty detailed guideline, and were patient with my incessant questioning. Really awesome experience, and true to their advice, when i tried out the features like they recommended it worked so amazingly! really love this device! awesome job!

  91. Stan Hu

    Im a sceptic when it comes to buying products from brands i haven’t tried before but Cielo had some amazing reviews online. I had such a great experience that i had to come here and give a shoutout to you guys! I was looking for an ac controller that I could easily get on budget and would work just as well as any of the more expensive ac controllers out there. A fools quest some would say but that’s when a coworker of mine recommended this breezy lite to me.

    I was disappointed at first when I couldn’t set it up on my own and thought I had been scammed. Thats when i called up the support helpline in hopes that they would pick up and had already decided if they didn’t then id return the product. They literally responded in seconds and I was so pleasantly surprised. They kindly walked me through the whole set up process and also told me about how best i could use this device to fit my needs, and let me tell you, it has some really useful features like comfy, scheduling and geofencing.

    My life is a literal breeze nowadays because of this device! its well worth the five star rating!

  92. Shaun L.

    this cielo breez lite is a game-changer! Im a student and i was looking for budget friendly smart ac controller for the daikin heat pump in my studio flat. Thats when i found this device! Say goodbye to complicated installations this device is a literal breeze to set up with a simple step-by-step guide that gets you up and running in no time. You can literallycontrol your air conditioner from anywhere! You can adjust the temperature however you like and change the setting to your preference too! This was literally what i was looking for!

    I mean looks can be deceiving and this device is so small that i genuinely thought it would do nothing at first. But turns out this controller goes beyond the basics!! You can set personalized schedules, and let’s not forget about the freeze protection mode, a lifesaver for those of us living in freezing climates like Minnesota. Burst pipes are such a worry.

    And here’s the best part – it works with voice assistants! Just speak a command and watch as your home TRANSFORMS to the perfect temperature. It’s legit magic.

  93. Chuck Y.

    My wife told me this breezy lite was something her parents had recently gotten for their home, and after a visit she totally convinced me to get it. i was a little skeptical as i we had really old, thrifted mini splits in our home and i didn’t think it wold connect well with it. But this device proved me wrong. It was an easy installation process and the controls were also pretty easy to navigate. It really hit me how great this device functions when we left home for a family day out and i realized i had forgotten to turn off the mini split unit in the living room. I quickly used the app to turn it off and breathed a sigh of relief after i realized that i just saved myself from potentially high bills.

    Honestly, ii think my favorite feature is the scheduling, i have loads of schedules made according to our daily routine and its such a relief knowing i don’t need to get up and turn the ac on and off again and again.

  94. Paul

    Life has never been easier! I live in an extremely hot area and it gets to 115 some days…!! When I get home from work, my apartment is so hot and stuffy that I can hardly breathe and all of my energy just drains.
    I came across Cielo Breez devices and when I checked them out, it was exactly what I needed so desperately. So, I quickly ordered the Cielo Breez Lite and it came earlier than expected! I worried about the installation costs but it turns out it’s totally DIY. It was so easy and took me just a few minutes to set it up. It works perfectly and I can now operate my mini-split from literally anywhere!

    I discovered an amazing feature in the Breez Lite called “Geo-fencing”. So you set up a radius on the mobile app around your house and as soon as you enter it the AC turns on by itself and turns off once you exit the radius. Now I don’t need to do it every time by myself. This is some next-level automation man!

    Image #1 from Paul
  95. Anthony Anderson

    This device really provides comfort. I live alone in my house and have to use the AC up in the attic for the hottest hours of the day. I have some stuff there that needs to be in normal temperature or it would otherwise decay over time. I had to go up and down the stairs at least twice a day to switch on the AC and then to switch it off again, and as much as I would like to enjoy the climb it is NOT so friendly on the knees of an old fella like me.
    So, I bought this device and it was the best decision I made! Now I can turn ON and OFF my attic’s AC using just my mobile and go up to the attic not when I need to, but whenever I want to!
    Now I’m thinking of buying one for my garage as well.

  96. Emma J

    With a price so low and completely DIY installation, this AC controller is a must have. Initially had problems, called support and realized i was placing it all wrong. They not only fixed that but helped me set up schedules and the Comfy Mode! This is the coolest gadget in my house and I literally show off the app to anyone who visits.
    I have integrated with my other smart home devices using Alexa. Love how easy and seamless the whole process was.

  97. O. Steve

    This controller is a life saver! I need to use the attic during the hottest hours of the day and was pretty sick of climbing up just to switch on the AC for precooling. Now i just do it through Alexa! It’s really great that i can keep a check on the temperature from the app and heck i can even control the humidity so no chance of mold! Comfy is something that I have never seen before and trust me it’s amazing. I cannot imagine using my AC without this feature now. IT not only allows to set temperature triggers but for humidity as well which is simply outstanding. I greatly recommend this product.

  98. Edward

    When i opened the package for this ac controller, Im not joking when i say that I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me. The device was so tiny that i was immediately skeptical about how well it worked. Hell, i even called up the support, and the agent was very polite in assuring me that this was the device i had ordered.
    I was really unsure when I tried it out t the agent’s insistance and guarantee that it would work great. Can you imagine my state of surprise when this small little thing worked better than some of the previous smart controllers i used?
    I was so impressed by the quality of this product, really amazing. If you have a mini split heat pump, you should get this, for sure.

  99. Dimitri

    Great product. really budget-friendly and easy to use. Youd think because its so small it would lack the power to follow its commands but its so powerful! Its never failed me once. I’ll admit i had some issues in between where it couldn’t connect to my pone, but when i contacted the support helpline they helped me solve my problem at once.

  100. Taryn West

    Do you want to know the one feature that sold this device to me? The freeze control. I live in Maine and it can get pretty cold here so i was really worried about the pipes brsting and causing flooding. Can you imagine the hassle it would be? How expensive it is to get fixed and to deal with flooding in the freezing weather? Cause it can get pretty bad. That’s when i was recommended this device from my neighbour. She knew i had heat pumps installed at home so she told me this breeze lite would be the answer to all my prayers. and it was. it really was.

  101. Vera Storme

    Lets list off the best things about this product as they advertise:
    Small but powerful: Yes
    Easily fits in your Home: Yes
    Budget-Freidnly: Yes
    Approachable helpline agents: Yes
    Smart features that make your life absolutely easy: YES YES YES
    So basically everything about this product is nothing short of perfection. If you don’t have it, what are you missing out on? I literally recommend this product to everyone I know. I mean, you cannot go wrong with this controller. 10 out of 10 man. Its an amazing product!

  102. Lauren

    Was looking for a smart ac controller within my budget BUT one that had great features too. I found this one on amazon and it had great reviews so I made my buy. It was pretty easy to install by myself and the app was really great to control as well. I loved how its made my life so much easier with all its easy controls. I especially love the scheduling system!

  103. Bruce

    I love this product so much! Its so great and useful! I used to own another brands ac controller but I gladly switched to this device at a recommendation from a friend and haven’t regretted since. I even recommended this device to my family members who own room acs.
    The app is so easy to use and i love that it has no additional subscriptions for advanced features. It’s a great product for such an affordable peice.

  104. Elijah Anderson

    I’m on a low budget, but I really needed smart ac controllers for the three daikin mini split heat pumps in my house. I researched a lot for this, and found the breeze lite to be in my budget. I only bought one for trial purposes.
    And I was so pleasantly surprised at how amazing this product functions. It looked so small but it covered all my needs. I got a little confused on how to set the comfy mode, but a quick call to the support team, who were genuine people and not some AI voice, helped me solve my issue.
    I’ve now order another two Breeze Lites for my other two minisplits.

  105. Dan

    I was already using the breez plus but I wanted to try out the breez lite. I wanted to install it in my toddler’s bedroom and honestly, except for a few extra features that breez plus has, breez lite works just as well. It is as easy to control, and easy to install. And I can control both devices from my phone, so it’s really convenient too. It has all the main features I want out of it and now I’m considering buying a breez eco too for my garage!

  106. Weston

    I don’t really leave reviews, but I wanted to share my experience and recommend this product to others. I purchased the Breez Lite as I was worried about broken pipes in my home because of the cold temperatures here in Alaska. But thankfully, its freeze protection feature prevented that issue.
    What’s more, they have the best support team who are extremely cooperative and knowledgeable. I initially had a lot of issues in understanding the manual. They had a very detailed manual but I’m not good with techie things to properly understand it. That was when I called the support line. I expected a long wait but instead I got to speak with an actual person who walked me through everything I needed to know.
    Overall experience was really great!

  107. Hazel Jose

    I own 3 Daikin mini split heat pumps, and I wanted to find an even smarter way to control them so that I could maximize on saving my money. My brother owned a Cielo Breeze Plus, and he highly recommended this to me. The Breeze Plus was a bit out of my budget, so I brought the Breeze Lite.
    I honestly did not expect such a small, lightweight device to function so flawlessly. It’s compatible with Alexa and has all the necessary features you’d want in a controller. You could control your temperature setting from anywhere, you could even maintain the perfect temperature at all times thanks to their comfy mode. I would honestly rate this higher if I could.

  108. Evelyn

    Cielo breeze lite is truly value for money. I ran some issues with installation and called their customer support, they were very helpful and I soon got it running. They even called back for a follow up to check if evertything was fine. Best customer service i’ve experienced till date.
    The device is also working great. I’m able to use all settings on my phone. Made my life so much easier. 👍

    Image #1 from Evelyn
  109. Liam

    The set up was simple. It works fine, has most of the features I need and ‘lite’ on the pocket. Will test for another month before ordering more for my other rooms.

  110. Serene

    This smart ac controller has been a lifesaver for me. Not only does it make managing my home climate easy and efficient, but it also helps me save money and reduce environmental impact at the same time. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to simplify their air-conditioning system!

  111. Jade

    Breez lite comfy mode keeps my home temperature optimal at all times. I mostly use it at night to ensure a comfortable sleep. Also I use it for my dog when I am out during the day. He is sensitive and notices even slight temperature changes. This mode is really helpful in keeping my pet happy and comfortable.

  112. Baldwin

    I recently got the new Breeze lite to control my window heat pump. I really like that it works with Google assistant, makes things a whole lot easier. I also like the design and I think the sleek look of this device makes it a great choice for any decor aesthetic.

  113. Cathy

    I have a minisplit heat pump in my bedroom and breez lite lets me control it from my phone. I even managed to pair it with my Alexa. Now I can control it with just voice commands. Makes life much easier. You just have to make sure it’s mounted directly in front of your AC. Otherwise it fails to work. I like its compact size, doesn’t look bad mounted on the wall!

  114. Simon

    I’ve been looking for a smart thermostat like product for my mini-split for ages. There are many options for central out there but I couldn’t find any intriguing product for minisplits. This is one of the first products that felt like a perfect fit. It doesn’t cost a lot either making me doubt its reliability given the number of smart features it claimed to have. I used a promo and thought to give it a shot and wasn’t disappointed at all!
    I can easily control my AC from my phone. It also has a feature that lets you set a temperature range. This has been very handy so far. I just set the range to never fall below 68 or go above 73 and the device does the rest. It also offers location based control. There’s a lot more and I’m still exploring all the features.
    10/10 would recommend.

  115. Jeffry

    Very reasonably priced with all the necessary features I needed! The running so far has been smooth. It turns the AC on or off automatically whenever I need it to and I can also set schedules. I did have some trouble with setting up the device. It would not connect to my phone for some reason. But I contacted customer service and they helped me fixed the issue. Amazing product and even better support team 👍

  116. Benjamin

    If you have pets that stay home all day in your absence, Lite is a lifesaver!! I have two retrievers and I don’t like to leave them at home without any heating. I bought this and now I just program to keep the temperature above 70. Has worked great so far! Max and Skate are happy, i’m happy.

  117. Henry Alvin

    I needed a simple smart AC controller for my air conditioner, without too many fancy things that are too complicated and never used. In my opinion, Breeze Lite by Ceilo has every feature you could need in a smart controller. Linking this to my air conditioner was pretty easy. After that I just enabled the geolocation feature. I also set up comfy mode so the temperature never got too low.
    Also, this works equally well when you’re running your AC in heating mode. I’ve been using it with heating mode for a few days and haven’t faced any problems so far.

  118. Jane

    This product has been a holy grail! I just moved into my new apartment and got a small portable unit to stay warm. I hated having to manually adjust the temperature whenever the room got a little too hot or cold. This smart controller solved my problem right off the bat. I just go to comfy mode and set a temperature range. The controller does the rest seamlessly. It’s also quite small and has a very pretty and stylish design. Not an eyesore like some other options in the market.
    On a side note, if you get very dry during the winters, you can even set a humidity range in comfy mode. I didn’t need to use that feature but I’m assuming it’s handy for people who get dry eyes and skin during winters.

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