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Cielo Breez Lite in black and white

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  1. Trent

    Paired it up with my Samsung minisplit in less than a minute. No need to use the remote anymore. The app does it all. It even has the features that do not come with the remote like comfy, schedules and geo-fence. It’s a must have for minisplits.

  2. Louis

    We have 5 mini split heat pumps and all connected by breez lite. They’re so easy to install and setup. Detail step by step instructions come inside the box. It has amazing features. I have schedules set up and they work flawlessly.

  3. Olive

    This tiny device can do so much, it’s almost unbelievable. My expectation was only controling my split unit from away ssince freezing temperatures can freeze the pipes. But it does so much more. I have set schedules depending on the weather for the week and don’t have to constantly worry about pipes freezing. Absolutely amazing

  4. D Hall

    I got 3 of these for mini split heat pumps in my home. They’re awesome. All units can be controlled through one app. I can monitor all room temperatures at all times.

  5. Kate

    Breez lite thermostat is a very good and much needed replacement for the regular mitsubishi heat pump remote. I got it only because I wanted to be able to control my unit over phone when I’m away. But it offers much more than that. You can set schedules for the whole week which is great! It can also turn heat on and off based on my location. I love how it also gathers the usage data and sends notifications for filter cleaning. Their comfy mode is also very convenient especially if you have to control humidity. Would totally recommend!

  6. Will

    Cielo lite version goes beyond my expectations. I already had 2 plus and 3 ecos in my home and got lite for the room that is not used much. Other than display, it does everything and is still better than the remote. This version is good value for money. 👍

  7. Tyler H.

    Cielo is high on customer satisfaction. I love the devi e but what I love more is their customer support. They instantly answer your call, answer in detail, solve your problem and then also make a follow up call to check if everything’s going good.
    I have this set up in my garage and trust me walking into a cozy heave rightly sets the mood for the day. Schedules turn the heating on before i go there. Previously it used to be so cold that some days I’d just skip going to the garage because of that.

  8. Brett

    I got it for the portable heater in my dorm room. It was really difficult before to manage temperature with a tight schedule. I’d be freezing whenever I got back to my room and couldn’t leave it on for the entire day when I was away.
    Out of frusturation I posted on reddit and someone recommended I check Cielo. Lite was the most budget friendly option since I don’t need any fancy controls.
    My room has gotten so much comfortable ever sinceI got this device. I have the schedules set for the week. If there is any change I can easily switch my heater on/off with the app. Cielo app is also very easy to use.

  9. Ash Finnian

    The budget-friendly price was a big selling point for me, and the fact that I can monitor and adjust the temperature anytime, especially with the weather getting colder, is a huge relief.

  10. Amelia Benson

    I stumbled upon the Cielo Breeze Lite in an Airbnb, and it was like a lightbulb moment. My elder sister has got this thing where she gets super annoyed if the house isn’t just the right temperature, especially after our morning strolls. It’s like a mood barometer, and I have to play this waiting game until the room cozies up or cools down. With Christmas looming, I thought this gadget might make the perfect present. With the geofencing magic, I can kiss that waiting game goodbye. I hope she likes it too!

  11. Justin W.

    So, picture this – I’ve got this north-facing room that’s practically begging for sunlight, and even though I’ve got central heating at home, it’s like waiting for eternity to warm up. Also recently, I welcomed a new kitten into the mix. Winter hits, and she’s all kinds of uncomfortable. That’s when I decided to level up my game. Enter the minisplit. Now, paired that bad boy up with the Cielo Breeze Lite for some extra convenience – because, let’s face it, life gets busy, and I’m not always around to hit the buttons. The app has made my life a whole lot easier. Luna is practically living her best life too. I am glad I came across this little device.

  12. Samuel P.

    When getting this device I was not sure how it’d work and connect with my Mitsubishi heat pump. I emailed the support and got a detailed response within a day.
    I ordered it rigbt away, it came with a detaileduser manual which helped me with the installation d connectivity.
    Scheduling feature is a game changer ffor me. I set up schedules for the week on sunday since its always changing and my unit turns on of on its own. I love how I’m able to change it through the app in case something comes up and doesn’t fir the schedules set earlier.
    The app is very user friendly. I love they don’t require subscriptions for their additional features like Comfy.

  13. Kevin

    I’m already using Plus in my home officeand now I needed one for my Airbnb.
    I’m amazed at how this small device offers all the features of Plus except the display.
    It is absolutely amazing and working as smoothly as Plus. The app also has all the features.

  14. Adrian Campbell

    When it comes to staying cool during the sweltering summer months, I’ve tried just about every gadget and gizmo under the sun. But after testing out the Cielo Breez Lite, I’m convinced it’s the best smart air conditioner controller on the market.
    It was so incredibly easy to set up and sync with my existing AC unit, but i think what really sets it apart is despite its compact size it packs a punch in power! Its intuitive, user-friendly app. I love how easy it is to adjust the temperature and schedule cooling cycles from my phone, even when I’m not at home. Plus, the energy-saving features have already helped me trim down my electric bill. The Cielo Breez Lite is a must-have.

  15. Stan Hu

    Im a sceptic when it comes to buying products from brands i haven’t tried before but Cielo had some amazing reviews online. I had such a great experience that i had to come here and give a shoutout to you guys! I was looking for an ac controller that I could easily get on budget and would work just as well as any of the more expensive ac controllers out there. A fools quest some would say but that’s when a coworker of mine recommended this breezy lite to me.

    I was disappointed at first when I couldn’t set it up on my own and thought I had been scammed. Thats when i called up the support helpline in hopes that they would pick up and had already decided if they didn’t then id return the product. They literally responded in seconds and I was so pleasantly surprised. They kindly walked me through the whole set up process and also told me about how best i could use this device to fit my needs, and let me tell you, it has some really useful features like comfy, scheduling and geofencing.

    My life is a literal breeze nowadays because of this device! its well worth the five star rating!

  16. Chuck Y.

    My wife told me this breezy lite was something her parents had recently gotten for their home, and after a visit she totally convinced me to get it. i was a little skeptical as i we had really old, thrifted mini splits in our home and i didn’t think it wold connect well with it. But this device proved me wrong. It was an easy installation process and the controls were also pretty easy to navigate. It really hit me how great this device functions when we left home for a family day out and i realized i had forgotten to turn off the mini split unit in the living room. I quickly used the app to turn it off and breathed a sigh of relief after i realized that i just saved myself from potentially high bills.

    Honestly, ii think my favorite feature is the scheduling, i have loads of schedules made according to our daily routine and its such a relief knowing i don’t need to get up and turn the ac on and off again and again.

  17. Paul

    Life has never been easier! I live in an extremely hot area and it gets to 115 some days…!! When I get home from work, my apartment is so hot and stuffy that I can hardly breathe and all of my energy just drains.
    I came across Cielo Breez devices and when I checked them out, it was exactly what I needed so desperately. So, I quickly ordered the Cielo Breez Lite and it came earlier than expected! I worried about the installation costs but it turns out it’s totally DIY. It was so easy and took me just a few minutes to set it up. It works perfectly and I can now operate my mini-split from literally anywhere!

    I discovered an amazing feature in the Breez Lite called “Geo-fencing”. So you set up a radius on the mobile app around your house and as soon as you enter it the AC turns on by itself and turns off once you exit the radius. Now I don’t need to do it every time by myself. This is some next-level automation man!

    Image #1 from Paul
  18. Anthony Anderson

    This device really provides comfort. I live alone in my house and have to use the AC up in the attic for the hottest hours of the day. I have some stuff there that needs to be in normal temperature or it would otherwise decay over time. I had to go up and down the stairs at least twice a day to switch on the AC and then to switch it off again, and as much as I would like to enjoy the climb it is NOT so friendly on the knees of an old fella like me.
    So, I bought this device and it was the best decision I made! Now I can turn ON and OFF my attic’s AC using just my mobile and go up to the attic not when I need to, but whenever I want to!
    Now I’m thinking of buying one for my garage as well.

  19. Emma J

    With a price so low and completely DIY installation, this AC controller is a must have. Initially had problems, called support and realized i was placing it all wrong. They not only fixed that but helped me set up schedules and the Comfy Mode! This is the coolest gadget in my house and I literally show off the app to anyone who visits.
    I have integrated with my other smart home devices using Alexa. Love how easy and seamless the whole process was.

  20. O. Steve

    This controller is a life saver! I need to use the attic during the hottest hours of the day and was pretty sick of climbing up just to switch on the AC for precooling. Now i just do it through Alexa! It’s really great that i can keep a check on the temperature from the app and heck i can even control the humidity so no chance of mold! Comfy is something that I have never seen before and trust me it’s amazing. I cannot imagine using my AC without this feature now. IT not only allows to set temperature triggers but for humidity as well which is simply outstanding. I greatly recommend this product.

  21. Taryn West

    Do you want to know the one feature that sold this device to me? The freeze control. I live in Maine and it can get pretty cold here so i was really worried about the pipes brsting and causing flooding. Can you imagine the hassle it would be? How expensive it is to get fixed and to deal with flooding in the freezing weather? Cause it can get pretty bad. That’s when i was recommended this device from my neighbour. She knew i had heat pumps installed at home so she told me this breeze lite would be the answer to all my prayers. and it was. it really was.

  22. Vera Storme

    Lets list off the best things about this product as they advertise:
    Small but powerful: Yes
    Easily fits in your Home: Yes
    Budget-Freidnly: Yes
    Approachable helpline agents: Yes
    Smart features that make your life absolutely easy: YES YES YES
    So basically everything about this product is nothing short of perfection. If you don’t have it, what are you missing out on? I literally recommend this product to everyone I know. I mean, you cannot go wrong with this controller. 10 out of 10 man. Its an amazing product!

  23. Bruce

    I love this product so much! Its so great and useful! I used to own another brands ac controller but I gladly switched to this device at a recommendation from a friend and haven’t regretted since. I even recommended this device to my family members who own room acs.
    The app is so easy to use and i love that it has no additional subscriptions for advanced features. It’s a great product for such an affordable peice.

  24. Elijah Anderson

    I’m on a low budget, but I really needed smart ac controllers for the three daikin mini split heat pumps in my house. I researched a lot for this, and found the breeze lite to be in my budget. I only bought one for trial purposes.
    And I was so pleasantly surprised at how amazing this product functions. It looked so small but it covered all my needs. I got a little confused on how to set the comfy mode, but a quick call to the support team, who were genuine people and not some AI voice, helped me solve my issue.
    I’ve now order another two Breeze Lites for my other two minisplits.

  25. Weston

    I don’t really leave reviews, but I wanted to share my experience and recommend this product to others. I purchased the Breez Lite as I was worried about broken pipes in my home because of the cold temperatures here in Alaska. But thankfully, its freeze protection feature prevented that issue.
    What’s more, they have the best support team who are extremely cooperative and knowledgeable. I initially had a lot of issues in understanding the manual. They had a very detailed manual but I’m not good with techie things to properly understand it. That was when I called the support line. I expected a long wait but instead I got to speak with an actual person who walked me through everything I needed to know.
    Overall experience was really great!

  26. Hazel Jose

    I own 3 Daikin mini split heat pumps, and I wanted to find an even smarter way to control them so that I could maximize on saving my money. My brother owned a Cielo Breeze Plus, and he highly recommended this to me. The Breeze Plus was a bit out of my budget, so I brought the Breeze Lite.
    I honestly did not expect such a small, lightweight device to function so flawlessly. It’s compatible with Alexa and has all the necessary features you’d want in a controller. You could control your temperature setting from anywhere, you could even maintain the perfect temperature at all times thanks to their comfy mode. I would honestly rate this higher if I could.

  27. Evelyn

    Cielo breeze lite is truly value for money. I ran some issues with installation and called their customer support, they were very helpful and I soon got it running. They even called back for a follow up to check if evertything was fine. Best customer service i’ve experienced till date.
    The device is also working great. I’m able to use all settings on my phone. Made my life so much easier. 👍

    Image #1 from Evelyn
  28. Serene

    This smart ac controller has been a lifesaver for me. Not only does it make managing my home climate easy and efficient, but it also helps me save money and reduce environmental impact at the same time. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to simplify their air-conditioning system!

  29. Jade

    Breez lite comfy mode keeps my home temperature optimal at all times. I mostly use it at night to ensure a comfortable sleep. Also I use it for my dog when I am out during the day. He is sensitive and notices even slight temperature changes. This mode is really helpful in keeping my pet happy and comfortable.

  30. Baldwin

    I recently got the new Breeze lite to control my window heat pump. I really like that it works with Google assistant, makes things a whole lot easier. I also like the design and I think the sleek look of this device makes it a great choice for any decor aesthetic.

  31. Simon

    I’ve been looking for a smart thermostat like product for my mini-split for ages. There are many options for central out there but I couldn’t find any intriguing product for minisplits. This is one of the first products that felt like a perfect fit. It doesn’t cost a lot either making me doubt its reliability given the number of smart features it claimed to have. I used a promo and thought to give it a shot and wasn’t disappointed at all!
    I can easily control my AC from my phone. It also has a feature that lets you set a temperature range. This has been very handy so far. I just set the range to never fall below 68 or go above 73 and the device does the rest. It also offers location based control. There’s a lot more and I’m still exploring all the features.
    10/10 would recommend.

  32. Benjamin

    If you have pets that stay home all day in your absence, Lite is a lifesaver!! I have two retrievers and I don’t like to leave them at home without any heating. I bought this and now I just program to keep the temperature above 70. Has worked great so far! Max and Skate are happy, i’m happy.

  33. Henry Alvin

    I needed a simple smart AC controller for my air conditioner, without too many fancy things that are too complicated and never used. In my opinion, Breeze Lite by Ceilo has every feature you could need in a smart controller. Linking this to my air conditioner was pretty easy. After that I just enabled the geolocation feature. I also set up comfy mode so the temperature never got too low.
    Also, this works equally well when you’re running your AC in heating mode. I’ve been using it with heating mode for a few days and haven’t faced any problems so far.

  34. Jane

    This product has been a holy grail! I just moved into my new apartment and got a small portable unit to stay warm. I hated having to manually adjust the temperature whenever the room got a little too hot or cold. This smart controller solved my problem right off the bat. I just go to comfy mode and set a temperature range. The controller does the rest seamlessly. It’s also quite small and has a very pretty and stylish design. Not an eyesore like some other options in the market.
    On a side note, if you get very dry during the winters, you can even set a humidity range in comfy mode. I didn’t need to use that feature but I’m assuming it’s handy for people who get dry eyes and skin during winters.

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