Cielo Breez Max
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Cielo Breez Max

The ultimate smart thermostat for your mini-splits. Maximum comfort, endless savings.

Cielo Breez Max with Black and White Color
Cielo Breez Max with Black and White Color

Elevate Your Comfort With
Intelligent Climate Control

Transform your air conditioner into a smart powerhouse. Take charge of your cooling
or heating from anywhere using your phone for effortless control & enhanced comfort.

Enjoy a personalized cooling or heating experience for the comfort you deserve.

Girl Using Cielo Home App Sitting On Sofa

High-end technology to
make any mini-split, window or portable air conditioner smart.

Multi-Zone Mini-Split Control: The Ultimate Solution to Avoid Mode Conflict

Upgrade your multi-zone
mini-split system with
Cielo Breez Max to avoid
mode conflict and ensure
uninterrupted comfort.

How it Works:

1. Connect Breez Max

Pair a Cielo Breez Max with each
of your multi-zone indoor unit.

Pairing Cielo Breez Max with mini-split
Point to Create Multi-Zone

2. Create Multi-Zone

Select the indoor units and
group them as a multi-zone

Selecting the indoor units and grouping them as a multi-zone system in the cielo home app

3. Follow or Turn Off

Select whether you want to synchronize all units to the latest chosen mode or turn
off all the other units to avoid mode conflict.

Selecting “Follow” or “Turn Off” for preventing mode conflict in the cielo home app


This enables mode synchronization across all units, meaning that if one unit is switched to heat mode while others are cooling or vice versa, all the units will switch to the latest chosen mode.

Selecting “Follow” or “Turn Off” for preventing mode conflict in the cielo home app

Turn Off:

If one unit is switched from heating to cooling or vice versa, the remaining units will automatically turn off to avoid mode conflict.

True Smart Thermostat For
Room Air Conditioners

Feels like a thermostat with maximum control, coupled with
unlimited benefits for your mini-split, window, and portable air conditioners.

Award-Winning Smart Mini-Split Thermostat

Cielo breez Max winner of AHR expo innovation awards 2023

AHR Expo awards recognize the most innovative and
groundbreaking HVAC technologies.

Product of the year winner

Innovation award winner in the building automation

Eliminate Overheating and
With Comfy Max

Harnessing the power of AI, Comfy Max automatically maintains your preferred room
temperature by preventing overheating or overcooling of the room.

How it works

Simply start by setting your desired setpoints for heating
and cooling,
and allow Comfy Max to work its magic.

When the room temperature falls below your desired
heating setpoint, Comfy Max will initiate heating. As soon as
your desired heating setpoint is achieved, the heating will
be minimized to maintain the desired room temperature.

Likewise, when the room temperature goes above
your cooling setpoint, cooling activates until the ideal
temperature is reached.

An Example!

Suppose your preferred setpoints are
70F (for heating) and 75F (for cooling).

Comfy Max will activate
heating as soon as the room
temperature falls below 70F.
It intelligently determines
the heating setpoint
on room temperature and
outdoor weather, among
other factors.

Breez Max continuously
monitors the temperature
and signals your mini-split to
minimize the heating once
70F is reached to avoid

Auto Remote Detection for
Universal Compatibility

Equipped with an advanced auto remote detection algorithm, Cielo Breez Max can detect any mini-split
brand and model automatically. Just point your remote at the Breez Max and press the power button once
— it will automatically select the brand and model, ensuring seamless setup and compatibility.

Enjoy a Smarter Way to
Home Temperature

Optimize comfort, save energy, and simplify your daily routine.

Reduce your carbon footprint and save on your bills with Breez Max! Make the most efficient use of your air conditioner with intelligent features and save up to 25% on heating & cooling.

Wake up to the perfect temperature with scheduling, automatically switch off your mini-split with geofencing as you leave for work, set the ideal evening temperature with Comfy Max. Your perfect day is covered!

Make your mini-split smart in less than a minute! Simply power up your Breez Max, download the free Cielo Home app, connect to WiFi & customize your settings! The support team is always available for help.

Enable the new Comfy Max Mode backed with AI and enjoy ultimate home comfort always. No need to fiddle with temperature settings due to fluctuating temperatures during the day and night.

Avoid hot and cold spots and prioritize perfectly balanced room comfort. Cielo Breez Max is equipped with built-in temperature and humidity sensors to ensure peace of mind.

The Future of Smart
Air Conditioning Control

With powerful features, Breez Max offers extraordinary performance
making it a perfect fit for any room air conditioner.

Control from anywhere

Control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime, right from your phone & more.

cielo home app screens

Weekly Scheduling

Set schedules to let your cooling or heating operate automatically as per your routine.

Comfy Mode

Automate your room environment with intelligent temperature or humidity triggers.


Automatically turns your air conditioner on or off based on your location.

Temperature Range Lock

Set a temperature range
for your air conditioner to
operate within.

Usage History

Detailed air conditioner
usage statistics to manage
your bills.

AC Filter Status

Timely alerts for air filter
cleaning ensure a
healthy environment.


Enjoy a truly tailored experience with predefined comfort settings Home/Sleep/Pets/Away & more.

Timeline of Actions

View complete audit of actions performed on your connected air conditioner.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed with important notifications & manage your air conditioner better.


Create HVAC zones by grouping mini-split for customized temperature control.

Follow Me

Avoid hot & cold spots by allowing mini-split to rely on Breez Max’s inbuilt temperature sensors.


Instantly cool or heat your room to the desired temperature by activating Turbo mode.

Freeze Protection

With FP mode prevent freezing room temperatures in extremely cold conditions.


With a simple click, set a time period for your air conditioner to switch on or off.

and So Much More ...

Smartly Link Multiple HVAC Systems
for Maximum Energy Savings

Perfect Addition to Your Smart Home

Control your air conditioner via voice commands or use
routines to sync with other smart home devices.

Cielo smart products work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings and IFTTT
Smart Home Controllers
Smart Ac Controller

Whats in the Box?

1. Cielo Breez Max

2. Backplate

3. Table Stand

4. 5V DC USB Adapter

5. USB Cable

6. Mounting Screws

7. Drywall Anchors

8. User Manual

Cielo Breez Max White Thumb
Cielo Breez Max White Thumb
Cielo Breez Max White Thumb
Cielo Breez Breez White Box
Cielo Breez Max White Front
Cielo Breez Max White Left
Cielo Breeze Max Black Thumb
Cielo Breeze Max Black Thumb
Cielo Breeze Max Black Thumb
Cielo Breeze Max Black Box
Cielo Breeze Max Black Front
Cielo Breeze Max Black Left

Cielo Breez Max

Innovative Features, Elegant Look
Technology that goes above & beyond.

Tech Specs



$12499 $15900
$12299 $15900

Free Shipping

Free shipping

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1-year limited warranty

Hassle free returns

30-day hassle free returns

Free Customer support

Free customer support


Nathan Young Reviews Rating

"I had been waiting for this since it won the AHR product of the year award and I am thoroughly impressed! I’ve been on the hunt for a good smart controller for my Mitsubishi split but the ones available were pretty basic. This is just so premium, takes a minute to connect to the AC and that’s something for a non-tech guy like me. The features are amazing - great job done 10/10."

Noah Reviews Rating

"This is so sleek, looks really good on my wall and is EXTREMELY easy to use. I have upgraded from Plus, which now is the second best controller on the planet. Trust me, I have tried other brands with 5 mini-splits to control and nothing compares to Cielo Breez. The addition of presets and the new functionality with Linked is what blows my mind."

Frequently Asked Questions

Cielo Breez is compatible with any ductless air conditioner that comes with an infrared remote control, whether it’s a mini-split, window, or portable AC.

To check if your system is compatible, search for your AC brand here and compare your remote with the displayed images. If your remote matches any of them, Cielo Breez Max will work with your system.

If you don’t find your AC remote in the displayed images, don’t worry! Contact our support team, and we’ll update our database to make it compatible.

Yes, Cielo Breez Max works with mini-split, window, and portable air conditioners as well as heat pumps.

You’ll need one Cielo Breez Max for each unit.

However, if you have two mini-splits in the same room that use the same IR remote control, you can use one Cielo Breez Max to control both units, provided they are both within the line of sight of Cielo Breez Max.

No. The Cielo Home app requires no subscription. Once you’ve set up your Cielo Breez device, you can access all its features and functionalities without any additional fees.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Control your air conditioner from anywhere and save energy.

Cielo Breez Max

Cielo Breez Max

$12299 $15900
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Cielo Breez Plus

Cielo Breez Plus

$10999 $14900
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Cielo Breez Eco

Cielo Breez Eco

$6499 $9900
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Cielo Breez Lite

Cielo Breez Lite

$5499 $7900
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Refers to the types of HVAC systems that will work with the product.
Works with any mini-split, window, or portable AC with an IR remote
Works with any mini-split, window, or portable AC with an IR remote
Works with any mini-split, window, or portable AC with an IR remote
Works with any mini-split, window, or portable AC with an IR remote
Power Option
You can either hardwire or connect your device to a power source. Devices do not run on batteries.
5V Adapter
(included in the box) or
12/24V AC/DC
5V Adapter
(included in the box) or
12/24V AC/DC
5V Adapter
(included in the box)
5V Adapter
(included in the box)
On-device Controls
On-device buttons that allow you to adjust AC settings, with or without WiFi.
Power on/off button, temperature settings, swing position, fan speed, mode, Presets
Power on/off button, temperature settings, swing position, fan speed, mode
Power On/Off button
Equipped with a sharp LCD display, showing live room temperature & humidity, set temperature, fan speed, AC mode & more.
Table Stand
Device comes with a free table stand, allowing you to easily place device on a desk and hide dangling wires.
Wall Mounting Kit
Easily mount your device on the wall with a free kit that comes in the box.
Control From Anywhere
View and manage your AC or heat pump settings from anywhere using the free Cielo Home app for iOS and Android.
Weekly Schedules
Set schedules for your heating and cooling to automatically run on your desired settings as per your routine.
Comfy Mode
Set preferred temperature or humidity triggers to automate your climate for perfect room conditions.
Comfy Max
Automatically adjusts your mini-split settings with intelligent AI triggers to achieve your desired temperature for ultimate comfort.
Predefined comfort settings for different situations including Home, Away, and Sleep.
Location-based triggers to automatically turn your mini-split on or off as you enter or leave an area.
Turbo Mode
Activates fast cooling or heating to quickly achieve your set temperature.
Freeze Protection
Prevents freezing temperature in extreme cold weather conditions by running your AC at minimal power.
* Your AC model must support this feature.
Follow Me
AC relies on your smart thermostat's in-built sensors to detect the temperature of the area where it is installed.
* Your AC model must support this feature.
Allows you to quickly set the run time of your AC.
Temperature Range Lock
Lock minimum and maximum temperature set point values. This restricts unnecessary temperature changes & is ideal for rentals to save energy.
Cielo Linked
Link your central air with room air conditioner using Cielo Smart Thermostat and mini-split controllers
Smart Home Compatibility
Seamless integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Siri, & IFTTT.
Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT
Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT
Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT
Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT

Keep your home cozy without
worrying about energy bills

girl using breez max black on device controls

Discover the power of Cielo Breez Max - the ultimate mini-split WiFi thermostat and smart controller! Compatible with all ductless air conditioners equipped with an IR remote, take control of your air conditioning like never before.

Make any mini-split smart. Seamless controls using your phone, or like a thermostat from the device! Harness the power of intelligent temperature triggers to optimize comfort and maximize energy savings.


Technical Specifications

Model Name

Cielo Breez Max



Product Dimensions

Cielo Breez Max dimensions

Product Weight

0.35 Pounds

Specific Use

Makes mini-split, window and portable air conditioners and heat pumps smart

Special Features

AI-based Comfy Max Mode, Auto Detection Algorithm for Universal Compatibility, Weekly Scheduling, Geofencing for Location-based Controls, Freeze Protection & Turbo Mode, Comprehensive Usage History & Timeline of Actions, Air Filter Notifications

Temperature Control Type

Cooling and Heating

Connectivity Technology


Smartphone App

Smartphone app

Smart Home Compatibility

Connect with Smart Devices Connect with Smart Devices

Control Method

App, Touch, Voice

Placement Options

Can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface using the table stand


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Display Type







1.5 Watts



Included Components

Cielo Breez Max, Backplate, 5V DC USB adapter, USB Cable, Table Stand, User Manual

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