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  1. morgan grant

    I’m not a tech-savvy person and usually a very late adopter of anything tech-related. My brother convinced me to buy this one. When it arrived, I thought it would take me days to figure out how it works, but the app was pretty straightforward. I registered in just a few minutes. The instruction manual was detailed and easy to follow, and I quickly got the hang of most of the features. It’s been great so far, and I’m even thinking of buying another one for my kids’ bedroom.

  2. Tilda K

    As a working single mom, this device has been a fantastic addition to my life. Managing my home temperature from my phone ensures my kids are comfortable all the time, and when I get home, the house is at the perfect temperature for me. I highly recommend it.

  3. Ginny

    I recently upgraded my old AC with Breez Max and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The customer support team was incredible, ensuring my unit was fully compatible and guiding me through the setup process.

    With the new controls, my AC turns on according to the schedules I set and switches off when it’s not needed. The free Cielo app is a game-changer, providing usage insights and other controls.

    Switching to this system was a fantastic decision, eliminating the need for my outdated remote and bringing in so many new features!

  4. Joan Todd

    I found out about this device on Reddit, which was pretty random, but it seemed really promising. I checked out the website, and the features sounded too good to be true for the price. I was a little skeptical at first, but after having it in my house for two months, I can say it’s already a favorite gadget of mine. It’s super convenient and even looks good with my interior.

  5. Harry L

    I share my living space, which isn’t ideal, but it was the only way to find a half-decent place. With summer here, I ran into an issue: I leave early for work, but my roommate leaves later for his classes. He often forgets to turn off the lights, but what really bugs me is when he leaves the AC on, and I find it running when I get home. Since we split the bill equally, it’s really frustrating. I talked to him, but it didn’t help. So, I decided to invest in this device for the schedules. I can also monitor the usage online and honestly, i already see a major reduction in the bill.

  6. Travis

    Breez Max has left me impressed with its amazing features and easy-to-use app. My routine is to hang out in the living room with my kids after work, and being with them in the perfect temperature makes our quality time even better.

  7. Miley

    Breez Max has completely revolutionized my home climate control. Its smart features and easy-to-use app have made it a breeze to keep my home at the perfect temperature without lifting a finger. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with my smart home setup, making it a truly indispensable addition to my house.

  8. Paxton K

    I honestly cannot recommend this enough. A really amazing product. If you have a minisplit at home then you should definitely own this. Kudos to cielo.

  9. Hannah

    As someone who travels frequently, the Breez max has been a lifesaver. I can control my home’s temperature from my phone no matter where I am, ensuring I always come back to a comfortable home. The temperature range lock feature is just the cherry on top, making it a must-have for any homeowner.

  10. Amy

    I have been using the device for the last two months and haven’t found anything wrong. It keeps my home temperature just the way I like it and lets me control it even when I am away from home.

  11. Rina Dale

    I’ve been on the deep dive for good smart minisplit thermostats, and that’s when I stumbled on this one. Now I have room air conditioners installed in basically every main room of my home. And I wanted to pair them with smart thermostats to get the most out of them.
    I found this device on device on amazon and it had pretty great review. Looked more into it and that’s when I noticed it had won many HVAC awards and they seemed pretty important and influential. Well, I won’t lie, with such an elite status it seemed to have, I brought one to see how it would work.
    It was phenomenal. I can see why it was awarded, it worked so amazingly. I absolutely love this device, and I’m gonna buy some more for the other mini splits I have.

  12. Ray K.

    I share a flat with my brother, and we were both eager to cut back on our first energy utilities, so much so we figured installing mini splits and controlling it with a smart controller. Now I’ve had my eye on the max device for a while now. I know how well it works because a friend’s of mine had been using it too.
    So after we had our mini splits installed, I placed an order for max. Got it pretty quick. Setup was easy and simple and damn the features were chefs kiss. I think I loved the geo fencing feature the most! Amazing product.

  13. Matthew Clark

    I upgraded my old window AC to a smart AC using Breez Max and am sooo happy with the results. I can automatically adjust my temperature based on location triggers, keep an eye on the energy usage and control the device from wherever I am. Love it!

  14. Emily Johnson

    Setting up the Cielo Breez Max was very easy, and its intuitive controls make managing indoor climate effortless. The energy-saving features, including schedules, and geofencing have left me impressed. I got one for my kid’s room initially, and after experiencing its convenience, I had to get another for myself. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s climate control, this is a must-have!

  15. Em Colton

    I just love this device so much, it works like a charm. really useful if you have mini-splits in your home

  16. Roman

    its criminal how there’s so few mini-split thermostats in the market. As someone whose really conscious about being as energy efficient as possible, i was looking into ways to cut back on my heating cooling cost. I already invested in solar panels last year to shift to renewable energy. my colleague at work suggested i get mini-splits if i want complete control over my heating and cooling costs and pair it with a compatible mini-split thermostat.
    After installing Daikin mini-splits, the technician installing them told me some people pair these mini-splits with cielo thermostats. I asked him for his opinion on which one the product line would be best, and the helpful man suggested that I get breeze max if i really wanted to invest in a good one.
    I did as he said and omg, such an amazing device? Installing it was a breeze, i chose to install it on my wall.
    the highlight of this product was its comfy max feature. Amazing way to attain the exact temperature at all times.

  17. Derek

    Cielo Max has brought me max comfort! I love being in control of my indoor environment from anywhere where I want.Highly recommended!

  18. Josh

    I am writing this review after having used Cielo Breez Max for a month. So far, I have no complaints and am actually impressed by how well the device helps me handle the frequent temperature fluctuations these days.

  19. aria mills

    i placed an order for another max device. Really helpful in controlling the mini-splits at home. the comfy max is especially a really awesome feature.

  20. Jennie Dawson

    I live with my mother, she’s someone who used to be very particular about turning off our ductless heatpumps when they’re not in use. But recently, she’s been really forgetful and sometimes forgets to turn off the heatpump in our living room when she leaves to take her afternoon nap, Im usually at work so i cant keep an eye on it either. Its become a sort of issue because our bills skyrocketed this past month. So I spent some time loooking for a smart controller. A coworker of mine also recoomended this controller to me recently, and i placed an order as quick as i could.
    Honestly its been a godsend, cause this max device has really convenient features. I can keep an eye out on the usage of the living room heatpump through the app and i can turn it on and off. Hell those schedules have made my life convenient too. Also, the support introduced me to link where when one heatpump is turned on the other can be turned off automatically which is super convenient in my case. Ive already placed orders for a couple of more.

  21. David

    Support is terrible. They do not respond to requests sent in the app!!!

    Minimal on screen controls, most functionality has to be controlled via the app. Thermostat accuracy ranges +- 2 degrees and drifts over time. Comfy max aka “AI” is limited. Can only set min temp to 67. It is unlikely to actually be AI. I suspect it’s simply a rules engine and not a good one at that. It can’t maintain the temperature in our house at all. Finally it looses the follow me setting and unit light preferences every time it looses power or the a.c. unit turns off

    • Cielo

      Hi, our support team has reached out to you twice regarding your query. If you haven’t received our responses, they might have ended up in your spam folder so please check that. You can also call our support team at (+1) 425 529 5775, available 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM ET, Mon-Fri.

  22. Joan Wilson

    great thermostat. i like the way the comfy max works. maintains a perfect temperature at home.

  23. Robert Alywn

    The temperature these days is so unpredictable. In the morning I feel cold, but as the day goes on it gets warmer and then its chilly at night. And you know what i hate about it? Having to constantly change my AC’s temperature to match the outside weather. Breez Max has a feature called comfy max that solves this problem. Idk the technicalities on how it works, all i know is that it maintains my indoor temperature in the temperature window i specify doesnt matter what the outside temperature is and i am SUPER HAPPY ABOUT IT!

  24. Jack Cortez

    So i recently installed mini-split heatpumps in my home. One for the living room, and three each for every bedroom. My children are really careless when it comes to turning of the heatpumps in their rooms, which is why i wanted to get some kind of mini-split thermostat to control the equipment.
    Was going through reddit when i stumbled upon cielo, i quickly brushed up on my knowledge and after careful consideration, i decided to buy a max device. Figured i’d install one in my youngest’s room, since he’s the most carelss when it comes to turning off the device.
    And???? This device was so amazing!!! It worked really well, i could control it from anywhere i wanted. i could check its status to see if was on or off even when i had left to work. And let me tell, i explored that comfy max feature. it was fantastic.
    I just ordered three more for the other mini-splits at home.

  25. Ethan Rider

    This is our third Cielo Max- one for me and the wife, and two for keeping the kids comfy in their rooms. It’s been smooth sailing since we started using them. With geofencing, they know when I’m out, so they dial down the AC till I’m back. And that Comfy Max thing? It’s like having a personal climate controller, keeping things cozy no matter what the weather is.

  26. Fatin Davis

    Cielo Max is a good purchase. Helps maintain the perfect temperature in my home all day long.

  27. Jamie Johnson

    this is a really convenient and easy to use controller. I cannot praise it enough, got another two; one for my bedroom, and another for my study. amazing device.

  28. Alexianne

    As the weather is getting hotter, I decided to go and buy a minisplit to battle the heat and also because they’re supposed to be more energy efficient. I came home and liked the unit but I didn’t like how I had to keep changing my AC setpoint throughout the day to stay comfortable. One of my friends recommended me Breez Max and I am so glad that she did because this device solved my problem easily. It is a bit costly but the features are worth the price. The app controls are simple to use. The device also allows to make changes like a regular thermostat.

  29. Max Riley

    I live in Florida, which, as you know, is known for its frequent temperature changes. This meant me fiddling around with my AC remote to maintain a good indoor temperature. Then I found out Cielo Breez Max and I have never been this grateful of an ad I just randomly came across. I just have to give my preferred temperature window and the device does everything on its own to maintain the perfect temperature throughout the day, freeing me from the constant monitoring.

  30. MIA

    Love this device. Setup is simple, the box comes with the instructions and even it was my first time setting up a device of this kind i had no trouble doing it. It instantly detected the remote and I was able to send commands right away. Comfy max is great for maintaining a comfortable temperature where you don’t have to manually set the temperature, the device sets the best settings on its own which is awesome. Schedules and location controls are also great additions that the original remote does not offer. The app also shows usage history which is helpful in maintaining bills.

  31. Milton

    Much easy to control cooling using Cielo app and Max device controls. It offers Alexa integration which gives voice controlling option also.

  32. Cecil

    Equipped my age old AC with wifi controls and I’m beyond grateful for the amazing customer suplort who worked to make it compatible with my unit.
    The AC automatically turns on based on the set schedules and turns off when not needed. The free Cielo app also gives insights into usage and filter cleaning notifications which is amazing.
    I’m glad I got this for my AC and got rid of the remote that did not have these features that Cielo offers. 100 percent recommended.

  33. George

    Great product for additional automation controls for mini split that donotcome with the remote like scheduling and geofencing. Makes temperature control much easier.

  34. Agnes Mueller

    Love the sleek look and the option in white. App and device both are easy to use. You get a hang of it in no time.

  35. Beth F

    I am an ambi climate user and had to look for other options because the company is shutting down. I must say this is much better than ambi climate. The display adds additional convenience in co trolling the mini split controls. The app is also way better. I’m actually glad i had to make the switch and got to k ow about cielo.

  36. Vicki

    All the functions work really well. It’d be great if it offered right and left swing control in addition to up and down.

  37. Eric

    The look and feel of the device is great. I have it in the white option to match the room and wall color. It was easy to connect with the AC. I opted for the wall wire connection to avoid dangling wire which i absolutely hate. It has been working great so far. All the commands go through fine to the AC on the opposite wall both from the app and the device.

  38. CurtisX

    Upgraded to Max from Plus because of the latest comfy max. I had some trouble understanding its workung in the beginning. I contacted their support knowing how amazing and quick the response is. The guy explained the working in detail and answered all my questions. This is a great innovation on part of cielo for mini splits. Absolutely love it 💯

  39. Luis

    Perfect product to add wifi controls to mini split and control using the phone.

  40. Kenneth

    I recently purchased the Cielo Max for my home, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. Setting it up was very simple, the instructions were clear that came within the packaging. The app interface is easy to understand. I love how I can control my air conditioner remotely, especially during hot summer days when I want to come home to a cool environment. The scheduling feature is very handy, allowing me to set specific times for cooling without having to remember to do it manually. Overall, Max has made managing my home’s temperature a lot more convenient. Highly recommended!

  41. RubenA

    I got 3 of these a ccouple of mo ths ago for my Mitsubishi mini splits and they have been working pretty great.
    The schedules are great you can have them for the entire week and they turn on and off the minisplit automatically.
    I love all the three units can be controlled using the single app screen which keeps me aware of all the temperatures and which one is on and off.
    The device sharing without sharing account credentials is still not available but the support says it is in their pipeline and would be available soon.

  42. Elijah

    App controls work from outside the home… convenient in managing home temperature when away..

  43. Rosh

    I rarely go online to write reviews but this one and especially the level of their customer support forced me to do so. I had issues with the device set up but turned out i had selected the wrong remote. The team helped me select the right one and spent a good number of minutes to complete the set up and stay on call to test if everything was working fine.

  44. Jim

    Love the device and the app… both work well

  45. dan mark

    I was really confused with how the comfy max worked. I mean i upgraded from plus to max just to use this comfy max feature. But i ended up getting really confused. So i called up their support and they guided me really well, they walked me through the whole process and even told me the technical working of it which I found really informative.
    Whwn i finally got down to getting the feature to work, it was as amazing as everyone said. It is actually so convenient and worth the investment.

  46. Millie K.

    The one thing i really love about this device is the comfy max feature. Its so helpful in controlling my indoortemperature. I don’t have to switch the temperatures manually, the device through this feature can automatically adjust the setpoints before i even have to intervene. Its really convenient for me.

  47. Mary Carter

    I just experienced how amazing cielo’s customer service really is. So, of course, I had to come out here and give them a shout out. Imagine looking blankly at the device, even when you have a pretty simple handbook explaining everything but for some reason i got overwhelmed and did not know what to do and just simply rang the customer service number.
    Mind you, i fully expected to be on hold for a couple of hours, so can you imagine my surprise when i was instantly put through to speak to an actual agent. not an automated voice, telling me to hold, but an actual person.
    They were very patient with me, and all the dumb questions i had. They walked me through EVERYTHING and before i knew it, iwas done setting up the whole device in FIVE minutes. The agent gave me a few tips about which features i should try out and which was more energy-efficient, and even offered to stay on call if i needed help navigating the app.
    Honeslty hat’s off to them for such an amazing service!

  48. Rachel H.

    Switched to cielo from ambiclimate as it is shutting down, and it exceeded everything i was expecting. The style of the screen isstunning! It offers way more features than ambiclimate and what my minisplit originally comes with. The app is incredibly user-friendly! iabsolutely love it !

  49. Ted C

    The interface is excellent and user-friendly, and the app is top-notch. The old school remote is no longer the way to control your AC. This is a fantastic controller for my Mitsubishi mini split. The schedules are a great additional option to run the AC since i have it in my home office.

  50. leo Ow

    Our heatpump system went kaput just as we were getting this, but fortunately, we’re getting a new unit this week. I called the support to check what brands it’s gonna work with to narrow down the options and they told me it’ll work with all the options in the market. Can’t wait to get this controller up and running, especially with all the good things i’ve heard about it so far. Interestingly, the HVAC company we’re working with also suggested cielo without us even mentioning it! So heres to hoping for the best!

  51. Miles Nolan

    I couldn’t be happier with this product. The installation was easy, and it came with everything inside the box. thinking of getting another one.

  52. Marty Fletcher

    The installation of thecielo breez max in my upstairs bedroom was simple and esay. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and its features work exceptionally, the comfy max mode is so amazing !! I’m soo thrilled with the awesome functionality and features it offers and am really eager to see how much it’s going to save me on my energy bill.

  53. brett s

    Just set up my cielo breez max, and it was really easy! The installation, connecting to WiFi, and syncing with the app took only about 10 minutes!

  54. Julian f

    Wow! The installation was a breeze, and it easily integrated with my existing minisplit heatpump (it seems universally compatible as advertised). Connected to my wifi swiftly and without any hassle.

  55. Sonya Hernandez

    I am OBSESSED with my breez max. The convenience of controlling it through the app and scheduling different temperatures for various times is fantastic. Forgetting to run of your ac when you leave home? No problem, just do it from the app. It looks so sleek and stylish and is so incredibly functional, and user-friendly, i cant even put it to words. easy connectivity with alexa has elevated the experience —ive reached the point where even the thought of living at home without this smart device is unimaginable

  56. charity sinclair

    I genuinely have nothing negative to say about this product! It installed easily, looks aesthetically pleasing, and all its functions are top-notch! The controller’s app has also been fantastic, with zero issues so far. A solid 10/10 recommendation for anyone looking to upgrade their ac remote…breez max is a must-have!

  57. Helena Morrison

    We had an older version of cielo smart ac controller installed previously; the breeze plus, and while that was excellent, this one is significantly better, it had a few extra special features which is just awesome, like that comfy max mode.

  58. Billy Royce

    When we moved into our new house in September, we encountered many annoying issues with our air conditioner. Finally, in December, we traced it back to the remote and the unit not responding to the commands correctly. I was looking online for phone app controls when I came across breeze max. The device claimed a lot and was a bit pricey but since it also won an award we thought to try our luck with it. The setup was easy, no wiring to the AC was required which was a relief. The app registered the remote within seconds. The scheduling feature is our fav and the most used. It took us a while and a little help from their support team to understand the working of comfy max, it is amazing addition to run te unit automatically to save energy. It never caused any issues with our AC! The device’s sleek design and user-friendly interface make it highly recommendable.

    Image #1 from Billy Royce
  59. Paul

    The support is great. Clear speaking help. I didn’t need an interpreter. L O L. I have a Lennox mini split I called a man that services Lennox mini splits to see if he could tell me how I could hook up Wi-Fi to my older unit. He got back to me three days later and said it would be about $300 maybe more. I told him I was not interested and did my own research. I stumbled upon Cielo Max and it looked promising. I thought to myself, this sounds perfect I bought it and thought would try it out first and return it if it doesn’t meet my needs.
    I am amazed by the level of smart features and flexibility it offers in this price point. I can lower my temperature during the day of my empty house and turn the heat on one hour before I get home and it’s nice and comfortable when I open the door. Schedules run perefctly. I had to call support to understand the working of comfy max and the guy explained it in detail. This is a great product.

  60. Anna Ferris

    I think this has to be my favorite ac controller of all time. It has great features, and as someone who lives with their grandparents, i think the comfy max mode is really helpful. I mean, I’m usually busy with my part-time jobs, and I’m always worried my Gran and Gramps will forget to turn of or properly control the ductless heat pumps we have newly installed. but with this comfy max, everything is so much easier!

  61. Thomas Hawke

    Awesome product. Got two of them for my home. Thinking of buying a couple of lites for the less used rooms too.

  62. Helen D

    So, I was on the hunt for green remodeling ideas, and investing in a smart AC controller seemed like a practical and budget-friendly move, especially with my heat pump running for most of the day. After scouring the internet for top controllers, this one immediately caught my eye. The design felt premium, yet the price tag was surprisingly reasonable. The features sealed the deal, so I decided to give it a shot. Now that I’ve got the device, I find myself much more mindful of energy consumption. The ability to check my usage history allows me to pinpoint areas for improvement, and scheduling the heat to dial down when I’m asleep has made a noticeable difference in my bills. It’s a solid product overall, delivering on both style and efficiency.

  63. Nancy Scott

    My favorite feature of this device would be the comfy max mode, although it seemed a little complicated to understand, I totally appreciated the support for explaining all the ways i could save with this device! Amazing!

  64. Jonah Mills

    I experienced one of those rare instances where the customer service exceeded the product itself. Thats what happened to me. Not saying the product is bad but i was having trouble setting it up since it had some features that were new to me. I called the helpline was blown away. the assistant was very helpful, prompt, and thorough in his instructions. I got the hang of the settings in just 5 minutes, and I didn’t even feel stupid, which I usually do especially when asking for help with tech-related stuff.

  65. Scott M.

    A few months back, I purchased a two-room apartment, one for personal use and the other for guests or Airbnb. Everything went smoothly until the temperature spiked, and guests cranked the air conditioner, leading to a skyrocketing energy bill. Initially I considered dropping the plan, my friend introduced me to the range control feature of the Breez controllers. After setting it up,I could set the temperature range i wanted, I can now also monitor and control usage through the app, tailoring settings to my liking. Satisfied with the purchase!

  66. Juliana Evans

    This device is the perfect upgrade for your home. Trust me I’ve tried so many devices by now, and this max is the one that really stood out to me.

  67. Ryan Adams

    What i really love about this device is how convenient all its features were! Honestly, hat’s off, i’m recommending it to my parents as well!

  68. Natalie Grayson

    As a teacher and a single mom who recently moved to Minnesota, leaving my 9-year-old at home with a nanny in the mornings was a constant worry. Our apartment had an old-school, glitchy thermostat, and I needed a solution for the harsh winter. After some research, I stumbled upon this device. I needed something that could automate temperature control, be managed from my phone, be easy to use, and not too pricey. At first, it felt like a big ask, but this device checked all the boxes. It’s been a few weeks, and it’s resolved all my concerns. The home app is user-friendly, and now I can focus on teaching without worrying about my kid’s comfort at home. A real lifesaver!

  69. Caitlyn Steinfeld

    Funny story- I initially ordered Cielo Breez Max by mistake, thinking it was the Breez Plus which I already have three and love. At first, I was skeptical, so I considered exchanging it. However, after exploring online and discovering the Comfy Max mode, I was pleasantly surprised. It surpassed my expectations, taking out all the brainwork and simplifying everything, which is precisely what I appreciate. Now that I don’t need another one, I’m thinking of gifting one to my brother for Christmas – it’s a fantastic and thoughtful present.

  70. Tina

    I was looking for recommendations on reddit before buying a smart minisplit heat pump but they were all so expensive. Someone recommended breeze max to me. I went on to buy a regular unit and took a leap of faith in this device. Trust me i have not regretted my decision for a single day. It connected seamlessly. The app is very easy to use and offers all the features of a smart unit at a very low cost. The additional comfy max that this device offers is my fav so far. You also get scheduling, geo fencing, usage pattern, filter notifications. It’s a good alternative if you want to go smart on a low budget.

  71. Freddie

    This device is an absolute game changer in home climate management.
    I love how it has a wide range of compatibility. I had bought it for my office originally but then i didn’t need it there anymore. I brought it home and connected to the heat pump in my garage with absolutely no issues even though the brand and model was different.
    The scheduling feature works flawlessly. I have set for the entire week and the garage is warm to my taste before i step there.
    I love how the device also shows humidity all the time. It helps since high moisture level can ruin the diy projects I’m working on. It even lets you turn the unit on/off based on the humidity levels which is something that their support team introduced to me.

  72. erika smith

    I used to use plus but i’ve upgraded to max and i love it so much! It looks so pretty! Also the features are pretty cool. cielo has really outdone themselves!

  73. Winnfield

    I had been using plus for a really long time and absolutely loved it. When cielo launched max, i knew i had to get it since the features looked promising. I was actually very excited about comfy max that works exactly like thermostat. Initially i could not understand its working. But from my experience i knew they have a great support. I called them and Jason walked me through its working in quite detail and answered all my questions very patiently. This is really a big upgrade from plus. Absolutely love it!

  74. Daniel S

    this device has such a great design. i love the black colour cause i have it installed in my study and fits the overall theme of the room. looks really sleek and cool. Features are pretty cooltoo. Just ordered another for my bedroom.

  75. Linda

    Amazing product! Works as advertised… Installation and setup is super easy! Comfy Max is my favorite.

  76. Emmy

    Irecenty upgraded to this device from my old breez lite. there is no doubt that there is an an immediate jump in performance, cause lemme tell u this device is super cool! i am so amazed at how user friendly it is, and the features are so much greater!!! i mean this comfy max feature was confusing at first but when i finally understood it (with a little help from support, of course), and I am really enjoying all the comforts its brings! Really awesome product!

  77. Alessandra

    you know what I love most about this device? the comfy max feature. so basically i used to use the breeze plus before and i knew all about how its comfy mode worked but when i found out that breeze max had an upgraded version of the feature called comfy max, i got down to research. let me tell you, energy savings has never been made easier.
    now what comfy max does is that it allows you to specify your preferred room temperature, and the device does the rest, it adjusts accordingly to make sure your home is always at the your preferred temperature. but what’s better is that when its achieved the set temp then it turns off the compressor making sure my energy consumption is at an all time low!
    I love this feature so much!

  78. Enora Williams

    As someone who’s very particular about indoor temperature, I found myself really impressed with the Cielo Breez Max. This device is super easy to install, and I was actually surprised it’s compatible with my old window air conditioner in my apartment. But what I really think sets it apart is the sheer amount of control it gives you over your AC. The app is so user-friendly! I can adjust the settings from phone, and set schedules, and even see real-time temperature and humidity readings.
    It’s like having your own personal HVAC assistant, and I’m really enjoying how convenient it is. Also as someone who lives alone and on a budget, I’m soo happy to see a noticeable improvement in my energy bills since I started using the Breez Max! I don’t have to leave my unit on all day and it’s such a relief.

  79. Penelope R.

    I’m a huge tech freak whose obsessed with making my home energy-efficient! Its why i got mini-split heat pumps installed in the most used rooms of my apartment. and as someone who is always on the lookout for the latest technology to make my home smarter and more convenient, I was intrigued when I heard about the cielo breez max.
    This device promised to not only control my AC unit remotely but also allow me to set schedules and monitor my energy usage. Plus the comfy max mode feature was something that sounded really unique and awesome! After giving it a try, I have to say I’m impressed. The installation process was simple, the app is user-friendly, and the device itself is sleek and modern-looking. Overall, the cielo breez max is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to upgrade and modernize their home AC system.

  80. Seraphina

    Id like to think of myself as a pretty loyal customer of cielo. I’ve used multiple products over the year and have loved each one better than the last. So when Max released I had to buy it. The device was amazing and really easy to install and I’ve said it before, ill say it again when it comes to smart ac control: the Cielo is certainly a stand-out option on the market.
    I can say confidently guarantee that it does not disappoint. The sleek design is really pleasing to the eye, but it’s the functionality that really sets it apart. It helps that it integrates so well with my Google Home! Plus the energy-saving features like scheduling and geofencing are a definite bonus.
    I’d like to give a special shoutout to the team for the Comfy Max feature. This really has been an upgrade and something that was missing in minisplits. It gives the control of a conventional thermostat and is super convenient to use.
    Overall, this is for everyone out there, if you’re looking to upgrade your AC experience, the Cielo Breez Max is definitely worth considering!

  81. Bob

    I just installed 8 max units, 4 white and 4 black. Black for bedrooms so background light is less. All I can say so far is excellent! All products installed without any issues other than it seems you have to sync up the settings for a Fujitsu system with what it last saw. 7 out of 8 units are sitting on platforms a variety of distances from the inside unit head and I am surprised that there are not issues. The scheduling is straightforward and works well for one unit I setup so far… Takeaway so far, is I’m impressed!!! Being able to remotely control and schedule 8 zones is great plus you get to see the temperature in each zone as well. Wonderful product! I will update as I try more sophisticated controls.

  82. Stephen Jones

    I think what i loved most about this device was how amazing the mobile application was. When i brought the device it was after i found myself really dissatisfied with other smart ac controllers. I saw this on amazon and after reading through its features and specs, and some reviews, i purchased it because it sounded jut right for me.

    I got it in white, because i wanted it to blend in my garage wall. It looked really great, and i really loved the comfy max thing it has. I didn’t find it complicated at all but what i really loved about this device was the amazing user interface of the app. I like how easy it is to navigate! And i know this might not be an opinion everyone shares, but the aesthetic design of the app matters to me a lot. Call it my pet peeve as a graphic designer but i like really like simplistic designs.

    Amazing job!

    Image #1 from Stephen Jones
  83. Janessa

    I recently researched alot about smart ac controllers. I went through different websites, different products, read through many reviews and experiences, hell I even contacted some of my friends who had mini-splis to ask them about which device they’re using. After extensive research, I made the final decision to purchase the cielo breeze max.

    I really like the design of the product. I got it in black and it was really important to me that its appearance was sleek and chic looking cause I wanted to place it in my living room, and the entire theme of my home in minimalistic and dark, so it fit in really well. In fact, I think it was the best looking smart ac controller out of everyone I’ve researched.
    Features wise it was really awesome as well. I really like the comfy max thing it had. It was a little technical for me to understand at first, but when I called up support they gave me a really quick response and now ill admit that its made life very easy.

    The only problem i have with this device is that because i don’t want to mount it on my wall, i placed it on the stand on one of the decorative tables in my living room. sometimes, because the device is slanted away, my mini-split has trouble picking up the signals. I hope you do something about this cause otherwise, I’ve had such a good experience with this device!

  84. Blake

    I had been in search for a solution to remotely control my window ac for some time. I came across a mention of cielo in an online group. Following this lead, I checked their website and read up on their devices. I even gave their helpline a call, and the support agents were really cooperative. They gave me a rundown of all their products and i was able to better make a decision! Thats what led to my purchase of breez max. Now I can control my room temp using my phone. Love their comfy max feature. I hated making manual changes every now and then so I love the convenience comfy max has brought into my life.
    The only regret i have is not discovering this device earlier.

  85. Vicky King

    This product truly brings a really modern touch to my home. It turned my ancient AC into a smart one and honestly i just cant get over it! Im truly impressed with the ‘presets’ feature. it allows me to choose among some of the premade settings.I usually choose them when I’m home or asleep. A big shoutout to Cielo for making this possible. This smart AC controller is a really great way to control your mini-splits. It’s worth every penny!

  86. Jason Miller

    I’m not usually one to leave feedback, but this time I have to acknowledge the outstanding product and customer service. Two years ago, I purchased my first Cielo Breeze Plus for my LG mini split. Recently, I found out that breez max had come out. I bought it as a birthday gift for my father, and I’ve just been amazed. It managed to easily connect my dad’s old Friedrich AC. The whole connecting process with the phone app was super simple, and all in all, I am just amazed by the product. Would recommend it to everyone!

  87. Raymond Jones

    I got this device for my living room because I wanted a more convenient way to control the AC than the remote it comes with. The installation process was a piece of cake!
    Breez max looks great in my living area, I have placed it on a stand it comes with. I mostly use scheduling feature. I love using the presets since I son’t need to add the settings for every time of the day. It’s super convenient. Also, the on-device controls are an amazing add-on. It helps when my parents are over and they don’t have the app installed so they can easily use the device to make changes.

  88. Hailey

    Bought cielo breez max for my kids room because I wanted their room climate to be just perfect without any fluctuations and this device has exceeded my expectations. I can easily make changes even when I am not home and can keep a closer eye on room temperature and humidity levels. Really like the preset thing, never heard of it in a smart ac controller or any air conditioner remote. I use sleep preset at night and this helps my kids sleep peacefully the whole night. Can it get any better than this?

  89. Adam

    Got Breez a while ago. Also bought their smart thermostat along with it. I bought breez max for two reasons, the comfy max feature.. It seemed so fancy when I first checked it on cielo website. And I when I got it, that was the first thing I tried. You just have to set the upper and lower temperature and then… perfect room temperature without you having to do anything, literally.
    The other reason – Cielo linked. It is also recently launched and God, it has completely transformed my room climate. I can now link my cielo thermostat and breez max. I have this linkage when my home temperature goes above a certain point as detected by the cielo thermostat, the breez plus in my upper floor bedroom turns on 73 F. Super convenient.

  90. Stella R

    I won’t lie, i doubted if this device would even do what i needed it to. But im so glad that I got it. I was a little confused with the whole set up process and i called up the support helpline hoping i would get a quick response. Can you imagine my surprise when they picked up in seconds?? I explained my issues and the support person was really polite and professional in the way he explained everything to me. He walked me through the whole set up process.
    I then started exploring the many features it had to offer. I was really impressed with the scheduling feature. I didnt know how much more easier and stress-free my life would become with this feature . I’m exploring their new comfy max feature and loving it so far.
    One thing I’d like would be an option to turn off the beep sounds when comfy sends a command.

  91. Dash Hawke

    I was searching for a really efficient smart ac controller for my new mini-split heat pump. Its a Mitsubishi model and i wanted one that was easily compatible with it. I checked out the specs for the breez max and found some that were really interesting. I quickly ordered one for my home and received it two weeks ago.
    The device look really sleek and modern and fits right into my theme. I really love how its easy to manage the temperature at home. The energy-saving features are a fantastic bonus, making this controller a must-have.

  92. Annie Morrison

    I’ve used the breeze lite before and ive always been satisfied with its features. After deciding to upgrade my ac controller (and spend some money!), i decided to get the breez max. And this is such an amazing smart AC controller! It seriously blew me away from the start. The setup was a piece of cake, and it worked amazingly with my ac. And the app was really cool too. The user interface is super appealing and easy to use.
    I can tweak settings at anytime and control my AC from anywhere. But the real game-changer is the comfy max feature. I never have to stress about wasting energy and it keeps my home at my preferred temperature all the time. This device is totally convenient! Seriously, I’m over the moon with this thing! I sing praises about this everywhere i go.

  93. William

    Just wanted to check how it would work, so just ordered one. Now that I have been using it for the past month, I absolutely love every feature of cielo breez max, especially Comfy max,. This function automatically maintains my room temperature according to my preferences. Ordered three more for my other mini-splits at home and my small shop. Cheers guys, you are doing a great job.

  94. Oliver

    One of the main reasons I purchased this device was to have a better way of controlling my air conditioner. My kids seem to have a knack of transforming the AC remote into a game of hide and seek. It’s like it has a pair of legs, wandering off to god knows where, leaving us stuck with the same temperature setting until we launch a full house treasure hunt. Now the AC settings live in my phone. 10/10 for the convenience it has brought into our lives.

  95. Mark Lin

    I recently purchased Max AC controller, and I must say it is an absolute game changer when it comes to controlling my mini-split. Installation process was hassle-free, the app guides you through-out with step by step process – I was really amazed when it automatically picked up my AC remote model (it’s pretty magical). The ability to control the AC via voice commands with Alexa comes in real handy. Loving the device!

  96. Jim

    With just a simple click of the remote this device picked up my entire AC remote settings and put them in my phone. As simple as that! This is the future, and Cielo brings it to us. So thank you! 2 months into use and no issues, only love. Ive always wanted to set my room ac to switch on at 10 pm, though the remote controls are such a hassle, however with this i can do it literally from anywhere and in seconds!! Plus it gives so much other cooler options like the comfy max and comfy and ability to see my usage history. Presets are really cool which allow you to save your preferred temp. settings so you can enable them with a touch! Like i have a different one for morning and night.

  97. Zain

    Upgraded from the Plus to the Max and woah this has answered all my prayers. Instead of the set point showing in big bold numbers, this one shows the live room temp which is great. Also plus’s design was alright while this one is super modern and just looks great in my room. Comfy max is quite an upgrade – it takes less than a minute to set up the mode and voila perfect climate automatically – love love love.

  98. Janina Woo

    This device is MAGICAL. No technical skills needed to install it(phew), the max is for everyone. I can confidently say that this smart AC controller has transformed the way I experience temperature management in my home. Scheduling my cooling this summer has been a complete BLESSING.

    Room for improvement: Please add a schedule for the display also. While it automates my climate, it would be even cooler if it could automatically switch on the display in the morning. The display light is a bother at night, while touch controls are an essential during the day. Each time i need to enable/disable them, i must open the app, go in settings and so on…

  99. Hannah Cooke

    ok so i recently purchased an apartment in a relatively cheap building. It was a good deal in my budget but the biggest drawback was that it had no central air conditioning or any ceiling fans, so i had to buy a portable fan and a mini split ac too. That was fine and everything, but i was worried about any extra energy costs it might make. Thats when i found this product when scrolling through amazon. it had some pretty neat features and i was really impressed so i quickly ordered one.
    When i received it the installation process was pretty smooth, the app was giving very clear instructions and it barely took a second to detect the remote and link itself to the ac. Its really awesome that it can easily connect to my phone. I’ve experimented a lot with it since then and i think my favorite thing is the offline scheduling. I’ll admit i found the comfy max a little confusing, but after contacting the support for it, they explained everything in clear and easy steps. They even told me about how the feature works in a simple way.
    Overall, my experience has been really great. I really like how this device looks like with in my apartment (I have it on the stand instead of wall mounting it) it looks really nice and has made controlling the ac really easy.
    5/5 , would definitely recommend this product to others.

  100. Andrew Braunstein

    I think this is such a useful product that I bought 7 – one for each of my mini-splits. The feature set is great, the product looks nice in person. Solid build. Why 3 stars? I think the software is a bit buggy especially ComfyMax mode. With a range of 68° to 74° which should handle heat / AC I find it setting the target temp to 69° which means it is cooling far more than it needs to. It should cool to 73/74 and stop. One of them set a cool point of 79° which is 5° above the max range. Also, I question the accuracy of the temp / humidity measurements, which is kinda a basic thing for a thermostat. I put 3 different units next to each other. Two different thermometers and the BreezeMax. The two thermometer agreed within 0.4°. The BreezeMax – at least 2.4° different from them. Similar with humidity. The three varied from 61% – 70% with the breezeMax being the highest (70%) and 6% higher than the middle one.

    I also noticed that ComfyMax moved my fan speed from
    Auto to low when the current temp (78°) was above the max range (74°). That is illogical. After a day it did not get to 74° and I manually set the fan speed to high. After 2 hours at least I am down to 76°.

    While setup was smooth, it listed my network SSID 4 times.

    Many is more than a little light on “how to”. You can set up ComfyHumidity and it shows that you can have two rules – and upper and lower, but absolutely no help on what to set to lower humidity. It looks the same as the ComfyMode for temp. I have high humidity it several rooms and would like it to “just manage it” when it is above a threshold.

    As for support, it is disappointing. If you email, there is no acknowledgment or case # returned. You only get that if you create a case through the link on their website.

    I have emailed multiple times. One regarding my order (to, support and a case in their website), and after a week no response.

    I have opened several other cases regarding the issues above. We’ll see if there is any response.

  101. Johnny Drake

    This is such a sophisticated and efficient controller this is. I’ve been really focused on transforming my apartment to be as energy efficient as possible because i wanna cut back on my bills. That’s why i recently got some ductless heatpumps. i got an ac controller for it but I was having huge problems with it, so i switched to cielo breez max at the recommendation of a friend.
    lemme tell you, it works so great. really easy to DIY install it, and it has amazing features. I loved the comfy max mode the best. I love how schedules in this work can work even when wifi is not available. Absolutely amazing product!

  102. Steve David

    I’m already using the devices Cielo Breez Plus and Cielo Smart Thermostat for my attic and the central system. Wanted one for my garage so ordered their latest addition, Cielo Breez Max. It looks really nice on my wall and is pretty easy to use.
    I also started using Cielo Linked and added all three devices to one interface and it has made my life much easier. You can control all the devices from one tap and set commands that help you to maintain the temperature of the whole house. It’s pretty convenient. I urge all those buying or thinking to buy Cielo Breez Max to use Cielo Linked as well.

  103. Jake

    Was waiting for this one so I bought 2! I’ve been on the hunt for a good smart AC controller for my Mitsubishi mini-split but the ones available on the market are pretty basic and somehow all of em seem to be missing one thing or another.
    When I finally got my hands on it, I was thoroughly impressed! The feel of the product itself is quite premium. The design is pretty sleek and feels almost like using a thermostat.
    It’s loaded with cool features, especially comfy max, presets. With the electric costs rising, this thing is a MUST to help save energy and AC usage. I can already see that through its cool usage history feature on the app.

  104. Nathan Young

    I had been waiting for this since it won the AHR product of the year award and I am thoroughly impressed! I’ve been on the hunt for a good smart controller for my Mitsubishi split but the ones available were pretty basic. This is just so premium, takes a minute to connect to the AC and that’s some big deal for someone as impatient as me. The features are amazing and it looks great on the wall. great job done 10/10.

  105. Alex Miles

    This is such an awesome product. I’ve been using it for the past whole week, and I love how convenient and easy to use the breeze max is. Had a little confusion about some of the settings, but the support helpline explained everything in an easy-to-understand way. I’ve just ordered another one to gift my girlfriend. Great stuff.

  106. Leo Bennett

    honestly, i’ve been been waiting for this product for so long, and now that its finally here, I can see it was worth all the hype and excitement surrounding it. It was really easy to install, and I think my favorite new feature is the offline scheduling. Its made everything so much more convenient for me. cheers!

  107. Freya Payne

    Okay, so, I just recieved my breeze max a day ago. I was so excited about this product that I immediately set it up. The whole processwas really quick and simple. When I opened the box the first thought that came to mind when I saw the device was elegance personified. I ordered the device in black and it looked so sleek and aesthetically pleasing, I spent a good minute just admiring it.
    It came with a wall mount which is great. I already have a breeze plus so I knew how to set up this controller. But they have updated the process and it was way much smooth and easier, hardly took me 2 minutes to get it running and connect with my app.
    And damn, the amount of features this product offers is so great. I loved the comfy max feature which is definitely an upgrade from the previous comfy mode the breeze plus had. The offline scheduling is pretty cool too. Overall I LOVE this product so far! A great job done by cielo!!

  108. Ivette

    I recently got my hands on Cielo Breez Max and am sorted for the summer. The setup was a breeze and the compatibility with my AC unit was seamless. The mobile app is also intuitive and easy to use, but the standout feature for me is the Max Comfy Mode. This mode ensures that my home is always at the perfect temperature with minimal manual intervention. This has undoubtedly been a major upgrade for my house. The cherry on top is its sleek minimal design which looks amazing.

  109. Gael M

    I cannot stress how long ive been waiting for this breeze max. I was over the moon when i realized it finally launched. As a regular user of other cielo products, i immediately placed an order for this new controller. I received it a couple of days ago. Installation was as usual a seamless process. I was really surprised to see the offline scheduling feature. The best part of this ac controller is the comfy max mode which makes it super easy to manage room temperature.
    Appearance : 10/10
    Features: 10/10
    Effectiveness: 10/10
    I recommend this product to everyone! I’ve even ordered one more for my parents house.

  110. Dante

    I’ve been waiting for this a long time and this was totally worth the wait! I connected it to my mini-split and the set up was unbelievably straightforward and fast. I initially planned to place it on the wall but the stand is so minimal and sleek, why bother?
    Love the way comfy max mode and schedules work, it’s a complete win for me.

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