Cielo Breez Plus

Rating: 4.8
Cielo Breez Plus
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Natalie Sugar

"Just what I needed to make my house a smart home."

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"If you wanna automate your house this is a great way to do it."

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Kerry Mann

"It's got a big read-out screen. It feels like it's very well built."

Star rating

"A total game changer for my house. This device allows me to control and manage my mini split & helps us save $$"

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"It's fantastic, it works really well. Really really convenient, I love this, I'm very very happy."

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"I've even tried this on my portable AC and it works like a charm. This is a pretty cool device."


326 reviews for Cielo Breez Plus

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  1. Travis

    Easy to use. Helps maintain my home temperature. I like it!

  2. Jacob Styles

    As someone who values both comfort and convenience, this device has exceeded my expectations. Its easy to use interface and seamless integration with my home’s existing systems make controlling the climate as easy as ABC. Whether I’m at home or on the go, I can trust the Breez Plus to keep my home comfortable while saving energy.

  3. Allison

    soo glad to have purchased this device! With features like schedules and geofencing, I feel like I am in complete control of my home temperature.

  4. Danny

    Awesome device to add wifi to mini splits and set schedules.

  5. Annie

    recently moved into a house with four mini-splits already installed. The previous owners left behind these smart controllers with the systems. We ended up using these controllers, and omg these work so well. i didn’t think that would actually help save energy but the comfy mode and the scheduling features were really great and we did end up saving on our bills. I’m getting more of these for our vacation rental now!

  6. Loid H.

    This is the best thermostat to control your mini-splits! i cannot tell you how much i love this product because of the convenience it gives to control AC from outside my home.

  7. Henry

    Ive got 3 plus units for minisplits by fujitsu and they are incredibly awesome! I can control all the minisplits using one app. All the rooms appear on one screen which makes it super convenient to know which one is running and needs to be turned off. The app control is amazing no matter you control it from home or outside, the units respond to all the commands. The only thing missing in these devices is the support with homekit. I hope they introduce it soon.

  8. Nico

    Reliable thermostat! The schedules always turn the heating in our garage on time. Never missed a single schedule. Easily connects and works with Alexa.

  9. Clea SN

    Recently we have shifted to minisplit heat pumps to save on bills. Now we were looking for thermostats that will work with these units. Cielo had amazing reviews online so we ordered just one to try it out. It worked really well and beyond our expectations. It is very convenient to control the minisplit with the thermostat as well as the phone. Now all 5 minisplits in our home are connected with plus units. All can be monitored and controlled using the cielo app. The app too is very easy to use.

  10. Pencyy

    I have been using ceilo plus for the past 6 months and recently encountered an issue where the firmware update got stuck in between. I contacted the support team and to my surprise they immediately responded. Jason helped me with the bug and resolved the issue by taking it to their team internally. Believe me I was not expecting this swift response. And two days later he called me to check if I was satisfied with the working. This is how the support should work. Well done!

  11. Josh

    Get all the fancy smart features without the hefty price tag with breeze plus. Set it and forget it. No exaggeration here! The schedukes take care of when to turn the on the heating on its own. I have five of these and all can be controlled through the same app. Amazing product 👍

  12. Helen

    This device makes my mini split smart and me happy. The app is so simple even my grandma could use it. Scheduling is my new best friend – coming home to a warm place in freezing cold is pure joy. It’s like upgrading my mini split to the 21st century without breaking the bank.

  13. Nancy

    Got the Ceilo Breeze Plus, and it’s like having an AC boss right in my pocket. Super easy to install, and I can change the temp from anywhere. I’m all about that lazy life, so the fact that I can just tell Alexa to warm up the room is simply a bliss. Plus, it’s got this sleek look that fits right in.

  14. Mona

    Easy setup, seamless app integration, and the ability to schedule temperature adjustments have made this smart controller a valuable addition to my home.

  15. Adam Scott

    I recently purchased the Cielo Breez Plus for my home, and it has truly transformed my air conditioning experience. The setup process was a breeze, and I was able to seamlessly connect it to my existing AC unit.

    The Cielo Breez Plus app is incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to control my AC from anywhere using my smartphone. The scheduling feature has been a game-changer, helping me optimize energy usage and create a comfortable environment before I even step through the door.

  16. Lisa

    Easy to install and use.

  17. Gary

    Easy to install and setup. The detail instructions are easy to follow and get the device up and running. I ordered just one to test out its functionality first. Works perfectly. Just placed order for 2 more. It also works with Alexa which is a plus for me since I have other smart home devices connected with it as well.

  18. Mia

    I have 5 of these connected to the Mitsubishi and fujitsu mini splits in my home. All of them can be controlled through one app which makes temperature control so convenient.

  19. Ryan

    Absolutely love this device!

  20. G F

    I recently bought this device on new year offer. The feature set is awesome! Adds more conteols to the minisplit than the remote. I have set schedules for entire week and they’ve been working on time.

  21. Oliver

    Quick and easy setup with no wiring into the AC required. Just plug it, follow the instructions and you’re good to go. Very easy to use.

  22. Paul

    The plus unit I have been using for quite some time now suddenly disconnected and won’t connect back to my heat pump. I contacted support. Jason was so helpful, he knew exactly what went wrong and within minutes the device was back online. I really enjoy using the device but the promp response from support actually won me over!

  23. Mark J

    Offers amazing features! I have set multiple Plus units in my apartments that I rent out. Guests can easily manage the temperature using the device. What I love the most is that I can set an upper and lower limit between which the temperature can be set. This way the bills remain in check. Also I can keep an eye and turn off the heating if guests haven’t turned off before leaving.

  24. Davis

    The breez plus has a very good functionality especially for minisplits. It adds additional features to the unit that do not come originally with the remote like schedules, geofence, usage history etc. The comfy settings are also very great to run the heatpump automatically on the settings your prefer.

  25. Layback Surf Hotel

    I was so happy with my first 6 months of the two test units I purchased. Then they changed the app settings for scheduling and it threw everything out the window. There is no option to enable or disable the schedule now. So the schedule runs, as scheduled, even if there isn’t anyone in the room. I can’t scream loud enough. What a disappointment.

  26. Emma

    We installed minisplits in our home and came across these thermostats. Initially I bought it only for the on-device controls for ease of changing settings and temperature. But as we explored the app and got to know about the other smart features I was pleasantly surprised.
    The schedules and comfy settings are the ones we rely on the most. The temperature is always maintained to our liking and we don’t have to make changes throughout the day. In our kids room we have also enabled the range lock. Very well thought product.

  27. Janice L

    I chose this brand based on the recommendation of my HVAC technician and I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience so far. It equips the minisplit with additional features that the remote does not offer. I was surprised by seeing the option to set schedules on the app. I was only expecting the global control and the remote functions on the app but it offers a lot more. The comfy feature is also great when you do not want to deal with the temperature fluctuations manually by constantly adjusting the temp. Just give it your preferred range and it takes care of the rest. It works with several smart home systems but i really wish it worked with homekit also. Otherwise, totally love it!

  28. Marshall S

    I am reaaally enjoying my new Breezy Plus. It effortlessly synchronized with my Mitsubishi remote, and turned it into a smart device that can be conveniently managed through the app. I especially love the scheduling! Without a doubt, this device has saved me alot of moneyy!

  29. Clarence Burch

    What is really awesome about this device is the way it gives you options of things you didnt really think about before but once youve had a taste of them you cant imagine life without them! Like i absolutely love this device so much. Its a god send.

  30. Isaac Fitz

    The smart voice control integration is a game-changer. I can simply use voice commands with Alexa to change the temperature or check the status of my AC. It adds a whole new level of convenience to my daily life.

  31. Mikaela Wright

    In our old family home we have multiple outdated Fujitsu ductless minisplit systems that are extremely inconvenient to control. Figured id make stuff smart so after conducting some research, I came across Cielo and decided to give their Breeze Plus a try. The installation and connection process took less than 15 minutes, and setting up schedules for the week only took just a minute. It works perfectly and has made everything so much more convenient than the remote!!

  32. Vincent Bennett

    This device drastically decreased our energy consumption! It helped us save alot! We’d leave the heating on at slightly lower temperature before to return to a bearable home. But now we have set the geofencing which automatically turn on before we arrive. Amazing product!

  33. Walker D

    What sets the Cielo Breez Plus apart is its ability to work seamlessly with various smart home platforms. It integrates effortlessly with my existing smart home devices, creating a cohesive and connected environment. I also appreciate the energy-saving insights provided by the app. It’s eye-opening to see how small adjustments can make a big impact on my energy consumption and, ultimately, my utility bills

  34. Wesley P

    Amazing device!! Im going to order another one for our main bedroom!

  35. tony collier

    The mobile app is where the magic happens. I can control the temperature of my home from anywhere, whether I’m at work or out running errands. The intuitive interface makes it easy to set schedules, adjust settings, and even monitor energy usage. It’s like having a personal climate control assistant right in my pocket!

  36. Darcy Robertson

    This device was a delightful addition to my smart home! I absolutely love how it saved me so much and helps promote a greener lifestyle (something i am very particular about!)

  37. Gideon R

    I really love how this controller works! Its amazing and really easy to set up!

  38. Bridget Smith

    I found the perfect Christmas gift for my dear Nana. My grandmother is always feeling a bit chilly and has trouble with her current AC remote. With my busy work schedule, I can’t always be there to help her out, and that’s where the Cielo Breez Plus helps.

    The ability to manage and adjust the temperature at Nana’s place while I’m at work is a game-changer. It’s like a breath of fresh air, knowing I can ensure her comfort even from a distance.

  39. Penny Norris

    Living in a shared dorm with two roommates can be a challenge, especially when it comes to managing energy bills. One of my roommates was frequently bringing up the issue of rising energy costs, even though I’m rarely home during the week and only crash there at night. To address this concern and find a solution that worked for both of us, I decided to invest in the Cielo Breez Plus.

    What caught my attention was the timeline actions feature. This way, when my roommate checks, it reflects that the AC is primarily in use when I’m not around. Moreover, I shared with him the temperature range control feature. Now, he has the ability to set the temperature range he’s comfortable with, giving him a sense of control over the energy bill.

  40. Felix

    Love the product! works really great…i also wanna thank the support for their help and cooperation in explaining how to set up the device..

  41. Edmund W

    I recently moved states all the way from Texas to Alaska, and i won’t lie adjusting to the temperature differences was really hard. The house I moved into already had some heat pumps installed and I read up on them to see how exactly i could get the most out of it. That’s when I was recommended by a neighbour that a smart ac controller can go a long way to control my indoor climate.
    So i researched some more, before deciding to buy a breeze plus because of all the good reviews I read about it online. I know the installation guide was really simple to understand, but I still had some confusions which is why i decided to call up their support. the agent i interacted with was a an angel in disguise, no joke. He explained everything so well! and i had my controller up and running in no time.
    The features were actually really cool when i finally got to fiddling around with the app. I experimented a lot, and each time i was impressed how easily the device did everything for me! I think I really loved the freeze protection feature (apparently pipes burst in extreme cold), and I’m extremely i glad i never had to experience that horror thanks to this device!
    Honestly, i cannot recommend this enough!

  42. Lee

    Overall the controller works well. The biggest issue is with the app. The color scheme is very difficult to read. The pale white text on the mustard color background is almost impossible to read. Controls are also confusing. “Power off” does this mean power is off or press to turn off? Set point vs actual temp hard to tell. A few improvements to the UI would go a long way.

  43. Micky Andrews

    My sister forced me to switch to Cielo from the previous smart ac controller i used to use. I was really unwilling at first but I won’t deny that my experience with this breeze plus is so much better than anything I’ve experienced before. I mean, this comfy mode is so amazing and has actually lowered my energy bills, which is great!
    The Cielo app is user-friendly and offers a variety of features to customize your experience. I highly recommend the Cielo Breez Plus to anyone who wants a convenient and efficient solution for controlling their home’s temperature.

  44. Jasmine Benson

    I have been searching for a high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioner thermostat for my home for a long time, and I finally found breeze plus – which is honestly the perfect match for my home. I initially bought only one for the mini-split I have installed in my living room. The device was generally pretty easy to set up, and I can easily control my AC unit through my phone or using alexa.

    One of my favorite features is the option to set customizable schedules for my AC, which has helped me save a lot of money on my energy bills. And honestly, as someone who’s very sensitive to temperature changes (I feel absurdly cold during the mornings and extremely hot in the evenings), the schedules helped me kick back and relax because i knew my set temperature schedules would be followed with no issues!
    Im thinking of buying their premium version now for the ac in my bedroom.

  45. Anderson

    As someone who’s not techy I was really hesitant in investing in this gadget, but then my daughter gifted me a Cielo Breez Plus, and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. This sleek and compact device packs a powerful punch, allowing me to control my air conditioner from anywhere using the user-friendly app. And the best part? Even someone as old as me could easily understand it. It was really easy to install and it had amazing features. Im always losing the remote control and the fact i can now use my phone to control my ac is such a relief to me. Plus, the display allows to change the settings which is very convenient. Though I believe it could be made a little smoother to use. Overall, I would highly recommend the Cielo Breez Plus to anyone looking to upgrade their home’s air conditioning game.

  46. C.J. Lawson

    We recently purchased a house for ourselves, it needed a huge makeover, so while we getting work done for it, we decided to install some ductless heat pumps to save us on energy costs for the long run. That’s why we purchased three mini-splits, one for our living room, one for the bedroom, and one for our garage.
    We wanted to pair it with a smart thermostat, and our neighbour who also took the same approach as we did with mini-splits in his home recommended we use a cielo breeze. Although we were initially hesitant investing in three thermostats, he allowed us to come and inspect the breeze plus he had controlling his own living room mini-split.
    It was such an amazing device, the app looked really cool to use, and the features were just splendid! Im really forgetful so i was worried i would forget to turn off our heatpumps or lose the remote control for it, so the whole geo-fencing and phone control thing this smart ac controller had was something that made me really relieved.
    After this live testing of sorts, we were really satisfied with the features and quickly placed our order for it.
    I cannot stress enough how much i don’t regret it. I did have issue while connecting with one of our units. I contacted support and it turned out that the device was not in the line of sight. After that all 3 devices have been working smoothly. Really amazing job, 10 outta 10 for cielo!!

  47. Reynold Larks

    The cielo breeze pluss is honeslty the ultimate upgrade for your home. Its a really sleek and versatile controller that effortlessly turns any normal old air conditioner into a smart one! I had a really old window ac and the fact that it effortlessly connected with this controller has made my life so much easier!!! Like I’ve said goodbye to the annoying hassles of manually changing the temperature and setting. Its all seamless control thanks to their user-freindly app and voice control with Alexa!

    On top of it, it offers additional features that are amazing! It has some pretty neat scheduling and climate control abilities. You can set up custom schedules to ensure your home is always the perfect temperature while making sure to save up on energy and cut back on energy bills. The mobile app also provides realtime monitoring and remote control from anywhere which is such a huge blessing because all i want is to have a cool home when i go back after a hot day at work. This device is absolutely amazing!

  48. Alex Parks

    I absolutely love this device. I legit set this thing up in no time, like seriously, I’m no tech whiz but it was so simple with the instructions manual that came inside the box! I’ve placed it on my desk but it can also be hardwired in the wall which is great and I’m gonna do that in a couple of days.
    Now, I can control my AC from my phone, which is a huge game-changer on a hot day when you don’t want to get up. Plus, it’s super compatible; it worked with my old AC unit like a charm. And the geofencing? Genius! It knows when I’m coming home and gets the place cool in literally no time. This thing is a lifesaver, man, and it’s saved me some huge cash on my energy bill too. I’m also exploring their comfy mode which they claim saves even more energy and loving it so far. I think they can improve the device touch.
    Overall, a really good product and a total game changer.

  49. Emilia Lloyd

    Setting it up is sooo easy! I have a window ac in my apartment and i thought it might not connect properly, but it was such a seamless and effortless process!

    They have a really user-friendly mobile app, like you have complete command at your fingertips. There are so many awesome control features, like scheduling your AC and using geofencing! But that’s not all! what really sets it apart for me is its compatibility with multiple voice assistants, including Siri which i use the most.
    Also, have you ever wondered about your energy consumption? Well, the in-app usage history in the app fro this device helps keeps track of your AC’s energy usage! This is such a great device!!

  50. Livia Carson

    The breezy plus has completely transformed the way I use my air conditioning. It was super easy to set up and seamlessly connected to my home network. The app that comes with it is seriously next-level – it’s so simple to use. Being able to control my AC from anywhere is a total game-changer, especially with the crazy weather we’ve been having. The energy usage reports are awesome too! I can keep track of how much energy I’m using and manage it efficiently. trust me, the breezy plus is a total must-have if you want to make your home super cozy and save energy at the same time.

    Also, a sidenote, but id really like to give the support helpline a shout out. I was having some confusion understanding how the comfy mode worked but the support agent i talked to was sooo helpful and patient. he walked me through everything, and even called back a week later to make sure everything was working fine. Kudos to them!!

  51. Nina Hawkes

    As a homeowner, im always on the lookout for some innovative solution to manage my room air conditioner, I recently tried out the breeze plus, and I have to say, its truly transformed the way I experience climate control at home. I mean I just have to list the pros and cons:

    Easy setup and awesome mobile app
    The scheduling feature is literally great
    I love the way it works perfectly with Alexa

    Horizontal vanes can’t be controlled

    Overall, I absolutely love this product and am definitely getting one for my parents.

  52. Mandy Smith

    I absolutely love cielos products. the breeze plus was the first smart ac controller i ever got and it has made my life so easy. I love how the comfy mode works, its really convenient and ensures my home stays in a comfortable temperature all the time. I especially LOVE the way the app is so user-friendly and easy to navigate!

  53. Juniper Jackson

    I felt like i needed to leave a review here as i finally installed my third breeze plus in my home. I initially brought the product at my fiance’s assistance. He was pretty adamant that i try it out. I share my current apartment with my siblings and it sometimes becomes too hard to pay for the bills. But breeze plus has honestly solved this problem. Our airconditioner usage has become so controlled I cannot even imagine my life without it.
    If you have multiple room air conditioners, please get this smart controller. It will make your life so much easier, trust me.

  54. Ramona Erikson

    I cannot stress enough what a useful product this is. I recently installed some ductless air conditioners and figured if I’m making going so far to limit the energy use at home then I might as well get a smart ac controller too. Was already on a tight budget but I could afford this breeze plus. It had great reviews so I thought id try it out. the installation was pretty straight forward but I had some issues with setting up my schedules and the comfy mode option. The tech agent I called up was really really clear in explaining the solutions to my problems. he even called me up a week later to make sure everything was going great.
    This breeze plus is brilliant, and my energy bills have become so much more manageable with the usage insights on the app, i literally thanked my lucky stars for finding this device.

  55. Benji

    My twin swore to me that this ac controller was one of the best he had ever used. I decided to trust him and purchase it. Now I’m not as techy as my brother and I had some difficulties when installing the device. My brother was busy when I called him for his opinion so he suggested I call the helpline and that they were very quick in their replies.
    Of course I was skeptical but I followed his advice yet again, and he was proven right. Again. The support helpline was very quick to take up my call and walk me through a step by step process of how to install the device, along with suggestions on how to make it work the best. It works really great and I love their comfy mode feature the best.

  56. Diana Johnson

    I’ve tried so many different smart ac controllers, and when I was at my wits end, I bought the Cielo breez plus. I swear it is the answer to all my prayers. The device works so well and delivers on each and every single thing it promised. And the best part of getting this product was interacting with the AMAZING support team.
    Not only are they super engaging and friendly but they really do know what they’re talking about. I had some confusion about how the placement of the thermostat works, but they quickly guided me through it!
    I definitely recommend this product, it works so much better than any of the others I’ve tried.

  57. Robert Park

    If there is one product I’d recommend to everyone, it would be this. This is the best ac controller you will ever find, much better than similar products of different brands. Breeze Plus is so user friendly, it has amazing features and I can assure you that my bills have reduced so much after I started using this product.
    I’ll admit, there was some initial confusion when I wanted to set the comfy mode but one call to their tech support team solved that issue in no time. They were very quick and are literally always available. And you can tell they were knowledgeable, they had detailed and easy to understand answers for all my questions.
    To anyone who is reading this and wants to invest in ways to make your home smart. Get this product, you will NOT regret it!

    Image #1 from Robert Park
    Image #2 from Robert Park
  58. Watson

    I have three Mitsubishi mini split heat pumps in my home. And although I got them to save myself extra money, I kept forgetting to turn them off when I left home or I would always lose the remote controllers.
    After multiple mishaps on my part I decided enough was enough and purchased this device. I honestly wasn’t expecting much out of it but this breeze plus is the best thing you could ask for. It met all my needs!
    I don’t need to search for my remote controllers now, I can control everything from the app on my phone. Even if I forget to turn off my mini splits, I know I can turn them off from wherever I am with just a click of a button. What’s more, I can enjoy other features that have made my life so much easier!

  59. Owen Kai

    I absolutely LOVE this product. I purchased Cielo breez plus for my two Mitsubishi minisplit heat pumps I own. It has a detailed and easy to understand manual and I managed to set up the device for the most part. I did run into some trouble with configuring it to my wifi, so I sent the company an email. I was honestly not expecting such a quick response but they responded within a matter of hours encouraging me to call their support helpline.
    The support was so friendly and amazing! They were very patient and knowledgeable and guided me through my issues calmly. After the installation was complete, they even walked me through some of its features on the app…and let me tell you, Breez Plus is a great way to control your mini splits. I mean, it’s easy to control temperature with them, and you really can control your minisplits from anywhere. I totally recommend this product, it definitely delivers on what was promised and it has an amazing tech support team behind it!

  60. Walter

    The product is worth its price. What i found phenomenal is the customer support by Cielo. The rep I talked to, Jack, politely and patiently walked me through the steps to install it and was very helpful for a non-tech guy like me. I was amazed when he called back a couple of days after for a follow up.

  61. Abigail

    Received my order sooner than expected. The display is pretty accurate and tells the current room temperature as well as humidity level. I have set up comfy and realy enjoying how it works and maintains the room temperature really well. I don’t have to do anything with the remote now.
    I totally recommend it!

  62. Mary Anne

    Cielo breeze plus makes it incredibly easy to control my AC from my phone. One thing I don’t like about the device is its bulky design and color. I think a white or gray one would look better.

  63. Steve Castillo

    I purchased two Cielo Breez Plus thermostats to control our to new Daiken minisplits. The initial setup for these was fairly straightforward. However, it took awhile to configure both of them into a STABLE and minimum energy usage configuration. The “Comfy” mode is absolutely necessary to get the most out of these units. The reason for this is that without the COMFY mode on, the thermostat will keep driving the cooler to keep cooling well below the temperature set point set in the app. With Comfy on, the unit can be configured to keep the mini-split working to maintain a temperature to a fairly narrow range. I would think that COMFY would be unnecessary if the flexibility of the mini-split inverter capability were taken advantage of in the normal mode in order to maintain the temperature in a narrow range. In any case, for the COMFY mode, the biggest issue was that the supplied documentation did not completely detail how COMFY works and how to set it up for glitch-free, smooth operation. I had multiple instances of the app and the unit getting out of sync or messages of the unit being off-line. Fortunately, the help line service from Cielo was patient and detailed, helping me to get all my settings correct to stabilize the units and ensure that I got the most out of them. I am still somewhat fuzzy about the role of the temperature sensor in the Cielo Breeze Plus during operations that are not using the COMFY mode. However, it is clear that the Cielo Breeze Plus is using its internal temperature sensor in the Comfy mode. I am pretty tech savvy given my background as an electrical engineer, so I can see where many buyers of these units might become frustrated and simply give up. Cielo would do well to improve the documentation of the unit – especially for the COMFY mode. My only other issue is that only a single user has access to control the unit through the Cielo app unless the user name and password is shared. The alternative is through Google Home which only gives the user very limited control of the thermostat settings. There are very limited choices in the market for smart thermostats that can control a mini-split or other HVAC unit that is normally controlled through a dumb controller with an I/R link capability. Cielo’s offering is very capable once it is correctly configured.

  64. Ernest Soto

    Hi, can door and window sensor be add to Cielo Breez Plus?

    • Cielo

      Hi, Cielo Breez Plus currently does not support these sensors.

  65. Andrew Choate

    I am very happy with the Ceilo Breeze Plus. So much so that I ordered a second one for my other mini split. I tried 2 other mini split controllers and checked a third with their support department and none of them would do what I wanted. All of them were returned.
    I read through the Ceilo Breeze Plus manual and customer reviews and realized that it would do what I wanted. The Comfy settings deliver on the functionality I needed and the form and function of the Ceilo Breeze Plus delivered the other key attributes.
    They are a bit more expensive than the other devices (especially when imported to Canada) but they really deliver everything I need.
    I did have an issue that my Mitsubishi unit supports an Econo Cool function which stopped the Ceilo Breeze Plus from properly functioning and it must be turned off as Ceilo Breeze Plus does not work with that function (that I rarely used). I did call their support department and they were fantastic, head and shoulders above any other support department I have dealt with recently.

  66. Caitlyn

    As a mountaineer, I am often away from home for long periods.

    Since no one but my plants are home, I wanted to find a way to ensure that my plants are healthy and happy when I get back. I got Breez Plus to regulate the humidity and temperature of the area where I leave my plants. I can control the AC from my phone no matter where I am and then also set comfy mode for the humidity so my plants have all the moisture they need to thrive. Now, I don’t have to choose between my love of plants or mountains.

  67. Brett

    I got the Breez Plus model in the mail over the weekend, I was very impressed with the package and the quality of the product itself. It did not feel cheap despite the very affordable price point. I came across an issue when I tried to set up the device. It turned out that my remote was not included in the compatible devices that can work with Breez Plus. However, I reached out to tech support the next working day and they had the issue sorted out for me in less than 20 mins. They guided me through the steps I needed to complete to configure my device and soon I had everything running smoothly. I cannot praise Cielo tech support enough. 

  68. Tyler

    I mainly got the device for its temperature range control feature. When I was looking into what devices could make my AC smarter, this was the main thing that caught my eye so I went with Breez Plus. What this does is that you can set a range on your AC through the Cielo mobile app (e.g., 68-74 F) and then the AC can only be operated within the set range. The device also controls humidity, fan speed, mode, etc. so your phone basically becomes your AC remote with multiple advanced features.

  69. Jacob R.

    As I moved to my new house, I switched to ductless cooling systems owing to greater efficiency and ease of installation. I read good reviews regarding this device, so decided to order it with my Fujitsu mini split. The box arrived on time and it came with a 5V adapter, USB cable, user manual, mounting pack and a table stand. The set up was super easy!
    It works like wonders, and has truly made managing temperature easier than I expected. With Cielo Breez Plus, the shift to ductless system doesn’t feel so drastic! GREAT PRODUCT!

    Image #1 from Jacob R.
  70. Camille

    Amazing device! I love the digital display on Breez Plus. I can see the room temp, humidity, fan speed, mode and set point on the device itself! I easily connected it with Google Homes.
    I initially ordered it just to try it on, and I was open to ordering other products because I didn’t anticipate finding just the right fit. But the device has been so good this far, and hasn’t shown any major glitches. I think my hunt for smart AC controllers has stopped – thanks to Cielo Breez!

  71. Paris

    I have been using Cielo Breez Eco for a year, and I had a pretty decent experience! I decided to try out Cielo Breez Plus for my living room. The product arrived within time, and the packaging was also really nice! I had no trouble setting it up; thanks to the user manual!
    Breez Plus had on-display controls that made it easier for the kids to adjust the temperature. It just made everything better

  72. Ariana

    I cannot praise Breez Plus enough! I was excited to try out some of the next-gen features advertised by Cielo, and I am glad to say they did not disappoint. The most convenient one for me is the geofencing feature. It basically turns my AC on when I am around my house and turns it off when I leave, super convenient! I also really enjoy being able to track the AC usage through the phone. I never knew that such a small device could make everyday tasks so much easier.

  73. Bennett

    I bought the Cielo Breez device two months ago to work with my old Pioneer mini-split because it claims to save up to 25% energy. It has been very hot where I live this year, due to which my electric costs are a lot higher than what I can afford. Cielo had the most affordable situation for my problem. Instead of getting a brand-new air conditioner that would be way out of budget, I was able to transform my existing AC into one that works a lot more efficiently. Although I was not expecting such quick results, I have noticed a significant drop in my bills since getting Breez Plus. Highly recommended to anyone in the same boat!

  74. Derrick

    My search for smart AC controllers has ended with Cielo Breez Plus. The packaging was amazing; it came with all the essentials required to install it along with a user manual. I am impressed by the range of features that it offers! It does not only save energy but also ensures a healthy and comfortable environment. Air filter status is the best one! It helps me keep a regular check and has heavily contributed to fewer allergies in my family.

  75. Jackie

    I was very tired of having a ‘dumb’ AC in a smart home, so Breez Plus made my life much easier. Being able to control my Mitsubishi mini-split remotely is just what I needed, and the Cielo Home app makes it very easy to do so. The app design is user-friendly and easy to get used to. As far as the features are concerned, I find that Comfy Mode is the most useful to me. Not only am I able to maintain my perfect home environment at any given moment, but I also save a lot of energy.

  76. Clara

    Smart climate control at its absolute best! I connected my Breez Plus device to Amazon Alexa, and I have never seen a device work so flawlessly. Either this is the best fit for me, or it’s just brilliantly designed; whatever it is, my home is always at a comfortable temperature. I love the fact that I can also keep the humidity levels regulated through comfy mode.

  77. Maximus

    Super smart and super sleek! I didn’t have my expectations too high, but once the device arrived, it was truly a ‘breez’ to set up! I didn’t face much trouble in its installation. I found the app to have a great user experience owing to the ease with which all features can be activated. I feel like I am mentally less scared of summers this season due to this amazing device that works wonders!

  78. Veronica

    Breez Plus is so much better than I expected, and I already expected it to be great! I was interested in getting this device primarily for the range control feature. For context, I rent out a room in my home for short-term visitors, which has a mini-split separate from the rest of the house’s air conditioning. This used to drive up my electric bills because renters would often run it at lower temperatures than it needed to be. Since I have gotten Breez Plus, this issue has been resolved as the temperature can only be set within the range I have set on the Cielo Home app. Naturally, this has also saved a lot on my electric bills.

    Image #1 from Veronica
  79. Ross

    I’ve had this device for about six months now, and there are two things that constantly impress me. First is how easy it was to set up Breez Plus, and how well designed both the device and the mobile app are. The design is very user-friendly so I didn’t really have to go through the user manual to figure out the basics.
    Secondly, connecting the device to Alexa was very easy and I use the voice control a lot more than the touch control on the device itself. Cielo is a really great addition to my smart home!

  80. Corry

    Over the past few years, I have started on a smart home journey, so naturally, I was on the lookout for a product that would make my air conditioners smarter without spending an arm and a leg on a smart air conditioner. When I came across Breez Plus through a Google ad, I was so glad to see that this was just what I needed. Initially, I bought one device for the mini-split in my TV room, but since then, I have gotten two more because I love it so much! It is a great smart device that is easy to set up and user-friendly. Most importantly, it integrated so well with my existing Google Home, so now I can control my mini-splits with my phone and by voice control!

    Image #1 from Corry
  81. Luke

    This is a great device if you travel a lot and often leave someone at your house to ‘home sit.’ Even when I am away from home, there is always someone at my house to take care of my plants and animals, which means the AC still runs. Not only does Breez Plus let me control my AC remotely on my travels, but it also keeps track of the usage history so that I can check what settings have been changed in my absence. For a very particular person like myself, this is the best feature a smart AC controller could possibly have. Breez Plus has also helped cut down my electricity bills by a significant percentage. I love it so far, and I can’t wait to use the device more.

    Image #1 from Luke
  82. Tyler

    I have only been using Breez Plus for a few months, but I am a big fan nonetheless! It was very easy to set up the device through the mobile app, and the app itself is very well designed. It makes controlling the temperature, humidity, fan speed, etc. very easy, and the interface is quick and responsive. I also linked the device to my Google Home setup, and it works very well with voice commands. Great job Cielo!

  83. Alayna

    I got three Breez Plus devices for each of my kids’ rooms because I wanted to utilize the zone controls – also because they are so inexpensive. For reference, my kids’ rooms are on the second floor and have big windows, so they get pretty hot. I wanted to make sure that I could control the temperature in those rooms remotely, and when I found the zone control feature on the Cielo website, it seemed like the perfect solution! Getting these devices has really improved the environment in my kids’ rooms!

    Image #1 from Alayna
  84. Allison

    Apart from the general ease and comfort of this device, my favorite feature is being able to set schedules. I have different ones for weekdays and weekends, and it is beyond amazing. This one thing has made my mornings and nights so much less stressful because now I don’t need to worry about turning the mini-splits on in the morning and off at night. I can wake up late, and the house will be cold when I’m up, and even if I doze off in front of the TV, I don’t have to turn the aircon off.

    Image #1 from Allison
  85. Mike

    I recently purchased two Breez Plus devices when I got a (second) Daikin air conditioner for my garage. My work requires large servers that are stored in the garage and run all day and night. Since they can overheat pretty easily, I needed to make sure that I could control the temperature and humidity in the garage at all times. I can also monitor the temperature and humidity through my phone at all times and make any necessary changes from a distance! Only a few weeks in, but I definitely recommend Cielo!

    Image #1 from Mike
  86. Micarah

    I have used a number of other smart home devices from various other companies, but this one stands out as the easiest setup process ever. Once the device was connected to power and the internet, I could very easily follow instructions, and the device was set up before I could even tell. From there on, it was a ‘breeze’ to understand the different functions and figure out which ones work best for me. Overall, a great service!

    Image #1 from Micarah
  87. Jake

    Big fan Breez Plus here! I got my third Breez Plus last week because I have been so happy with the way it works. Setup has been very easy all three times, and Cielo constantly keeps improving the products and the app. I love that the Cielo Home app gives the room temperature and humidity even if the device is turned off, and I can also change all the settings like the modes or fan speed from the app. The geofencing feature turns the mini-splits on before I enter my house, so I always come home to a comfortable environment. Also, I can track the entire usage history through my mobile, which is not something I could do with just the mini-split remote.

    Image #1 from Jake
    Image #2 from Jake
  88. Frank

    Amazing product overall! Would recommend it to anyone who wants to control their mini split or window AC while they are away from home. I leave my pets at home, and I am worried about my home getting too hot that my pets would get uncomfortable. Cielo Breez allows me to schedule their comfort with features like comfy mode, and weekly scheduling. I can set a perfect temperature based on the time of the day.

  89. Mallory

    It’s a game-changer for people who own mini-splits! I have been searching for a smart AC controller for a while, and I decided to order Cielo Breez Plus since the website and reviews showed all the features that I was searching for. The product arrived in a decently sized package with all the essentials within. The setup was also easy, and I didn’t face any hiccups while I was connecting the device to my mini-split through the Cielo Home App. My AC is infinitely better after being connected to Cielo Breez Plus.

    Image #1 from Mallory
  90. Morgan

    My husband and I often travel out of the city for work, so we needed a way to control our mini-splits remotely. After some research, I came across this product, and we got two of these for our living room and bedroom mini-splits. I am very impressed with Breez Plus so far, and my favorite is the global control feature. It never drops the connection, even when we are on the opposite coast. I also really enjoy the geofencing feature because I love coming home to a comfortable home climate after a long trip.

    Image #1 from Morgan
  91. Edith

    I am a big fan of Breez Plus having previously owned the Eco model. This device is a more advanced version of the Eco model with more features that make it ‘smart,’ but I like them both. Within a few months of getting this device, I have noticed a significant decrease in my electric costs, which I think is due to the Comfy setting. I have set it to turn the AC off when my preferred temperature is reached, which is 70 F during the day and 68 F at night. It is surely a great feature for comfort and savings.

    Image #1 from Edith
  92. Sam

    I got this device for my living room Trane mini-split mainly because I wanted a more convenient way to control the AC than the remote it comes with. Once I had Breez Plus setup and connected to the AC (which was a piece of cake), I placed the device on a nearby table using the stand it comes with. The display shows room temperature, humidity, mode, fan speed, and setpoint and gives me the controls to change all these settings from the device itself. Now I use the device itself to control my mini-split instead of the remote, and it is so much more efficient.

    Image #1 from Sam
  93. Scott

    My experience with Cielo Breez has been wonderful so far. I got this product a few months ago to run with my Mitsubishi mini-split. I have 3 teenagers, which means there is always a fight going on about the temperature, and eventually, one of them turns the temperature very high or very low. With this product, I can set a temperature range (I set mine between 68 F to 74 F), so the kids cannot randomly turn the temperature up or down outside of this limit. Also, this ensures that the room temperature is comfortable for everyone. This feature convinced me to get this device in the first place and did not disappoint at all.

    Image #1 from Scott
  94. Mary

    As a smart home enthusiast, I have got to say that the user interface of the Cielo Home app is one of the best out of all the smart home apps I have used previously. Not only does the app controls all the basic features, but it makes using and understanding the ‘smart’ features like comfy mode, scheduling, etc., really easy. My favorite thing is that I can track my entire usage history through the app and even get notifications when my AC filters require cleaning. Breez Plus is becoming one of my favorite smart products in my home because of the app! Kudos to the developers!

    Image #1 from Mary
    Image #2 from Mary
  95. Anthony

    Breez Plus is a great solution for any dumb AC. I have a Bryant mini-split in my bedroom, and I needed something to make the mini-split smart, and this device truly did the job. When I tried to set up the device, I realized that my remote was not in their data, but I called tech support and was delighted with the response I received. The technician was very well versed in the workings of the device and talked me through all the steps I needed to do, and after a 15-minute call, my mini-split was fully configured with Breez Plus. Two days later, I got another call from tech support to ensure that everything was running smoothly. Could not be happier with my experience.

    Image #1 from Anthony
  96. Billy

    I have Fujitsu mini-splits in multiple rooms in my house. With summers approaching, I wanted something that would ensure that my house, which has a lot of big windows, remains cool. I found the installation process for the device to be incredibly easy, and it only took 15 minutes for me to have the device up and running. From there, it was a simple matter of exploring different modes and settings to see which suit my needs the best. I have to say that the app is very easy to understand and use, which allowed me to set up both the geofencing feature and the comfy mode. I also connected the device to Alexa, and now I have fully functional control of my mini-splits.

  97. Candice

    Ever since I got this product, I have noticed a major change in the way my mini-split runs. I use comfy mode for both the daytime and nighttime, which runs my mini-split until it reaches my desired temperature and then turns off the unit or runs it on fan only, depending on my settings. This feature alone has helped me save a substantial amount of money in terms of the electric bill. All in all, it is a great product!

  98. Thomas

    After owning and loving the Breez Eco model for a little over a year, I decided to get Breez Plus for my main lounge. There are two main things I particularly enjoy about this device. Firstly, it is a luxury to control my ‘dumb’ AC unit from anywhere, no matter the distance. I visit my parents on the weekend while my cats stay at home, so it is very convenient to monitor and control the AC settings while I am gone. Secondly, this device has an LCD that tells the room’s humidity and temperature. This way, I get a more accurate reading that isn’t reliant on the AC itself, and I can ensure that humidity and temperature are at my ideal preference.

    Image #1 from Thomas
  99. Mila

    From installation to final operations, everything was above my expectations! I ordered Cielo Breez Plus to pair with my Daikin mini-split! I wanted to have a smart AC controller that would help me control the temperature anywhere, at any time! I have unexpected work timings, so that was my top priority! The setup was done with the help of the manual, and I faced no hurdles in that. The device is also really easy to use, and the app gives access to cool features! I can control the device, also keep track of my usage history! It’s an all-rounder product! Great job!

  100. Faith

    Easy, smart, and efficient! I am obsessed with this feature called ‘Comfy Mode’! It helps to maintain my set humidity range of 45-50%. I was honestly really worried about the humidity levels owing to the spring season specifically, but this product works wonders!

  101. Brian

    I have two Daikin units and wanted a smart controller for them. I was a little doubtful about the device’s practicality, but I looked through the specs and made sure my system was compatible with Cielo’s device. The package I received was a slick design and had on-device control buttons, so I decided to place it on my table. I also really like the mobile app. It’s easy to navigate through and allows me to set schedules, automate temperature control and provide AC filter maintenance alerts. I have paired it with Smart Things, and the integration process was also pretty smooth. So far, I am happy with the product.

    Image #1 from Brian
    Image #2 from Brian
  102. Martha

    I ordered two of these smart air conditioner controllers, and they worked like a charm for me. The products were nicely packaged and came with a user manual, power adapter, table stand, wall stand, and installation accessories. Took me less than 10 minutes to set up both the devices by following the instructions on the manual.
    So far, I’m loving all the features Cielo has to offer. I didn’t know before ordering that it also helps control the humidity. Since I have a lot of plants lying around my home, the humidity control is a cherry on top for me.

    Image #1 from Martha
  103. Cameron

    My elderly parents recently moved into my house as I am the only one who can look after them. I spend a lot of my time at work, so it was very important to me that I have some way of ensuring their comfort. Cielo has been a great help with this because its smart controller allows me to regulate the temperature even when I am not at home. The mobile app is very easy to use and allows me to control all the functions of my AC and more. At the same time, the device itself has a built-in display that can be used to control basic features like changing the temperature and mode of the AC. Since my parents have a fixed routine, I also find the scheduling feature to be very helpful. I have set different temperature settings for various activities they do throughout the day, e.g., during the afternoon, they spend time in the front room where there is a lot of sunlight, so I have set the temperature to be a little cooler at that time. Needless to say, I am more than satisfied with Breez Plus.

    Image #1 from Cameron
    Image #2 from Cameron
  104. Clarice

    I recently created a gaming den in my basement, which does not have good ventilation. I was very confused about what to do for cooling/heating for the den. My friend suggested that I should get a floor-standing unit and pair it with a smart controller. Breez Plus came up in my search, and it claimed to do everything I wanted it to. The device was very easy to set up, in fact it took all of 3 minutes before I had it connected to my wifi and the unit. After using the device for a few months, I have found many features that I enjoy. It allows me to control my standing unit from any place, so I no longer have to go all the way to the basement to turn it on, nor do I have to wait for ages for the room to heat or cool down. I simply turn it on 5-10 mins before I go down to the basement, and by the time I enter my gaming den, the room is at the perfect temperature.

    Image #1 from Clarice
  105. Jamie

    Getting the Cielo Breez for my Samsung mini-split was probably the best decision I made in terms of my home environment. With a house full of kids and dogs, maintaining a good temperature was always very difficult, especially in the common areas like the TV room. The comfy feature is godsent in helping maintain the temperature to everyone’s liking. You can set different temperatures for different times of the day. The Cielo device will automatically turn your mini-split on and off accordingly, so I no longer have to adjust settings constantly. I also really like that you can control the humidity, which is really important for my dogs’ health. Great job, team Cielo!

    Image #1 from Jamie
  106. Toby

    I am an avid user of smart home technology, and as such, I have used many apps to control different products. The Cielo Home mobile app has been one of my favorite apps so far. The user interface is incredibly easy to get the hang of and works very smoothly and quickly.
    The app design is user-friendly, making it very convenient to set up geofencing and weekly schedules. Also, I was able to control all the basic AC remote functions such as changing the temperature, the different AC modes, and even enabling freeze protection. Most importantly, the Cielo app is completely FREE without any ‘limited’ features! 

    Image #1 from Toby
    Image #2 from Toby
    Image #3 from Toby
  107. Kevin

    My family rents out our second home on a short-term basis (a few months at a time), and we had noticed that the electric bill was becoming too high. My friend suggested that I get the Breez Plus device as it helped him save a lot of money, and boy, was he right! After the device was set up and ready to run, I set a controlled range for the temperature so that the guests would not be blasting the heat pump. We could also monitor how much the heat pump was being used and when through the mobile app. That way, we could see if it had been running unnecessarily and take action to save cost. Almost a year later, I can see a drastic change in the bill. Breez Plus is indeed great at saving energy hence saving money.

    Image #1 from Kevin
  108. Alice

    I was already using the Eco device for my kid’s room, so I decided to get this one for my living room. I have to admit it is much better than I expected! The comfy feature has proved to be very useful. In particular, the comfy humidity feature is the one I use the most as I live in a dry area, so it is very important that the living room, where we spend most of our time as a family, maintains a good humid environment. The device also has inbuilt sensors that detect the humidity and the display LCD on the device shows the humidity level in the room. Additionally, the global control feature makes it easy for me to monitor and maintain the humidity level and the temperature in my living room as well as my kid’s room from the Cielo Home app on my phone. Breez Plus is conveniently designed keeping the consumer in mind, and it shows! 

    Image #1 from Alice
  109. Jessa

    If you are a smart home enthusiast, Cielo Breez Plus will appeal greatly to you. It has a set of amazing features along with a reasonable price range. It integrates well with Amazon Alexa! No problems were faced with voice control. I paired my Mitsubishi heat pump with Cielo Breez Plus. The set-up was simple and easy! Love their features such as comfy mode, geofencing, follow me, etc. Scheduling is also great for hands-off temperature control throughout the week.
    The timeline feature and usage history are also pretty useful in keeping track of heat pump usage. Air filter status helps keept it maintained and clean all the time. Overall, wonderful experience!

    Image #1 from Jessa
  110. Sara

    I travel a lot for work, and I rent my space whenever is possible. I have noticed that the people staying in the space usually crank up the temperature, which affects my bills. I have 2 Fujitsu mini-splits, and my friend asked me to try Cielo Breez smart AC controllers and see if they work. I ordered 2 Plus models for my mini-splits. The devices arrived on time. I thought setting it up would be challenging but once I followed the manual instructions, it didn’t take much time. I read about temperature range control and had no trouble activating it. It seemed like the perfect solution to my problem!
    The device also comes in handy whenever I am at home as well. I activate the Comfy mode whenever I am staying home along with weekly schedules. It allows me to relax and have a comfortable home climate at all times. I’ve noticed a drop in my bills too! I recommend it every time I am asked about automated climate control! Great product!

  111. Laurie

    This device is a must have with a mini-split. It was an impulsive purchase at first but I couldn’t be happier with the product. Can’t go back to changing the temperature manually every now and then using the remote.
    The comfy mode is a genius invention. I am now able to set different temperatures for different times of the day. It gets warm and stuffy with the heat pump during the day, so I usually set it around 68-70 degrees, and then at night, I prefer the heat pump to be at a higher temperature so that I sleep comfortably. So, I set it around 72 degrees. It’s so much easier now that these temperatures are controlled by the device, and I don’t have to turn the heat pump up or down constantly. For me, just this feature alone is worth the price, but there are a bunch of other features (e.g, geofencing) that I really enjoy.

    Image #1 from Laurie
  112. Janice

    I ordered this device for my Fujitsu mini-split. It arrived in good quality packaging, which included the device itself, a USB cable and adapter, and a stand if you want to place the device on your desk/or a shelf, as well as a wall mount. I quickly set my device on my desk on the opposite side of the room as the mini-split.
    The next step was to connect Breez Plus to my mini-split, and I was not expecting the process to be as smooth as it actually was. It was very easy to follow the simple instructions for setup on the manual. I have not had a lot of time to play around with the device yet, but so far, the experience is very good! I can see myself loving the Breez Plus.

    Image #1 from Janice
  113. Miles

    I got the Breez Plus (as they say it) to make my dumb window AC smarter for two specific reasons. Firstly, I wanted to be able to make the AC work with my specific routine. I don’t work a 9 to 5 job, so I come and go from the house at different times on different days (though the routine is the same every week). The scheduling feature is great for this because once I have used the app to set my schedule, I don’t have to worry about anything. The device controls when the AC turns off and when it turns on. I always come home to a perfect cozy environment.
    Secondly, I wanted to monitor my AC usage. Not only can I check when and for how long the AC is running using the home app on my phone, but it also tells me when I need to check my air filters. It is really convenient to get these notifications because otherwise, I would never check the air filters. Great product!

    Image #1 from Miles
  114. Brad

    Easy to set up! Neat packaging! Integrates well with Amazon Alexa! Smart Features! Looks well mounted on the well! Highly recommend this to anyone looking to make their AC smarter!

  115. Trisha

    I wanted a smart AC controller for the Mitsubishi mini-split in my living room, so I ordered Cielo Breez. I love it! Overall great experience!

    The product came in really nice packaging. It has various smart features that can fit almost anyone’s daily lifestyle. I have been working from home, so it helps ensure the right temperature at all times. The best part is I have realized after using this device that my AC used to run unnecessarily before. It has features like scheduling which help me control AC usage and save on energy bills. I schedule the temperature weekly, so I don’t have to worry about room temperature every now and then. I sometimes forget that I have an AC in my home because it barely requires any of my attention anymore. Great job, Cielo!

  116. Chang

    I recently got a new Daikin mini-split, so I also got this device to work with it. I did have some issues finding the exact model of my AC to link it to the Cielo home app, so I ended up contacting tech support, who were incredible. The representative very patiently walked me through all the steps, and in less than 30 minutes, the problem was solved. One of the best customer services I have ever seen.
    Other than that, I also really like that I get updates on my phone about my mini-split filters needing cleaning. It’s really convenient!

    Image #1 from Chang
  117. Ron

    When I was looking for smart AC controllers, I specifically wanted one that would work well with Alexa, so I found this one. Although I have only recently got the Breez Plus, I am very happy with the experience. There are a lot of intuitive features, so chances are one or more of them will be exactly what you want. Personally, it was really important to me that I should be able to control my mini-splits from anywhere as I travel for work quite a bit. The global control feature is perfect for that! Very good job, Cielo!

  118. Carrie

    I have two of the Breez Plus devices set up with my Fujitsu mini-splits, and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with all the features. Setup was very easy and only took a few minutes after reading the manual. I also set the comfy mode for the nighttime when I was setting the device up, and I did not need any help other than the manual. The mini-split unit automatically adjusts according to my needs, drastically improving my sleep. I have noticed that this saves a lot of energy as well because my electric bill is considerably lower.

    Image #1 from Carrie
  119. Larry

    I really like that Cielo Breez sends reminders about AC filter cleanliness which helps me stay on top of my AC maintenance! Cielo Breez also helps save a lot on energy bills. It’s easier to monitor AC usage with cumulative history on the Cielo mobile app, which helps me to make any necessary adjustments.

  120. Dave

    Various companies claim to make ‘smart’ devices, but it’s usually an added hassle. Constantly checking for WiFi connectivity and expecting several glitches. I have never had such issues with Cielo Breez, which makes me praise its reliability. The WiFi signal has not dropped once yet, and everything is smooth. 10/10 for product design!

    Image #1 from Dave
  121. Kyle

    My wife and I run a rental unit, so it is pretty crucial for us to be able to control our heat pump remotely. Cielo Breez Plus was recommended to us by another friend who was already using it in their Airbnb. I set aside an entire morning to get the device up and running, but it only took me less than an hour. The instruction manual was very detailed and had all the information I needed. I was able to set a temperature range quite easily. Now I can easily monitor the temperature when there are guests and help them stay comfortable. It has led to some great reviews. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a smart AC controller, especially in a rental unit like ours.

  122. Maria

    I use Breez Plus with my Pioneer mini-split, and the experience has been very smooth. I am very impressed with how easily I can customize the settings to my needs. I find the temperature range to be very helpful as I don’t have to constantly turn it up and down to get my ideal temperature. Also, I like that I can check both the humidity and the temperature of my room through the device display as well as through the app.
    I am a big fan of app design. It is easy enough to understand, and once I have everything set up, the only time I open the app is to check the temperature. No need to constantly change the temperature settings every now and then which is such a big relief.

    Image #1 from Maria
  123. Chantelle

    I would highly recommend Breez Plus to anyone looking for a good, reliable smart AC controller. Since I got the device, I can manage the temperature in my house to be as toasty and warm as I want it to be. The app is incredibly easy to use. After a few hours of playing around and learning about the features, I have everything set up just the way I wanted. 
    I did have a few hiccups regarding the placement of the device initially (my bad, I didn’t read the instructions carefully). So, I reached out to the support listed on the Cielo website, and they were very helpful. They guided me about how I could solve the issue, and in the end, everything worked out seamlessly.

    Image #1 from Chantelle
  124. Serena

    The only regret I have after buying this product is why did I not come across this amazing device before. It has totally transformed the way I use and control my AC. Just a few taps on the phone app and I’m all set.

  125. Ben

    I’ve been using the Breez Plus device with my Mitsubishi mini split for over a year now, and no complaints yet. Initial setup was very easy, and once I had set everything to my personal preference (which does take a little bit of experimenting but even that was fun), I have never had to change my set preferences. I love being able to track room temperature and settings on my Cielo Home app.

    I have the device sitting on an end table near my AC, and it works perfectly fine, but there is also the option to mount it to a wall as you would a thermostat. I prefer to rest it on a table though, as it works better for me from that angle.  Also, I have never had to reach out to tech support for any problem which is a great thing in my books!

  126. Omer

    I have 3 AC units in my house, and I wanted a device that would integrate all of them into one app so that I could save myself the hassle. I already had two Cielo Eco and I had a good experience so I decided to order Breez Plus. The setup process was easy, but I had to contact the tech support team to connect it with the app. The tech support was super helpful with the entire process and helped me connect it!

    I can see all the three ACs on the app and can manage them from anywhere. I easily integrated it with Alexa as well. The integration was super simple. My home system is not only just smarter but also more effective. I also have been able to cut down the bills and save energy, which is a huge benefit!

  127. Peter

    I got the Cielo Breez Plus device for my garage a few weeks ago. I mounted the Breez Plus device on the wall opposite my mini-split unit, and it had been great so far! One feature that I particularly like is the ‘comfy mode’ during the day as the garage tends to be significantly hotter as compared to the nighttime. This mode automatically maintains temperature and I don’t have to constantly check the temperature in my garage during my day.

  128. Ariel

    My old family home has window ACs that are a pain to operate from the panel on the unit itself. I needed a smart solution for the window AC in the main lounge that would make it easy to set preferences for the temperature. I came across an ad for Cielo, and after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give it a go. 

    The user-friendly interface of the Home app makes it easy for even my parents, who aren’t good with technology, to use the Breez Plus. I set up the device, connected it to the window AC, and also set their preferred temperature range and the geofencing feature. My parents are very satisfied with the experience as they rarely have to check the Home app (thanks to the display on Breez Plus), and when they do, it is easy to navigate.

    Image #1 from Ariel
    Image #2 from Ariel
    Image #3 from Ariel
  129. Sally

    I am a cat mom! When I leave my home, I have my cat there and I am constantly stressed given the temperature fluctuations as she gets really uncomfortable. My friend suggested that I buy Cielo Breez Plus, and I decided to go for it. I ordered it online through the website. The product works really well. I’m so much at peace knowing that I can control the climate from my office.

    I have activated the comfy mode. It allows me to set temperature and humidity triggers so that it automatically adjusts the environment if the temperature or humidity levels fall above or below the set range. I can also adjust the fan speed, which is a plus! Overall, easy to set up, easy to use, and also super effective! I have had a good experience this far!

  130. Jacob

    I wanted to find a product to control my Fujitsu window AC even when I am not home. I stumbled upon Cielo Breez Plus, and it had all the specifications I was looking for in the smart AC controller. I’ll be honest; I thought I’d be disappointed. But the device proved me wrong. First off, the product was nicely packaged, and when I opened it, there was a manual accompanying it. So I installed the device reading the manual only, and I set it up without much trouble.

    The device blended well with my brown console. Also, the display is really neat and actually compliments the smart home aesthetic. The app is great too, it allows me to set schedules, activate filter maintenance, and have other smart options that enable me to have a comfortable home climate at all times. Overall, I completely recommend this product.

    Image #1 from Jacob
  131. Janice

    The Cielo Breez Plus arrived on time, and it was pretty easy to set up as well. The packaging was pretty neat. I linked it with Amazon Alexa, and that went by smoothly. I have been using it for the past two weeks, and I haven’t run into any major issues yet.

    I have noticed an overall increase in comfort throughout the day since switching to Cielo Breez. Scheduling is pretty easy as well! Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking to automate their ACs/heat pumps! 5 stars!

  132. Karla

    I often rent my house to people on weekends, and I often see that they either forget to turn off my air conditioner or crank up the temperature. That really causes a huge increase in the energy bills. I have now started using Breez Plus. It has a ‘Temperature Range Control’ feature that locks the temperature range. It helps me save lots of money, and I feel relaxed knowing that.

  133. Alex

    I ordered Breez Plus after seeing the reviews. I must say that the product doesn’t disappoint. It’s everything it claimed to be. I installed it and connected it with my Mitsubishi air conditioner; the on-display controls made it easier to manage it, whereas the app really helped me control the climate from anywhere. Now, I don’t have to worry about my home comfort anymore!

    Image #1 from Alex
    Image #2 from Alex
  134. Joanna

    I have two huskies, and I live in Nevada where we don’t really have winters, so I needed to figure out a way to make sure my house remains cool throughout the day when I am at work. Cielo Breez has been amazing at doing that! I can make sure my doggies are never hot because I have set up comfy mode for them. Breez plus really is a must in our house now!

  135. Cathy

    I have had a mini-split heat pump for about four years now, and within the last year or so, I have been having many problems with the controls.The temperature setting seems to have a mind of its own. I like to set it to a higher temperature before I go to bed, but for some reason, it goes back to the lower temperature that I set during the day.
    I found Cielo on facebook and decided to try it out. Initially, I had some issues with compatibility but I contacted Cielo support staff. My unit was on their list within a day, and I was able to set up my Cielo Breez plus within 5 minutes!

  136. Jane

    I have bought a lot of smart products for controlling my home temperature over the past few years, and I have got to say that the Cielo Breez is one of the best. It is easy to use, and all the features are right there; no need for another device. Love it!

  137. Charlotte

    This is a great product if you want to save costs. For example, I am out of the house most of the day, and I set the comfy mode for my two dogs. Thank you Cielo for taking care of my pets!

  138. Casper

    The Breez device has a bunch of cool features that I haven’t seen anywhere else! I got it four months ago, and I love how it automates my home climate perfectly!

  139. Maggie

    I have a portable AC in my dorm, so I got Breez device to control it, and the whole process has been so easy and comfortable.

  140. Rachel

    I wanted to have a device that would turn my unit on/off at a set time. When I was going through Cielo’s features, I came across scheduling mode. It was exactly what I was looking for. So now Cielo takes care of my home environment!

  141. Ned

    I got this based on a whim, but I have loved the experience so far. Works perfectly, and the device looks so luxurious!

  142. Marie

    I have been convincing all of my friends to get this device. I love how affordable and user friendly it is apart from all the smart features. Just waiting for Cielo to bring out a white one.

  143. Margaret

    I have been looking for a smart controller for my heat pump for ages, and this does everything I want it to! My favorite thing is that I can set zones in my house, and I really need that because of my kids.

  144. Fred

    I love that I can set schedules and then forget about it completely! Breez plus has a bunch of amazing features but this one is my favorite. It makes my life so much easier.

  145. Greg

    Amazing design of the device! It is so stylish and chic and goes with my black interior perfectly!

  146. Ronnie

    I recently got this device, and though I had some issues with the app initially, the support staff was very helpful and it was sorted out in minutes. I have been able to run the Breez device smoothly since, and I love it.

  147. Joseph

    I am a big fan of this smart home device. My house gets really dry in winters, which makes my allergies flare up. I love that I can set the humidity levels just as I want with Cielo Breez.

  148. Zoe

    Love that I can set up different zones with this device. The second floor of my house is always a lot warmer, so Breez plus really helps me when I need to be sure the temperature there is suitable without having to actually go up.

  149. Conner

    I got the Breez device because I have a mini-split in my garage, which has made it so much easier to maintain the temperature there. Plus, the setup was a piece of cake!

  150. Alexis

    I was struggling to find a smart AC controller that had global controls, thankfully Cielo solved that issue. I can now control the temperature from my office, and I don’t have to worry about going to a cold home anymore!

  151. Nate

    It truly does turn your ‘dumb’ device into a smart one with a simple set-up! I ordered Cielo Breez Plus, and I’m pretty impressed with the variety of controls it offers. The scheduling feature has proved to be super convenient for me.

  152. Jeremiah

    I bought Cielo to use with my ductless heat pump. Unfortunately, my remote was not on the list, but tech support was super helpful and got my device on their list. Cielo Breez is an investment that truly ensures your comfort. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the product and tech support!

  153. Smith

    I have been using Cielo Breez with my Daikin minisplit for 6 months and no issues so far. My go-to feature is the comfy mode and weekly scheduling. They automate your climate, which means you don’t need to check the settings every now and then. Pretty helpful.

  154. Jason

    This works great and made my mini-split smart in minutes! Setting up the device and connecting the app with my WIFI took less than 5 minutes. They advertise simple installation, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this simple. Love all the other features too.

  155. Stanley

    I have been using Cielo Breez for 3 months, and weekly scheduling is my favorite feature. It allows me to set the schedules based on my daily or weekly routine. I like a warm cozy environment in the morning and a bit cooler temperature at noon, so I set the timings and the temperature, and Cielo takes care of the rest! Also, when I am not working from home, I can set my unit to turn off during my office hours.

  156. Wes

    The initial setup is really simple. From opening the box to connecting with my WIFI, it only took me 3 minutes. (Yes, I actually noted the time). It has all the smart features that take AC control to the next level. Last winter, I relied on its freeze protection mode to protect my pipes when it was freezing outside. 10/10 recommended!

  157. Alex

    Cielo has the built-in display and controls, which is a plus point as it helps my grandparents change the setting without the app. Besides this feature, I am a big fan of their comfy mode. You just set the temperature and humidity levels, and it takes care of the rest.

  158. John

    Unlike other smart controllers I have used before, this one provides reliable scheduling. I use Cielo Breez for my pets during the daytime, and I feel at ease knowing that they are in good hands!

  159. David Hall

    Love the new design of their mobile app. Works even better now. I really like that Cielo takes feedback into account and makes changes based on that.

  160. Kathy

    Easy setup and the wide range of features make Cielo Breez the best controller you will get for your ductless heating and cooling.

  161. Louis

    I have been using Cielo Breez for 3 months now and I really like how it helps maintain my humidity levels and temperature settings. Plus, it also helps with energy savings. 10/10 recommended.

  162. Lee

    I have paired it with my heat pump in the garage, and it has made it quite easy to change the settings without having to actually go there. No need to go out in freezing temperature to turn the heat pump on! Great product.

  163. Gary

    The setup was quite fast, surprisingly. It was up and running in under 5 minutes. Read a bit about how the scheduling works on their website and set up my weekly schedules. It’s been 2 weeks now and I haven’t found any fault in the device or its functionality. I did not even feel the need to make changes to my current schedules. Totally recommended!

  164. Ryan

    I was hesitant to purchase it because of my previous bad experience with other controllers. However, a friend who was using it for quite some time asked me to give it a try. I have been using it for 2 months now and I have no regrets. I only wanted it for controlling temperature using my phone and never knew it came with such a wide range of features. I would highly recommend that you give it a try. It’s worth every penny.

  165. Brian

    Works quite well with Alexa. I can just tell Alexa what temperature I want, and it works instantly. Can’t believe how easy it is to automate my dumb window AC. Plus, the Alexa integration has changed everything.

  166. Sarah

    I like the nice, sleek design of the Cielo app. It’s so easy to use, does not get stuck, or stops working abruptly. I would recommend Cielo to anyone looking for an easy way to automate their home heating and cooling.

  167. Davis

    I love how this device can maintain my preferred humidity levels. High humidity can be really frustrating in summer, but with Breez Plus my room always remains at 50%. Definitely, going to buy more for other rooms.

  168. Jared

    I love this smart AC controller. My window AC is 7 years old, and I never thought I would be able to control it through my phone one day. But thanks to Cielo, I can now manage my room temperature conveniently from anywhere. 10/10 recommended!

  169. David

    I have been using Cielo for quite some time now, and I recently purchased another Breez plus device. I’m amazed at how much they have improved with their new upgrades. Loving it even more!

  170. Joana

    Cielo has all the smart features that I think are similar to what Nest offers for thermostats. Installation and setup are fairly simple. I did the whole setup in under 3 minutes. I use it with Alexa, and yes, the integration is quite smooth; I did not face any issues at all. Overall, a great product in this price range.

  171. Jason

    I got this device to use with Alexa, and I am glad that the integration is smooth. Alexa, please give this device 5 star rating!

  172. Chris

    I want to create zones in my home so planning on buying 3 more devices. I already have two devices connected with my mini-splits. Cielo has never disappointed and I hope their zoning feature is as great as they have advertised on the website. Excited to get my devices. Will post another review after trying out the zoning feature.

  173. Tony

    I found Cielo last year when I was searching for freeze protection. I read everything about their freeze protection mode on the website and decided to buy it. Used it during my winter vacations and I couldn’t believe how smoothly it worked. 10/10 recommended!

  174. Elisa

    I use Cielo for two purposes: energy savings and zoning. The reports that Cielo sends about my energy usage are really helpful. With zoning, everyone gets to enjoy their preferred temperature, and it has helped solve the thermostat war in our home.

  175. Peter

    Cielo’s freeze protection mode worked as a savior when I went on winter vacations last year. I have two mini-splits installed in two rooms. In winter, the temperature in my area drops too low, and pipe bursting is quite common. I couldn’t risk the damage while on vacation, so I asked friends for recommendations. They mentioned Cielo, and I bought it 1 month before leaving to test out the device. I was satisfied with the performance, so I decided to keep on using Cielo. I basically left it in charge of my home, and it passed the test! I highly recommend it.

  176. Nancy

    Amazing device! Perfect for home climate automation!

  177. Anthony

    I have connected my cielo device with Alexa Love how efficiently Cielo automates my climate and how well it integrates with Alexa. 5 stars for making my life easy!

  178. Susana

    The ability to control my window AC remotely is priceless! It allows me to manage temperature and humidity levels using the mobile app when my kids get home after school. I lock the settings, so they don’t change it every now and then. Cielo has definitely changed my home climate for the better.

  179. Adam

    It’s convenient to turn off the unit on the go when you realize you forgot to turn it off. I also use Cielo mobile app to turn on my mini-split when I’m returning home after work. We are using 4 devices in our house, and our whole family loves Cielo.

  180. Raul

    Pretty cool device for AC fans.

  181. Judy

    I have cats, and I used to leave my window unit on for them during the day, which seriously affected my bills. I came across Cielo when browsing through Facebook (yeah, it knows everything). So I checked out the Cielo website and placed an order. There was some sale going on, so I thought why not avail it. This Cielo controller has way lot of functions; I wasn’t expecting it at all. But the best part is I can control my unit through the phone and adjust the settings instead of leaving the unit at low-temperature settings all day. It has actually helped me save on bills!

  182. Lisa

    Love the user-friendly interface of the cielo app. Doesn’t get stuck or anything. 10/10 recommended this smart AC controller for mini-splits and window ACs.

  183. Liam

    Cielo has recently changed their app design a bit, and I really like it. It gives a clean look which makes it so much easy to control all the features. I have 3 ACs connected with Cielo; I am totally a fan!

  184. Bryan

    This is a really cool device with elegant display controls. Since last summer, I have been using it with my ductless air conditioning system, and I am satisfied with its functioning. My favorite feature is that it automatically turns on my AC on my way home, so I arrive to a pre-cooled paradise. 10/10 recommended!

  185. Lily

    Super smart controller for AC.

  186. Kane

    If you have an old window or mini-split and want to add more features to them, Cielo Breez can help you. There is no need to replace your units. Instead, you can easily make them smart by connecting to Cielo devices. You will get all the smart features such as controlling your AC with your phone, geofencing, scheduling, and a lot more!

  187. Raymond

    I collect tech stuff and then test them out. I bought Cielo Breez Plus because I wanted to test their energy-saving claim. They claim that Cielo can help you save up to 25% on energy bills. I have been using it for 2 months, and I can say that it does make a difference. What Cielo does is make you aware of your energy usage and make intelligent decisions with automation. When you know what’s adding to your electricity costs, you take steps to find a solution. Moreover, geofencing, global control, and weekly scheduling also help as your AC is never running unnecessarily.

  188. Joana

    If you are looking for smart management of your home climate, Cielo Breez should be your go to option. It has all the features you could ask for.. Weekly scheduling, freeze protection, timer function, geofencing, and their famous Comfy mode. All features work really well, and I highly recommend it.

  189. Zane

    Cielo Breez is an excellent addition to my home for maintaining the perfect temperature at all times. I use it with my window AC, but it also works with mini splits. 100% recommended for every weather condition!

  190. Kelly

    I first purchased my Cielo device 2 years ago, and since then, I have purchased 4 more for all my rooms. Almost everyone in my family has a Cielo device. We are big fans! We love Cielo because it really helps to cut down on the bills. It also has great features for the price; weekly scheduling, freeze protection, follow me mode, comfy mode, you name it; Cielo has everything literally! You should get this smart AC controller now!

  191. Kate

    I purchased two Cielo devices for my mini splits. I am having such a great experience with them that I am also thinking of buying it for my window AC. Their comfy mode is a favorite, and I recommend it to my friends and family with full marks. It basically takes control of your home climate on its own, 24/7.

  192. Caleb

    I ran into some problems with installation (completely my fault), but their support staff was sooo helpful, and I managed to solve the issue very easily. I have integrated it with Smartthings of Samsung, and it works perfectly.

  193. Robert

    My partner and I decided to purchase Cielo for its scheduling feature. We were looking for something like that for a while. A friend told us about it, and we bought it the same day. You can call it an impulsive decision, but the features seemed really good on their website. Been using this for 3 months and we don’t regret buying it. It has so many cool features in addition to scheduling. Totally worth the money.

  194. Diane

    Effortless installation! Took less than 3 minutes! Bee using it for around a month, and so far, I’m loving all the smart features, especially the comfy.

  195. Jamie

    I was so tired of high electricity bills. There are so many hacks on the internet, but few work in actually lowering the bills. I came across Cielo while searching for devices that would help in saving energy. I purchased it since their website claimed up to 25% energy saving. At this point, I was like, even 10% would be okay. But I have actually managed to lower my bills by almost 30%! Unbelievably cool! This smart controller works, and I 100% recommend it.

  196. Sean

    Excellent device. Easy to set up and so many controls! It also works with Alexa, which is awesome.

  197. Violet

    I think the main reason I like Cielo is because of its amazing app. Cielo app design is simple and elegant. It does not get stuck or anything. Most of the time, we are changing AC settings using our phones, so the perfect Cielo Home app is a huge force in our arsenal.

  198. Stella

    Tried a bunch of other smart AC controllers, but no one could work properly. When I bought this, I told my family this one is the last one we are trying. I am glad it actually worked! This one performs exactly as they talk about it on their website. 100% recommended.

  199. Kane

    Cielo is way better than smart air conditioners. More advanced features and less cost. An easy and quick way to make your dumb AC smart!

  200. Abby

    I picked this one on the Black Friday sale, and I am so glad I did. I have recommended this to my parents, and they also bought one on the Amazon sale. I mostly use the scheduling mode, and it has honestly made my life so much easy!

  201. Kelly

    I purchased two of these devices for my bedroom and my living room. I have mini-splits, and the devices work really well to make them smart. 10/10 Recommended!

  202. Dean

    I came across this device while browsing Facebook. The weekly scheduling feature caught my eye, and I instantly purchased it. I was looking for something like that for quite a while. It’s been three weeks, and Cielo hasn’t disappointed.

  203. Carrie

    The installation manual is detailed and makes the installation process quick and easy. I like how you can control both temperature and humidity levels and can also lock temperature ranges. This device basically eliminates all my temperature worries!

  204. Natalie

    I have been using Cielo Breez for a month, and I really like the mobile app. It makes all the difference. It’s neat and makes it quite easy to navigate and test different features. Cielo has tons of amazing features, and I highly recommend it!

  205. Kat

    This device has totally transformed my window AC. I can now control it with my phone; I can’t believe it since my unit is kinda old. I mostly use their comfy mode because it takes care of the temperature on its own.

  206. Michelle

    Cielo app is simply amazing! They have updated the layout, and I’m totally loving it. It’s simple and user friendly. Unlike other smart controller apps, this one actually works!

  207. Lauren

    This device works like magic. I really like how you can set the humidity levels of your choice. Also, their comfy mode is amazing. I don’t think any smart controller in the market can beat that feature.

  208. Frank

    It is an all-around device, works way better than its competitors in the market, and has an extensive list of features. I have integrated it with Google Assistant, and it works great!

  209. Anthony

    Finally found this useful device this summer, and it has made my life so much easier. The feeling of entering a cool, comfortable house in this scorching heat is indescribable. And it integrates so well with Alexa.

  210. James

    Simple to use, plenty of options to automate your cooling/heating. I have used it with mini-splits and window units, and I would highly recommend that you try it.

  211. Richard

    Cielo Breez is a must-have for your mini-split or window AC. I have two mini-splits, and the devices work perfectly. Everyone in my family loves the comfy mode. This feature keeps you comfortable without increasing your bills.

  212. Michael

    This is pretty straightforward to use. I gifted it to my grandmother, and after a quick explanation she was changing the settings from her phone in no time. She is so happy to get rid of the confusing remote for her window AC. She doesn’t like to run the AC all night and uses schedules to set it for a certain time period.

  213. Steve

    This smart controller completely transforms the way you control your unit. I have been using it for the past two months, and I would totally recommend this brand.

  214. Stacy

    It has way too many great features for this price range, and I’m impressed. The weekly scheduling and Comfy feature come in quite handy, especially when the weather keeps fluctuating.

  215. Gary

    Cielo Breez works really well with my portable AC. I didn’t know I could make it smart, thanks Cielo!

  216. Fiona

    This device was easy to set up and connect to Google Assistant. I was not looking for fancy features, I just wanted to control my mini-split remotely, but I love the extra features I got. I really like how you can keep track of your AC air filter cleanliness level using this device; I am definitely going to use this one.

  217. Jonathan

    I am happy I bought Cielo! It became my daily guide for an effortless life.
    Considering how you end up buying such equipment which promises to do cool stuff but turns out to be over complicated or plain dull, I did not have high hopes from Cielo. BUT am I surprised! It works amazingly well, has tons of features and is so simple to use! Highly recommended.

  218. Paula

    I live in a two-story house, and we have 3 mini-splits and 2 windows ACs. Controlling 5 air conditioners isn’t easy, and we usually forget to turn them off, which results in high bills. With Cielo Breez, I get to control the ACs using my phone, and they also help lower the bills. It’s been 3 months now, and we have definitely seen a reduction in our energy bills.

  219. Jason

    I was going to replace my window air conditioner to purchase a smart mini-split when my colleague suggested that there are smart devices that can do the same work. He recommended Cielo Breez, and I immediately bought it. It’s been 2 months now, and I think that Cielo offers more features than a smart AC. I did a lot of research on the smart air conditioner, so I know a thing or two. I am glad that I did not replace my window AC.

  220. Laura

    Coming home to a pleasant home environment is the reason I love Cielo Breez. It’s a blessing, especially during the hot summer months. You are totally missing out if you still haven’t purchased a smart AC controller.

  221. Carol

    I bought this device even though I have a smart air conditioner. The smart AC does not have tons of features, plus the Wi-Fi does not stay connected for long, defeating the whole purpose of smart air conditioning. Cielo Breez Plus is extremely smart and user friendly!

  222. Janet

    I found this device on Amazon and thought the features were too good to be true. I badly needed a controller for my window AC, so I placed an order. It impressed me on two accounts: the setup was quite fast, and it works smoothly. Moreover, I really like the sleek app.

  223. Stephen

    Cielo Breez is super fast! Within 5 minutes of the device setup I was able to control my mini-split using Alexa! It has all the functionalities I was looking for, such as geofencing, scheduling, turbo, and a lot more!

  224. Smith

    You can control your AC remotely with this device, but it’s not just limited to it. Tons of other fancy features take AC control to the next level. Cielo Breez offers global controls, geo-fencing, and even freeze protection mode.

  225. Martin

    I have been using this device for four months, and I can say with confidence that Cielo Breez is way better than its competitors in the market. I tried a couple of other devices before Cielo, and they did not work as advertised. I have two mini-splits and one window AC. Using Cielo Breez Plus with all three of them. It gets really hot where I live, and coming home to a warm house is not an option.

  226. Alan

    If you are looking to save on electricity bills, I would say Cielo Breez should be your go-to smart device. And it’s not just about saving on bills. You get to have total control over your AC; you can change settings and set schedules from your mobile. Moreover, you get to have a perfect home temperature with its Comfy Mode. It’s an all-rounder device that is definitely worth trying!

  227. Daniel

    For hot and humid climates, Cielo Breez Plus is a great device. It feels wonderful not having to adjust the temperature settings constantly. It automatically sets the temperature and humidity according to your preference. If you want to beat the summer heat, try this device with your mini-split, window, or portable AC.

  228. Mark

    Before I bought Cielo Breez Plus, I often used to wake up in the middle of the night due to excessive cold. The outside temperature drops at night while my AC settings remain fixed. I knew I had to buy a separate controller for that. I feel so relaxed after installing Cielo Breez; I don’t have to wake up as its Comfy mode automatically adjusts the settings.

  229. Jeff

    If you are looking for a device to control your AC better, Cielo Breez is worth looking for. It has tons of features in addition to temperature regulation. My favorite is how it automatically adjusts the settings according to my preference. Highly recommended!

  230. Susana

    I used to think that I can’t save on energy bills if I’m using air conditioners all day in the summers. I searched a lot on Google, even tried a couple of smart devices, nothing worked. I saw Cielo’s ad on my social media two months ago. They claim on their website that their devices help save 25% on electricity bills. So, I decided to try Cielo Breez Plus. It’s been two months, and I am glad that this company actually stands true to its claim.

  231. Stephen

    My favorite feature is global control as I can turn on my AC on my way to home after work. There are tons of good features such as Comfy. If you have a mini split or window AC, you should definitely try it out.

  232. James

    I was looking for a controller for my grandparents who like the temperature on the warmer side. They have a window air conditioner and me being a tech geek bought various items which just did not seem to work. One fine day I came across Cielo’s ad and installed the Breez Plus with their unit and they’re super happy. They use the app to change the temperature settings while I’ve set some cool schedules for them! It’s working out to be pretty amazing.

  233. Amanda

    I love the display. It just feels great when you look at the device, and it shows you temperature and humidity settings. You can even dim the screen brightness at night if you want.

  234. Karen

    I bought Cielo after Sensibo disappointed me. I didn’t even know that there was another brand making controllers for mini-splits. I’m glad to say that this device picked up more than my expectations. From energy savings to sending you notifications about AC usage, Cielo does everything you want your AC controller to do.

  235. Natalie

    My experience with Cielo is just great! Their mobile app works just perfectly. I even bought it for my friends and family as a Christmas present already.

  236. John

    In summers, it feels really nice to have hands-free control while watching Netflix. Thank you, Cielo, for taking temperature control to the next level.

  237. Adam

    Works just like they have advertised on the website. I have installed the app, and it makes controlling temperature so easy. The app is really very sleek & super user-friendly; you will love it!

  238. Steve

    After much research, I chose this for my vacation home, where freeze protection was needed. It does a wonderful job!

  239. Josh

    I am a SmartThings user and connecting my ACs to the hub was an added charm! The integration is seamless – I love it.

  240. Susan

    I was looking for a ductless AC controller with a screen as I like seeing the temperature and humidity levels on display at all times. It helps me keep a check on temperature ranges in my room. So, when I came across Breez Plus, I knew I had to buy it. Its display also has a high brightness which is extremely helpful during the night and can be switched off when needed!

  241. Simon

    I needed a solution that would allow me to control my temperature settings remotely. Found this device online during a Google search and purchased it instantly. It has made my life a lot easier. You just connect the device to the Cielo app and control the settings from anywhere in the world. How cool.

  242. John

    I really like how seamlessly it integrates with Alexa. I use routines with Alexa, and it is so convenient that now in addition to turning off the lights, it can adjust my temperature settings at night.

  243. Ava

    I don’t have to worry about whether I switched my AC off when I left home or not, Cielo’s geofencing feature does that for me. Cielo Breez Plus has helped me save a lot on my energy bills. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

  244. Michael

    It gets scorchingly hot in the summers where I live. Letting the air conditioner run on only one setting is not exactly a pocket-friendly option. I have pets, so I can’t switch my unit completely off when I am out. A friend said I should try this new smart device. It lets me change the settings from anywhere through my phone, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Buy this without giving it a second thought.

  245. Justin

    When I bought my first Cielo device, I feared it would not be able to integrate with my Google Home perfectly. They advertise that it works, but you never actually know until you try it. To my surprise, it seamlessly integrated. That made me buy more Cielo devices for all the rooms in my house.

  246. Joseph

    We always go on vacation in winters, and pipes bursting due to extreme cold is a big issue in our area. We bought Cielo Breez on a friend’s recommendation. We did not have high hopes. But it provided us a relaxed environment on our holidays, which is a significant win for this product.

  247. Louis

    Device is working beautifully well. Money smartly spent. Happy Happy.

  248. HK

    Using Cielo Breez with my heat pump. The installation process was quite easy. You just have to download the app, connect your Wi-Fi, and that’s it!

  249. Alex

    Now with Cielo Breez, I can travel in peace, controlling temperature and humidity back home with my phone from anywhere in the world.

  250. Simon Collins

    Easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and a person like me who is not tech-savvy could set it up in under 7 minutes. Money well spent.
    I have a dog at home, so I primarily use the controller to keep the home temperature comfortable for him while I am out at work. I whip out my phone, set up a schedule for the week, and I am good to go. #ThankYouCielo.

  251. Harry Cooper

    Cielo Breez Plus is such a wonderful addition to my smart home devices. I have been using many other smart home devices like smart video doorbell, smart plus, etc., but Cielo smart AC controller is the best discovery! I don’t have to reach out to my remote to control the temperature but more importantly my bills have decreased by a great extent!!! This smart controller is totally recommended. I will buy more devices once I install more mini-splits!

  252. Anthony Miller

    I bought two Cielo Breez Plus controllers last year in March and got ample time to play with my new devices. Starting with the interface of the app, I love it! It is user friendly, and I found it very easy to set it up. The first time round I got pretty confused, but Cielo’s support team gave me a prompt response, and I did not have to wait. Now, I’m in complete love with the latest Cielo app that I got after the update. About the functionality, it has been beneficial in regulating the temperature; considering I have two kids and a pet, the range control and comfy mode works the best. Overall, 5/5 for this device.

  253. Ian

    I always forget to turn off the AC when leaving the house. It used to add so much to my energy bills, but now thanks to the geofencing feature, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I can now head out in peace!

  254. Bryan

    I am a fan of this device simply because of how much control I get over my AC usage. I can keep track of air filter maintenance, schedule the temperature settings beforehand, monitor the usage patterns, and a lot more! Highly recommended!

  255. Amanda

    While everything is super cool like comfy mode – scheduling, what’s different for me is that I really like the usage report generated by the app. It’s so easy to keep track of how much energy your air conditioner uses and helps with effective management. With children and running and Airbnb, this is a lifesaver.

  256. Jen

    I love coming to a warm house in this freezing weather. Can’t thank Cielo enough for providing me this comfort with their geofencing feature. Now, my air conditioner turns on when I am about to reach back home from work. All the smart features work perfectly with no issues whatsoever.

  257. Petra

    I bought Breez Plus as a gift for my parents. They love using Alexa. So, when they found out that this new smart ac controller works with Alexa, they were thrilled. They have been using the device for four months now and have never encountered any issues.

  258. April

    My kids, 3 & 5, take a long time to sleep. They are also light sleepers. So, I was looking for something that can help with temperature management remotely. Cielo Breez Plus has made my life so much easier as I can now adjust the settings using my phone without disturbing their sleep. It deserves nothing less than 5 stars for making a mom happy.

  259. Cassy

    Just what I needed to make my house a smart home. Works well, awesome features, and super friendly mobile app of Cielo

  260. Dave

    The best feature of this device is the Comfy mode. Never realized I could do so much with my AC throughout the year.

  261. Hannah

    Worked really well with my Daikin mini split. Full value for money plus excellent support staff. (Y)

  262. Collins

    This Christmas, I don’t have to worry about my plants and pets back home when I’ll be on vacations as now I can control the home temperature using Cielo Home app. Thank you Cielo.

  263. Samantha

    Cielo Breez Plus seamlessly integrates with my Google Home. I have no reasons to give less than 5 stars.

  264. Jackson

    I bought Breez plus for my living room to test it out. Setup is remarkably easy, never had any issues. The one thing that was missing – variety in colors. But now there is Breeze Eco in white!! I have placed the order to make my second unit smart, can’t wait to try it out!

  265. Robert

    So happy that Cielo Breez works with Samsung SmartThings now! I love this device.

  266. June

    Fantastic! The temperature range feature tops my list out of all the other great features.

  267. Alex

    I don’t have to worry about guests changing the thermostat setting every now and then as I can lock the settings using my Cielo Breez Plus. Highly Recommended!

  268. Susan

    We read some great reviews about Breez Plus on the internet and bought it. I can openly say this is one of those smart gadgets that works exactly as advertised. We have literally minimized out bills in the last 2 months.

  269. Tom

    I have a Daiken Mini Split at my cabin. I just installed the Cielo Breez plus on each of the 2 indoor units. Not being the most technical Savvy person, I needed some tech help. The support team at Cielo was fantastic (Sam and Jordan)! You call the number and within 15 seconds every time, a tech person picked up the phone. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They walked me through the process to sync their unit to my indoor minis split units. The best customer service I have run into on any tech product!! These units are great!

  270. David Smith

    Simply amazing!
    I’d been looking for ways to automate my mini-split and got the best deal in the form of Cielo Breez Plus.

  271. Olivia Cera

    I always like to see my temperature in Celsius and really loved the fact that it provided me with Fahrenheit and Celsius both. My actual remote displays the temp in Fahrenheit but on your app, I switched to Celsius, and now my Cielo Plus and app on my phone both are displaying Fahrenthight and AMAZINGLY my AC unit is also displaying the temp in Celsius. I recommend it with full confidence.

  272. David D

    I just love this little wizard. I just turn my AC on using this device before leaving the work. It is pure MAGIC.

  273. Michael Dyre

    My AC control is always in my hands because of Cielo! I don’t have to search for my AC remote every now and then just to change the temperature of my room! In fact I can even adjust the temperature when i’m not home! I’m a huge fan of the Cielo Home app. There aren’t any glitches or bugs that can slow down the program and it’s very responsive to every command. Based on my experience with this, it’s worth the purchase.

  274. Dylan Rodriguez

    This device adds features to my AC that I never thought were possible! I simply love it. I think it can be improved though because what I don’t like is that since it’s set up with my wife’s phone, when she leaves the house the AC gets turned off. However, overall it’s so amazing that we cannot imagine our summer without it anymore! We constantly check our ACs usages and are loving the new scheduling and the new comfy feature!

  275. Happy Brian

    My house is on AirBnB and plus is installed in 3 bedrooms and lobby. I am happy for the control on my cooling. Did not receive any complaint from the guests either. Great product.

  276. Annie

    Super cool. Period.

  277. Mateas T.

    Everything about this product is what I needed. What I don’t love is the color. Maybe a white version would look better in my room.

  278. Evan

    It’s not easy to get a review out of me, but these guys definitely deserve one. They actually go the extra mile to satisfy a customer. Their customer support is A+++. Absolutely love this company and this product.

  279. Kay Brad

    Easy to install and easier to use with perfect after-sale support. I wish I could give 10 stars.

  280. Bob Taylor

    Best product in market, I love comfy feature and temperature range control.

  281. Hazel Garcia

    I love Cielo Breez Plus. It is an excellent device! Consistent, accurate device performance with a very efficient support team makes it a great overall experience with Cielo.

  282. Elijah

    Good thermostat, but the IR range is an issue. They need to work on it and maybe increase its power.

    • Cielo

      Thanks for the suggestion. We are sorry that you have to encounter the range issue. We have also shared your observation with our tech department.

  283. Cielo Customer

    I have been using it for over six months. The device works like a charm. I love the scheduling and comfy features. Tech support is responsive and knowledgeable. Highly recommended product for your mini split!!!

  284. russell Serrano

    Works well, but it does not work more than 12feet away. Please improve.

    • Cielo

      Hi Russell,

      Thanks for the review!

      This may be happening due to any obstacle (such as furniture) that could be blocking the IR signals. Please contact our support team at +1 425 529 5775 or and we will try to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

  285. Charlie

    Had some problems getting my device to control my AC. Emailed support at night, and in the morning got a call. They quickly sent a software update to my device, and got it working. Well done customer support.

  286. Mason Chavez

    Other features are great, but I would like to have the option of a white color product which matches to my room decor.

    • Cielo


      Thanks for the suggestion. We have sent your wish to our production department.

  287. Frederick

    I have my grandma at home, and the device provides me a great way to set up schedules for the whole week so she does not have to constantly wrestle with the remote control and set temperatures and whatnot. Convenient.

  288. williamson

    Super easy to use.

  289. Brittany

    Easy setup. Lot of controls.May be more color options suited to home décor. Otherwise full points.

  290. Sanaa

    This device is sooo cool! It took like 3 minutes to set up in my basement and I did not even use the auto function. All I had to do was input the letters found on the back of my AC remote and they were INSTANTLY connected! I am having a great experience over all thanks to all the amazing controls. The best part is the reading of the current room temperature even if the AC is powered off. I easily check the basement temperature from my phone if I am out and get my ductless unit all up and running before guests arrive – all from my phone. I could do none of this with a split remote.

  291. Noah

    Bought it because I needed something for my work shed, wanted it to get warm before I get to work. Now I can set the AC to warm the shed up from within my home.

  292. James

    Got it for my new Mitsubishi mini split. There were some slight registration issues, but Sam from tech support was a great help and I was up and running in 10 min. Love the diverse features.

  293. Russell

    The exact thing I needed for my rental home!

  294. Hugo

    Features are great, setup is easy, but I just wished the device range could have been greater than 15 feet.

  295. Perez

    Cannot get to control my very old window AC for some reason, even though support tried everything.

  296. Sergio

    Lost the remote of my Daikin. While lookin gfor the alternatives, stumbled upon Cielo. Perfect replacement and much more.

  297. Kelsey Mclaughlin

    I am a contractor and I sell the Breez Plus alongside mini splits. Customer feedback has been great, especially with the Google Home and Alexa compatibility. Thanks Cielo

  298. Kristin

    Works great with my Daikin mini split

  299. Charles

    The support team was very friendly and efficient. They walked me through the process and now I am in control. Three cheers.

  300. Pablo

    The device works fine, but the whole scheduling and comfy mode settings were a bit hard to get a hang off at first, but still, no major complaints.

  301. Wade


  302. Maisey

    I mostly use the geofencing and sheduling features. Both work great for me. I have recommended the device to few of my friends too and waiting fort their response.

  303. Teddy

    I had a Cielo Breez Plus, and after a couple of days it got a problem with the display. Contacted support, and problem was solved as I have myself switched the screen off via the mobile app. Very useful product.

  304. Tristan Howe

    Got one device for each of my 5 minisplits, and was not the wrong choice.

  305. Giana

    Perfect solutions for my holiday home in the Carribean. The support guys were very helpful in explaining me the zoning capabilities. Five star product.

  306. Ava Rodriguez

    I am working night shifts mostly, so I needed something which would get my home warm before I arrive. Was recommended to check out smart controller by a friend, and went for the Breez Plus. Impressed by the product, and also the customer support. I haven’t yet used it for long, but the usage history already tells me that my AC usage is down, so I hope the energy bills also go down!

  307. Davon

    Jordan from tech support was great in helping me configure the device, and I have to mention him here.

  308. Shane

    I have Samsung mini splits at home, and both are now connected to Cielo devices. They work great.

  309. Dustin

    Excellent product.

  310. Fred

    My Cielo Breez Plus is working great. One problem, which I am facing is setting up the device with the google home. I have tried but no result. I am a bit frustrated. Where to get help from?

    • Cielo

      Hi Fred,

      Please get in touch with our customer support team at +1 425 529 5775 or and we will solve your issue right away!

  311. Mr Chen

    I have a Samsung mini split, and no other controller worked. Got the Breez Plus, and it works perfectly.

  312. Kelsey Mclaughlin

    We install mini splits in homes, and bundle in the Cielo thermostat along with our package. Great feedback from customers, easy to use, works with Alexa and google assistant.

  313. kristi

    Got the device for my Fujitsu mini split. Had a bit of a problem setting it up, called tech support, and they guided me through. Device works perfectly fine, and I am definitely looking to buy more for my home.

  314. Brittany Arellano

    I had a Nest previously for my ducted system, and liked it. But I don’t need the learning function. Got this device for WiFi controls and scheduling, and could not be happier.

  315. Maya

    I currently have 2 devices. Setup was okay, but the app interface was unintuitive for me. Had to click on esaver to get to schedules and other temperature range control features. Could be better. But overall features work really well.

  316. bentley ware

    I got the Cielo Breez Plus for the restaurant, and it works great. The owner is very happy, and works like a charm.

  317. Rohan

    Got the device, and found out that our AC is not supported in their database. Got in touch with support, and within a few days they added our mini split model to their database and got it running. Wanted to get the Breez Plus for the temperature range control. Did not want our guests to set the AC to 65 all day! Could not be happier with the tech support and device.

  318. Juvan

    I do not usually leave reviews, but had to this time. My initial unit had some LED issue, so I emailed support. Within 2 days I had a replacement unit at my home, and customer suport followed up as well to ensure my experience was good. Well done!

  319. T

    I have got three of these. Two in living area controlling the minisplits and one controlling the window AC in my garden shed. All working great. Every AC is under my control. Very usefull product.

  320. luis

    I got 4 of these devices, and it definitely wasn’t the wrong decision. Easy setup on Android, and you can even use a different WiFi network to control the devices from your mobile phone.Highly recommended. Tech support from Cielo for a firmware upgrade was fantastic.

  321. Ava

    I love the product. It is excellent. It improves regularly and is backed by the team. I am really satisfied. Excellent, smart, and continually improving product backed by a responsive support team.

    The benefits include:
    – My home is warm when I return home on a cold night, before I get in the door;
    – I can automatically have the ac unit turn on when the humidity gets too high avoiding mould growth;
    – The energy savings by controlling the unit save me money.

    The mobile app is very easy to use.

    Looking forward to putting more of these in for my tenants, not just me!

  322. Howe

    I got 4 of these devices, and it definitely wasn’t the wrong decision. Easy setup on Android, and you can even use a different WiFi network to control the devices from your mobile phone.Highly recommended. Tech support from Cielo for a firmware upgrade was fantastic.

  323. Gi

    We have a home in Mexico which we someitmes visit, and wanted remote controls. This device provides exactly that. This is affordable, and also the most feature rich option. Works well with all our AC’s.
    The only problem was that out AC’s were in Celsius while the device showed Fahrenheit. Contacted support and got the issue resolved within a few minutes. Would definitely recommend.

  324. Davon Greer

    Jordan was of great help while I was setting up my Cielo Breez Plus. Everything is now working perfectly. Thank you Jordan!

  325. Emilio

    This is my second Cielo Breeze for my Fujitsu Mini Split heat pumps. I have it working with my Alexa and it was quite easy to set up. I have set schedules to turn on and off the air conditioning and heaters.

  326. Julio

    I just installed 3 ductless air conditioners. I was looking for a a thermostat like controller and found Cielo Breez Plus. I was suprised it was very affordable.
    Breez Plus was easy to set up. I activated it while a tech expert helped me out. Since my split heat/air system does not go below 62, Cielo allows me to monitor the inside temps and adjust the unit to keep heat where I want it. I had no issues with the product and Cielo Tech support has been of great help. I gave all 5 stars to the Cielo Breez Plus becasue of ease of installation, and Tech Support. Why not be positive about such an affordable devise to remotely control you heat/air pump.

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