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230 reviews for Cielo Breez Eco (Black)

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  1. Jeff

    I purchased 3 Breeze Eco’s after realizing my Daiken heat pumps measure temperature at the indoor units and not at the remotes. The temperatures vary from 5-8 degrees and it’s not consistent so I’m constantly adjusting the remotes. When in Comfy mode the Eco Breeze works great, HOWEVER, Comfy mode cycles the power of the Daiken units on and off instead of going into standby between the cycles. The problem is the Daiken beeps twice when the unit is powered up and once when it powers down. This can’t be changed so if you have a Daiken in your bedroom you will listen to it beep all night when using the Breeze in Comfy mode. This is the only mode that monitors the room temperature at the Breeze itself. All other modes work off of the sensor on the heat pump and the whole reason for buying the Cielo’s was to avoid this. This is a fatal flaw with the Cielo’s. I have confirmed this with Tech Support who was great to deal with. Allow the Cielo’s to monitor the temperature in any mode and this would be a 5 star purchase.

  2. Heather

    The Eco does not connect to my WiFi, I have tried everything, but the thing just won’t work.

    • Cielo

      Hi Heather,

      Please get in touch with our customer support team at +1 425 529 5775 or email us at and we will solve your issue right away!

  3. Robert

    Device does not connect to WiFi

    • Cielo

      Please get in touch with our customer support team at +1 425 529 5775 or and we will solve your issue right away!

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