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  1. Cara Micheals

    this is one the best options for a budgetfridnly controller. Its really easy to control, and i’m really dependent on the scheduling feature now. I have set entire week routine to turn the cooling on and off at particular times and it works amazingly well!

  2. Damian T.

    Absolutely love this device. Its a godsend. a perfect, budget-friendly investment for a home. I’ve ordered three more for the bedrooms in my home.

  3. Indiana

    Got this controller for my daikin mini split in the garage. Helps me turn it up before i go in there and the space is perfectly warmed up. The app controls are great and free to use. The device needs to be synced often. Ordered 3 of their high end models for my home.

  4. Donne Ge

    I love these. It automatically recognises as you leave or enter home and turn minisplit on and off accordingly. The only downside for me is that it does not let you control the horizontal swings which is very annoying. Other than that it works great!

  5. Colleen Clives

    Omg this is such an amazing device. really works great especially for how small it is! My favorite feature is the freeze control one, had a bad experience with burst pipes before but breeze eco proved how it can prevent that from happening!

  6. Alyssa

    I was sooo excited to try out thisdevice since its the first few purchases I made for my own home! I recently moved out of my childhood home and i was both nervous and excited about the transition process.
    This device did not disappoint me at all. It truly revolutionized the way I control my indoor temperature. Not only can I control it from anywhere with just my smartphone, but it also constantly monitors the temperature and allows me to adjust accordingly to my needs. And, I have to say, the sleek design blends in seamlessly with my home décor. Overall, I would highly recommend the Cielo Breez Eco to anyone looking to upgrade their HVAC system!

  7. Annika Morrison

    I recently brought the Breez Eco and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. I chose this device instead of the breeze max because this device lacked an interactive screen, and since i wanted to install it in my very mischievous toddlers room, this was something i was very particular about. Not only was it incredibly easy to install, but its sleek design seamlessly blended with my kid’s yellow themed room (I got the white eco device).
    What’s more, the device did exactly what it promised and more – it allowed me to control heat from my phone, and set schedules for when the unit should turn on/off. Plus, Cielo’s customer service was fantastic and always readily available to assist with any questions I had. so overall, pretty great device.

  8. Dimitri K

    As someone who has been looking for an easy and efficient way to control my air conditioning system, I was eager to try out the Breez Eco. I have to say, it did not disappoint. The setup process was straightforward, and I was able to connect it to my phone within minutes. It’s been a game-changer for me to be able to adjust the temperature of my home from anywhere, whether I’m at work. The app interface is also easy to use, and I’ve been able to set specific schedules for when I want certain rooms to be cooled down. Overall, I highly recommend the Cielo Breez Eco to anyone looking for a more convenient way to manage their air conditioning system.

  9. Allan Cross

    I got the cielo eco when i was scrolling through amazon, it had some pretty great reviews so i figured that i would get it, and i don’t regret it at all! it looks really nice and compact! i got it in black to go with my living room theme and i like how it can be hidden in the decor!

    It also has awesome features. My favorite is the geo-fencing feature, i love how i just reach near my home, my mini split will turn on automatically! The scheduling is also really awesome. I have different schedules set throughout the day and it works perfectly every time, there has never been a missed schedule. I also really like the freeze control feature, I’ve had to replace my burst pipes twice before and it is such an expensive hassle that this freeze control was a blessing for me.

    Awesome product!

  10. Dylan Borris

    I live with my grandmother, and we’re big on saving energy which is why we got a mini split ac. LGoing through amazon we saw this device and it had amazing reviews so we got one. We do not regret it one bit. Nana has been going around recommending this device to every one of her friends. Its super simple to set up and function. I love how awesome its features were. Nana always loses the remote controller to our miini split but now we don’t even need it. The global control thing and the geofencing feature is literally the highlight of our lives!!!

  11. Henry Norris

    I got this smart AC controller a while back, and honestly, it’s been a pretty neat addition to my home. Setting it up wasn’t a headache like I thought it’d be. Just plugged it in, configured the remote, and bam, I had remote control over my AC.
    I loved how this small device could easily give me so many features to choose from. Comfy was something new that I came across in this device and din’t know how it works. I called their support and to my surprise the agent was a very knowledgable person who had answers to all my questions. I especially wanna appreciate the support team for guiding me through some of these features.

  12. Dorea Kenneth

    Really love this product, its affordable and i think my favorite thing about it would be the way I can set schedules. Ihave two very young children, one of them is newborn, I have to make sure that my home isn’t too cold to cause them discomfort or any chills. I ordered my third breeze eco to install in the children’s bedroom. I can set schedules for their bedroom tobe at a comfortable range.

  13. Saoirse

    Purchased a breeze eco on the insistance of my sister. She knows I recently invested in a ductless heat pump to save up on bills so she recommended this smart controller to me to save up even more. Gotta admit I wasn’t expecting a lot out of it but it works really great. I like the geo-fencing thing this product has. Makes stuff really easy for me

  14. Kara Black

    Got a new breez eco when i was searching for ac controllers that were in my budget. wasn’t really expecting anything out of this but for once I’m happy to be proven wrong. really useful device. It can let you set schedules and has location features where the device can sense whether I’m near my home or not. It turns my acs on automatically if I’m near, and off when I’m far away. As someone who ALWAYS forgets to turn off my acs this location feature has covered for me so many times. Great job to everyone at this company.

  15. Leonard

    A few months back my son moved into his own apartment, and he got himself a Daikin mini split. He was always stressed out because of his high bills but recently he told me how things have become so much easier for him because he got himself a breez eco.
    After his amazing review of the product, I thought I should try it out too, so I bought the same device. Honestly I can see why my son loves this product so much. It is really easy to use and budget-friendly. I did however have a lot of problems installing the device, they had a detailed manual within the box of the product but I was still doing something wrong.
    I called the company support and I was so glad that I got a really quick response. The support agent guided me through a thorough step by step process of how to install the ac controller, and well…after installation it was just smooth sailing.

  16. Stella

    I needed to buy an AC controller that actually worked properly. I was using another brand I wasn’t really satisfied with before I decided to purchase Breeze Eco, and this is the best purchase I have ever made. You just need to set it up and everything else you can do from its app. You can control the temperature and set schedules and it has this feature where it automatically turns off when you leave your home and turns on when you come back. It’s hassle free and I genuinely think everyone should have one of these in their homes.

  17. Frank T.

    Took me some time to read the manual, figure out steps and finally set up the device. I wish the registration didn’t require back and forth with the wifi as it makes it complicated. But once set up, It works pretty well! I have set up schedules for my daily routine and it is doing well in turning the ac on and off on time.

  18. Lionel

    I got this for my mom a while ago for her cat’s room, and the experience has been great. This is the easiest smart home device to use, and my mom absolutely loves it.

  19. Karen

    I love the Cielo Breez Eco, it can easily blend with a variety of design styles. I’ve had little trouble setting it up; my bad, I didn’t read the instructions clearly. Once I thoroughly read all the guidelines, I installed it in under 3 minutes!

  20. Jim Taylor

    Got my money’s worth with the Eco device. Does everything as advertised, no lies, and no hidden charges.
    Sam from support helped me set it up since I had an issue getting the right remote model number for my AC. But since then, it has been working like a charm. Smart air conditioning controls on my smartphone, who would have thought! Thanks, Cielo!

  21. Carl

    Cielo Breez Eco works great and comes with several cool features. Please launch this in other colors as well.

  22. Alfred Ulrich

    Looking at the positive experiences others had, I went in and bought 3 devices at once for all 3 of my AC’s at home. 2 of them worked perfectly and was a 5 minute process. But one of my window AC is an older model, and I had to get in touch with Cielo support. Sam got on the call and was very helpful. Thanks Sam and Cielo!. My 4 star is actually 5 star.

  23. Damien

    Had to change my WiFi networks’s name for setting it up, which was an inconvenience, but otherwise it works well.

  24. George

    I have the Breez Eco with me, and use it in my living room. But due to my room setting, the device is around 13 feet away from my AC, at which point the IR signal just cannot get through. So I have to shift the device which is not as per my room settings.Otherwise every advertised feature is great.

  25. Rivia

    The product is working perfectly with my Mitsubishi minisplit. Wish it could also control my baseboard heater.

  26. Peter Fin

    Works as intended

  27. Jessica

    At first, I had some bits to ask about. I talked to the support guys and matter was resolved. The user manual should be multilingual.

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