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  1. Leena Miller

    I have added 5 of these in our rental property. The set up is very easy and the free app offers great control over mini splits. I can monitor the temperature and turn it off if guests forget to turn off when they leave. Also lets me set the right temperature before their arrival. Great product

  2. PaulaN

    Breez eco is a budget friendly sleek looking model by cielo. Works perfectly well offering all the features including schedules, geofencing, comfy, energy insights.

  3. Frank

    Amazing service by cielo! The device did not automatically capture my remote but i was able to enter it manually and it worked perfectly well. I did have some issues with wifi but a call to support helped me resolved it in no time. Ian even explained me how I can better use the features to optimize my usage and reduce bills. Great job👍

  4. Joe

    I manage different rental properties. I have these installed in all of them. Never had a single issue. I can manage them all using the app.

  5. William

    I have fujitsu minisplits in my home and was looking for thermostat controls over the internet when i came across cielo. I was skeptical at first about the connectivity with my units since i was ordering 3. I decided to contact the support first to make sure it’ll work. To my surprise the supportresponded instantly and explained all the connectivity and working in detail. I was so satisfied with their help that placed an order right away.
    The devices connected with the minisplits in less than 5 minutes. The features set is also amazing. It takes all the controls of the AC remote and even more to the phone. I have set schedules and it has not missed any yet. Works flawlessly.

  6. Bruce

    This minisplit controller has made our lives so easy. We have 3 of them in our home. The schedules work great. The auto settings of comfy temperature keep the home perfectly warm.

  7. Ava Sean

    Super easy to connect and control the minisplit. A must have!

  8. Julie

    I’m a cielo customer for over 2 years now. Got the cielo eco for our newly installed heatpump in the attic to maintain the temlerature. Guess what? We barely go upstairs and monitor the temperature via the cielo app. Any change required is also done on the app. Very convenient.

  9. Frank

    I have a proper gym setup in my garage. I’m very particular about the temperature and the whole environment and I want it to be perfect. A friend recommended this thermostat to me. I looked at it in detail and was actually excited to see how the comfy works. My Mitsubishi unit does not have anything similar to that.
    I instantly placed the order. The packaging was very professionally done. It came with instructions and I was able to connect it with my unit within minutes. The app is very easy to use. I love to set the schedules for the entire week. And since I orderes it because of the comfy feature, I totally loved it that it can be linked with my schedules. My workout is never interrupted because of the temperature. It is perfectly maintained without any changes. Absolutely love this device and especially comfy.

  10. Josh

    I switched to cielo from sensibo since they do not require monthly subscriptions. All the features come with the product and that’s how it should be. The device works flawlessly. The initial setup was simple and came with the detailed instructions manual. Took less than five minutes to open the box and connect it with my mini split. It automatically detected the remote which was awesome. The cielo app is also very user friednly. You can set schedules for the entire week. 100 points.

  11. Wayne

    I got 5 of these on the black Friday sale. We already have plus units in our home and love how it works. Got the eco models installed in our vacation home. Helps in monitoring the temperatures and usage especially when we rent it out.

  12. Sam G

    I have to give me sister credit where its due… like she recommended this device to me but I wasn’t ready to take her word for how great it is but turns out she was right, this device is absolutely brilliant an d awesome. I didnt expect this eco device to be so effective! it has great quality and build. Im thinking of getting a breeze plus next because i see has more advanced features with display controls(my brain cannotcomprehend that there can be a device better than eco but apparently there is). great job

  13. Gerald

    I love this device so much! It does everything it says – plus its really easy to install and use

  14. Emmy Cole

    My mind was blown with this breez eco! This incredible device will revolutionize your home’s cooling game in ways you never thought possible. Setting it up is a piece of cake, thanks to super clear instructions that make connecting to your Wi-Fi network a breeze (the pun was totally intended). And let’s talk about the smartphone app, it’s seriously user-friendly, allowing me to take control of my AC from anywhere with ease.

    But here’s where things get really cool. This awesome device comes packed with smart features that’ll make your life so much better. I can set personalized schedules and adjust the temperature from the comfort of my couch. Can you imagine how glad i was that there was no more hassle of searching for the ac remote just to change the temperature??? Plus, it works awesomely with Alexa!! Its made my life so much easier!

    This little gem also gives me insights on how much time of the day my ac is running, which helps me make smarter choices and save some cash. It’s all about being eco-friendly and practical at the same time.

    With its sleek design and powerful functionality, the breeze eco is a total game-changer for any home. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  15. Damon

    I wanna give a shoutout to the support team of this company. they are so cooperative and have so much knowledge about this product. I upgraded to a breeze eco from a breeze light, because the I absolutely loved the product and wanted the flexibility to put it on m desk with a stand as well. Had a little confusion in installing it for some reason, but when I called up the support I was so pleasantly surprised when I was able to talk to an actual person instead of some recorded voice. The support agent Maverick was so thorough with everything and honestly, I have this annoying habit that I feel easily humiliated by my own lack of knowledge really easily but the thorough professionalism the agent displayed was so comforting to me.
    Its a cherry on top that the controller works even more excellent than I had predicted. Great job to everyone!

  16. Desmond Foy

    Recieved this eco breeze a couple of weeks back, and I really wanted to come here to give a shoutout to the support team of cielo. When I got the product I was really confused how to install it. I called the support helpline expecting a long wait but I immediately got in contact with a support agent, Jack, who guided me through the whole process with such clarity and positive enthusiasm, I didn’t even feel embarrassed by my silly mistakes along the way. Thank you Jack and the whole team!

  17. Eli Carson

    This device is a must have, I love it so much! I live with my grandparents, both of them feel either very hot or very cold and so they’re constantly changing the temperature. I wanted to purchase a smart ac controller for them because they are always losing the remote controls. And what a buy it turned out to be.
    I found some difficulty in setting up Breez Eco, but a call to their support helpline where I got a prompt response from a very friendly and patient agent, I managed to quickly solve that problem. The app was so easy to navigate that my grandparents quickly understood how it worked! They enjoy the ease of controlling the mini splits from their phones. There’s even this comfy mode that lets you set temperature triggers and AC automaticaly turns on and off. This has been life changing!

  18. Jane

    Cielo Breez is an incredibly easy-to-use device. With its app, I can adjust the temperature within minutes. It’s great for when you’re away from home or if you just prefer to control your climate remotely.

  19. Andrea Lord

    I’ve been using the Breez Eco for a few months now but it was only recently that it hit me how useful this device really is. I live in North Dakota, and it can get pretty cold here so I’m always worried about my pipes bursting. But a month back I had to fly over to Texas for a family retreat. I was really worried about my pipes but then I remembered Breez Eco has a freeze protection feature.
    I set the feature and after spending two weeks with my family, I came back worry free to my home. The freeze protection feature really works great. I honestly recommend this product to everyone.

  20. Robert

    My friend recommended it when I was at his place and worried about pets being cold. I have been using it for a month now and absolutely love the idea of controlling my heat pump with phone when I’m out! Comfy settings is another of my favorite feature of this device. Just placed the order for three more units. Amazing device!

  21. Maddy

    It is sleek looking, easy to mount, and easy to use! I wanted something to go with my Mistubishi mini-split and something that could be easily controlled while I’m away and my pet cat is at home!
    It completely serves that purpose, and then some additional more as well! Giving it full stars!

  22. Michael

    I love the size and design of Breez Eco because it matches my home perfectly. I got this device once I started automating my entire apartment and it did not disappoint. Although there are a bunch of amazing features like geofencing and comfy mode, my favorite thing is how easy it is to learn and use these features. I also like the Cielo Home app with its easy UI that makes the whole experience really pleasant.

  23. Camile

    I have been a loyal customer of Cielo for many years now and lately, I got my third Breez Eco for my kitchen/dining room. I also have two other Breez Eco devices, one in my TV room and one in the guest bedroom, and a Breez Plus in my bedroom. This change has made my daily life a lot easier because I have programmed weekly schedules according to my routine so now, I don’t have to change the temperature regularly. I also really enjoy getting maintenance notifications on my phone.

  24. Maddy

    It is sleek looking, easy to mount and easy to use! I wanted something to go with my Mistubishi mini split, and something that could be easily controlled while I’m away and my pet cat is at home!
    It completely serves that purpose, and offers plenty other features as well! Giving it full stars!

    Image #1 from Maddy
  25. Sheryl

    Ordered it a while ago to set it up with my Fujitsu mini-split. I have felt a sense of relief ever since I got the product. Being a pet mom comes with a lot of responsibility, and a lot of it relies on climate control. I am so glad I am able to control the temperature while I am away! I can easily adjust the climate without much hassle.

  26. Rahul

    Smart home turned even smarter with this tiny, yet efficient device! Saves lots of energy, while also ensuring a home climate that is truly comfortable! It is full of smart features that can be accessed through Cielo Home App!
    I am especially fond of comfy mode, it allows the temperature as well as humidity to be regulated within a range that I set! This takes care of when to run my air conditioner and is totally worth it. It keeps the room perfect at all times without my interference.

  27. Max

    I was surprisingly pleased with this product considering its low price point. When I got Breez Eco, it came in good quality packaging and included a stand for the device to rest on as well as nails so I could mount it to my wall. The device itself was easy to get the hang of, and within a few minutes of opening, it was set up. It does everything it claims to and does it exceptionally well. I would definitely recommend Cielo to anyone looking for a smarter air conditioner.

    Image #1 from Max
  28. Mandy

    I stopped having high expectations from smart home products, but this surely surprised me! Easy to set up, easy operation, amazing customer service along with easy to use application!

    Image #1 from Mandy
  29. Ruth

    I got Breez Eco because the IR remote of my window AC has not been working properly for a while now, and since the AC is an older model, I can no longer get a replacement remote. I got this device hoping that it would be a kind of replacement for the remote, but it ended up being so much more! There are a bunch of features that go beyond the basic functions of an AC remote, such as geofencing, which turns the AC on when I enter a set radius of my home and turns it off when I exit that radius. I am also able to set schedules for the week so that the AC never runs when I don’t need it to. I got so much more than I paid for with this device!

    Image #1 from Ruth
  30. Noah

    I have a Mitsubishi mini-split that I have connected to the Breez Eco, and I noticed a difference in how the air conditioning runs now. I find that I need to run the mini-split for a shorter time period because it achieves better cooling, which I think is because of the comfy mode. Once the room temperature reaches the temperature I have set on comfy mode, the mini-split turns off and remains that way until the temperature falls below or rises above my specified temperature. It also helps maintain humidity in the same way, so the mini-split does not make the room too dry. Also, I love that it comes in two colors because the white one goes with my room much better than the black one.

    Image #1 from Noah
  31. Alex

    I was given this device to add to my ‘smart’ home since I already have Alexa set up and smart lighting and switches in my house. Just a few months later, I can tell this is indeed a great addition. It only took 2-3 hours to familiarize myself with the device and all its features. Then I connected it to Alexa, which was a very smooth process and also made it easy to voice control Breez Eco. Great product!

    Image #1 from Alex
    Image #2 from Alex
  32. Stefany

    My parents saw this device on Facebook and asked me to buy it. I have a Fujitsu mini-split in my apartment, so I connected the Breez Eco to it, which only took a few minutes. Even though my main purpose in getting this was to adjust the temperature remotely, I started using the other features, especially geofencing and scheduling! The convenience and efficiency of Cielo Breez Eco are truly amazing!

    Image #1 from Stefany
  33. Courtney

    As someone who works two jobs, I never have any time to relax at home, and when I did have some time off between shifts, my house would be uncomfortably warm, so I wanted to somehow automate my home without spending a lot of money. After a bunch of research, I found Breez Eco at an affordable rate. The geofencing feature is Godsent because it ensures that when I do enter my house, it is the perfect temperature for my liking, and I can enjoy whatever time off I have.

    Image #1 from Courtney
  34. Jay

    This is such a convenient smart home product! The small size and sleek design go great with my house, and I have the option of either mounting it on the wall or using a stand to put it on a table. Apart from the basic features like controlling my AC remotely, there’s quite a few other features such as Comfy mode and scheduling that make it stand out. Also, the features look promising in saving me money on my monthly electric bills!

    Image #1 from Jay
    Image #2 from Jay
  35. Jenna

    I got the Breez Eco to put in my indoor plant room because my plants need a specific temperature and humidity. I have paired the Cielo device with a portable AC. The comfy mode allows me to set a specific humidity level for the room that caters to my plants. Since then, I have noticed that my plants are a lot healthier and also that I do not need to run the AC for long period. Definitely a great investment!

    Image #1 from Jenna
  36. Chris

    I ordered a Cielo Breez Eco in white. It looked exactly like I would have expected it to look – sleek and elegant! I was hesitant about having to adapt to an AC controller because, somehow, I thought it would require more maintenance with the expected glitches that come with such products. But this device proved me wrong! No glitches this far. Easy setup, user-friendly interface, and pretty cool features as well! Five stars!

  37. Jack

    It’s a smart home essential! Saves energy, integrates perfectly with Google Home and offers features such as a comfy mode that allows you to regulate your home climate. It also helps you keep track of your usage and keeps you updated on your air filter status! I recommend this to everyone who wants to make their AC smart!

  38. Kristin

    Money spent well! I needed it for my LG portable AC unit in my bedroom, and it took no time to get connected to the device. I wanted to cut down my cooling costs, and this device works like wonders. I’m noticing a difference in my electricity costs while having a comfortable climate at all times!

    Image #1 from Kristin
  39. Dustin

    This is definitely a great product with amazing features, but the price point is what got me to take the plunge and get Breez Eco for my house. I wanted a way to automate my home temperature and work with the rest of my smart home appliances. However, my main concern was the price point, as I could not afford something that would cost an arm and a leg at this time. Breez Eco is the perfect solution for me because it does everything I need it to do and is more within my budget. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make their AC smart.

  40. Ellie

    I paired my Eco device to work with Google Home and I loved how connecting the device was super easy. Since then, I can easily turn my mini-split off or on through voice controls, so Cielo Breez works seamlessly with the rest of my smart home. Apart from geofencing, I am really enjoying the comfy setting, which I use specifically at night for controlling the humidity, which is very important to me as I am asthmatic and need my environment to be comfortable.

    Image #1 from Ellie
  41. Mark

    I have been using Cielo Breez for almost a year now, and I have 4 of these devices that I control through my mobile app. The app itself is very easy to use and well designed. Quick and straightforward! Setting up the app and configuring the AC to the devices was convenient, and it only took a few minutes. You can control basic features through the home page of the Home app, but there are also several really cool smart features. The one I use the most is scheduling because it makes my daily routine much easier without having to turn the AC off and on each time. Overall, a great product!

  42. Naomi

    I have a Mitsubishi mini-split in my home office, and I have been looking for a device that would take full care of the office climate. I ordered it, and it is honestly one of the smartest devices I have ever bought! It’s definitely a ‘breez’ to set up and use as well! It goes well with the decor and helps to maintain a perfect climate despite the changing temperature outside. Now I can fully focus on my work!

    Image #1 from Naomi
  43. Ben

    I live in Colorado, and the days are hot in summer, but the nights are cold. So it used to be a constant readjustment of temperature. Cielo Breez has helped me keep the temperature comfortable at all times! I can easily schedule the temperature for the entire day! Apart from that, it also helps in reducing electricity usage and helps cut down bills!

    Honestly, the product is easy to handle as well! I honestly haven’t faced any trouble yet!

  44. Harry

    I am really dumb at setting up products, but this device was super easy to set up. I’m highly impressed! I have also integrated it with my Google assistant. I place the controller at my desk since I have been working from home since the pandemic. It helps to maintain the perfect environment in my home office!

  45. Elliot

    I have a window AC in my dorm room, so I got Breez Eco to control the AC remotely, and it works great! My favorite feature so far is geo-fencing because I no longer need to turn the AC off when I am running late to my classes in the morning, and when I come back to my room, it’s always comfortable! I also really enjoy the comfy mode at night. I am a pretty light sleeper, and I often wake up if the temperature is not to my liking, so comfy mode has been super helpful in ensuring that I sleep well at night. All in all, an amazing product. Good job, Cielo!

    Image #1 from Elliot
  46. Isabelle

    I recently got an AC that was on the cheaper side because it was all I could afford, sadly, only to realize later that the remote was pretty horrible and only worked from a certain distance and angle. So, I did some research looking for universal remote control and found this smart controller instead. The price point was amazing for my tight budget, but unlike the AC remote, Breez Eco works perfectly. I mounted it on the wall near the AC and connected it with my phone. Now I can easily do all the basic things my AC remote control could do through my iPhone from any place, even outside of the house. Plus, the mobile app provides lots of extra features as well, e.g., it sends me notifications when the air filters need to be cleaned, and I can access my usage history on the app. Needless to say, totally worth the coin!

    Image #1 from Isabelle
  47. Lizzy

    I have an advanced Frigidaire window AC with a very basic remote. When I say basic, I mean that you cannot change the temperature of the unit until you are standing right in front of it. That is the reason I got interested in smart AC controllers.
    I did not have high expectations from the device, but boy oh boy, Cielo breez eco managed to top my expectations. It was easy to set up and easier to operate. Not only did it save me a trip to my air conditioner front every time I had to change the temperature, but it enabled me to play around with my temperature from everywhere. Now, I absolutely love coming back to my perfectly cool home from the office.

    Image #1 from Lizzy
  48. Jack

    I got a Cielo Breez eco for myself, and I love it.. The fact that it is under $100 and still works better than a lot of the similar devices I have tried is what makes it a stellar device. It was super easy to install. It helped me achieve a comfortable temperature all the time. This device comes with inbuilt temperature and humidity sensors and using comfy mode I can set a specific range. My AC then automatically runs to maintain the set settings. Good investment I must say!

    Image #1 from Jack
  49. Maxine

    I am a big fan of the compact design of the Breez Eco as well as the two different color options. I am someone who tries to match the aesthetics of even practical products (like this device) with the theme of my house. I had a black eco before and just got white for another room. Not only is this device a perfect fit for my house aesthetically, but it also has many different features that are very useful in my daily life. As a nurse who works long and unpredictable hours, the geofencing feature is truly amazing. I want to come home to a comfortable and cozy home after a long shift, and geofencing does just that for me. As soon as I enter the 3-mile radius of my house, Breez Eco turns on my minisplit so that by the time I enter my house, it is already at my perfect temperature.

    Image #1 from Maxine
  50. Brie

    I have recently connected all the mini-splits in my house to Cielo so that they work coherently in my smart home system. I have 4 Breez Eco devices in different rooms, all of them can be controlled from the Cielo home app on my mobile phone. Setting up the devices was pretty simple, and all I needed to do was read the manual once to get the hang of it. I also connected the devices to Alexa to control all of them with voice controls. The Eco devices are extremely affordable and offer a lot of features that are simply not available in an ordinary minisplit. It has also saved me a bunch in electric bills because the ACs now turn on for less time with better cooling.

    Image #1 from Brie
  51. Kathy

    I have been using this device for almost 2 years now, and it has worked amazingly well with my Mitsubishi air conditioner. The initial setup and configuration went by smoothly. There are three particular features that I have not seen before, and I really enjoy. First is that I was able to set a perimeter around my house which controls when the AC turns on and off, e.g., if I am within a 5-mile radius of my house, the AC will be on, and as soon as I leave that radius, it will turn off.
    Secondly, I am able to control my AC from my phone even if I am in another city. This is especially helpful because I have animals that stay at home when I travel, so I can make sure they are comfortable. Lastly, I can access statistics for how much my AC is being used through the Cielo Home app. Overall a very good product! 

    Image #1 from Kathy
  52. Dennis

    I have a Gree mini-split unit in my bedroom, so I got this device. It was really important to me that Breez Eco works well with my Home Kit, which is what I use to control all of my smart devices. So far, the experience has been wonderful. Integration with the Home Kit was very easy and smooth, and it works well with voice commands. Since my AC has been running with the Breez Eco device, I have also found that there is a significant decrease in my electric bill!

    Image #1 from Dennis
  53. Derick

    I have been using Cielo Breez Eco for quite some time. It’s a brilliant product! Savvy, smart, and efficient! Setting it up is a bit tricky but it’s just a one-time thing and following the instructions on the manual is enough.
    I’m extremely satisfied as it allows me to enter into a comfortable environment every day along with saving so much on bills! I love how I can control my AC even when I’m outside. It has multiple features and comfy has to be my favorite. The mobile application is amazing as well! Highly recommended!

  54. Kyle

    It is honestly one of the greatest purchases I have made in a while. Integrates well with Google Home, and now even my kid can control the temperature. It’s really taken such a huge burden off my shoulder as I don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature multiple times a day.

  55. Matt

    It is everything it claims to be! You can count on Cielo Breez Eco to make your ‘dumb’ AC smart. Easy installation process as well! I use it with my Mitsubishi heat pump, and I had no trouble connecting it to the device. The app’s interface is user-friendly and gives you the space to explore the various smart features that Cielo Breez offers. I am particularly impressed by how I can keep the humidity levels in check with Comfy Mode. It helps to prevent mold and dampness!

    Image #1 from Matt
  56. Charlie

    Breez Eco is a good product in itself, but the one thing that made my experience stand out was the customer service. There was a power outage in my town, which disconnected my device from my mini-split heat pump, so I contacted the support team. Initially, I emailed the support and got a reply within an hour or so where they asked me to contact them through a phone call. Even though it took a few hours, the entire process was not overwhelming, thanks to the team member I was talking to. He helped me understand what was going on with my heat pump and guided me through all the steps I needed to perform to make the device work again. A few days later, I got another call from the support team to check whether my device was still working properly (it was). I cannot say enough great things about the tech support!

    Image #1 from Charlie
  57. Leonard

    I already had 2 of the Breez Eco devices for my living room and bedroom, and I got 2 more for my upper floor for the kids’ room. I finally got to use the zone feature because of this. I really enjoy the ease and comfort this comes with because the kids like the temperature settings to be different from the ones I use downstairs. It’s also important that I keep the humidity in the kids’ rooms at a specific percentage as one of them is prone to allergies. All of this has become so easy thanks to Cielo since I no longer have to change the settings on each individual heat pump.

    Image #1 from Leonard
  58. Maggie

    I ordered Cielo Breez Eco a while back for my home. I heard about it through a friend that had a good experience with the device. I was told that the device has intelligent temp and humidity sensors, and it instantly appealed to me. Once I set it up (the process was simple), I explored the home app. The user interface was decent and easy to use. I particularly enjoy the ‘Comfy Mode’. It regulates my home climate according to my preferred temperature range.

    Image #1 from Maggie
  59. Frederick

    I was searching for a device that could help me save energy. So I ordered Cielo Breez Eco with that incentive in mind. The packaging had all the things required, including the manual, to get the device working. The set-up process required a few good minutes but was easy with the instructions on the manual.
    Although it has only been a few days since I have been using it, I’d be lying if I say this product is not exceptional. I honestly wasn’t expecting features such as ‘comfy mode’ and ‘global controls’. It’s not only helping me save bills but also making my AC smarter. The product is overall a great investment!

  60. Matt

    This is a great solution for my ‘dumb’ AC. I have a Mitsubishi mini-split in my family room which is a large open concept room, so it takes quite some time to heat up/cool down.
    I first set up geofencing, which turned the mini-split on when I was close to my house so that the room temperature was what I wanted it to be. I had to play around with the Cielo Home app a bit more to realize that I could set schedules, so now I have set the mini-split to turn off and on according to my schedule. Thanks to this feature, it is much easier to get to my ideal temperature, and I don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable room anymore.

    Image #1 from Matt
  61. Lori

    I have been looking for a budget-friendly smart AC controller for a while now. In the end, I got the Breez Eco after a lot of research, and it has great features for a device that is so affordable. The packaging feels high quality as well, and it comes with an adapter, wire, and stand, which is very convenient.
    In terms of functioning, it is easy to set up and use. I can easily turn on my unit an hour before my arrival, and I come back to a perfect home temperature.
    Other than that, I like that I check the usage history of my AC from my phone and also see what actions were performed and when.

    Image #1 from Lori
  62. Sally

    Smart, easy, and efficient! It’s all these things combined with amazing features, easy setup, exceptional user interface, and energy-saving! I’ve seen a significant difference in my bills with Cielo Breez, and with the added comfort, it’s all just better!

    Image #1 from Sally
  63. Anna

    I had ordered a Cielo Breez Eco in white for my living room. It blends well with the interior and works perfectly with Google Home. I barely had any struggle with setting it up as well. It went so smoothly that I was doubtful that I would experience some problem. But it has been good this far! It has everything that a smart AC controller should have!

    Image #1 from Anna
  64. Gabe

    I ordered Cielo Breez Eco to connect with my Fujitsu heat pump in my home office. The setup was super easy. Apart from that, one feature that really came in handy was the weekly scheduling feature. I have scheduled it according to my office timings.

    I have to be at work at 9 am, so I have scheduled the heat pump to turn on at 8:30. Every day, I walk into a toasty office, making my mornings instantly better. I have also activated comfy mode, and I just love how it maintains my preferred settings.

  65. Andrew

    This device has sooo many good features that actually work. I wanted a smart controller that would let me schedule when to turn the heat pump on and off, but this is so much more than I expected! The weekly scheduling really helps me in my busy work routine (particularly because I work from home). However, my favorite thing is the geofencing feature which basically turns my heat pump on when I am within a certain radius of my house. I always forget to turn the heat pump off before I leave my house, and now that’s not something for me to worry about. Also, when I get home, my house is already warm. I could not have had a better experience with this device. Excellent work, Cielo!

  66. Patty

    I got this device to pair with my mini-split in my garage, where I do a lot of welding/metalwork, so the temperatures are quite high even in winters. I usually ran my mini-split almost all day, which drove the bills up higher and higher. Cielo Breez claimed to save up to 25% energy, so I was really excited to try it, and it did not disappoint! I don’t have to constantly turn the mini-split off and on, which I think uses up a lot of energy. With Cielo Breeze Eco my AC is only on when needed and I have noticed a significant change in my bills.

  67. Nate

    This product is a good investment. It saves your money, time and energy and is worth every penny. Ever since I have connected my minisplit with breez eco, I no longer worry about changing temperatures. It takes care of my settings on its own. Plus, I love the fact I can change the settings using my phone and don’t have to look for the remote.

  68. Niomi

    I run a foster home for animals for different breeds, and they all require different temperatures. Although I have set up different mini splits to regulate temperature, I needed some way to monitor them when I am away. So I got Cielo Breez Eco devices for the mini splits, which can all be monitored from my mobile through the Home app. An additional advantage was that I could set up zones inside the building and pair animals with similar temperature needs in a zone. Breez Eco has been great at saving my time and energy!

  69. Dennis

    Strongly recommend it! There are very few products in the market that support ductless systems. I haven’t found a better product than this. It is affordable but also works really well. With work from home, I spend more time indoors now. So I decided to get a Cielo Breez Eco for my bedroom. It’s so simple and easy to set up. The packaging was nice, so was the product itself.

    It’s everything that it promises to be, nothing more and nothing less! I feel more comfortable at home. I love how I don’t have to change the temperature manually anymore. I just schedule the settings beforehand, so I don’t get distracted while I’m working.

  70. Dianne

    I have been setting up my smart home slowly over the past year, and I mainly use Alexa to control all my smart devices, so it was important to me that whatever smart AC controller I bought would work seamlessly with Alexa. I did a lot of research and read many reviews, which showed me that Cielo Breez would be the best choice and the Eco model was incredibly affordable. It has only been a few months, but I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. The setup was super easy just by following the manual.

    Image #1 from Dianne
  71. Yara

    I received the package a week ago. The device came along with a 5V adapter, a cable, a stand, a user manual, and a mounting pack. I had minimal trouble setting it up. I could easily understand the processes mentioned in the manual. The design was also sleek. Easily integrated with Google Homes.
    It is everything I wanted it to be; the features are smart, and so is the app. I haven’t experienced any glitch this far. I also really appreciate that ductless systems are supported with products such as Cielo Breez. I would recommend it to anyone looking to make their homes comfortable and smarter! Amazing product!

    Image #1 from Yara
  72. Matthew

    I ordered the cielo breez eco for my LG air conditioner! I compared the prices with other similar products, and this seemed the most reasonably priced one. I received the package timely and set it up with the help of the manual that came with the box.

    I found the process to be super easy, but I must say I was surprised by the features that it offered. It provides full control, and that too at a very good price! If you’re searching for a smart controller for ductless units, this is a really good option given the features and the price.

    Image #1 from Matthew
    Image #2 from Matthew
  73. Emily

    I opted for the Breez Eco device because of its price. I am extremely satisfied with the features and how well they work. I am particularly enjoying geo-fencing. My heat pump turns on when I enter a set area around my home. By the time I step foot through the front door, my house is nice and warm.
    Also, I have noticed a significant difference in my electric bills, even though I use the heat pump throughout the night now. Cielo Breez is really great at saving costs!

  74. Kenny

    I wanted to get a simple smart device for my AC so I chose the Breez Eco device. It’s an amazing device, and I can control all the features through the Home app. So far so good! I am now planning to buy another device for the portable unit in my garage.

  75. Clark

    I am very impressed with this device’s functions, especially because of the price point. It is definitely a bargain!

  76. Howard

    As a minimalist, the Breez Eco design really speaks to me. I love its sleek design, and the white one is so perfect for my foyer.

  77. Steve

    The mobile app is amazing! So easy and efficient!

  78. Zach

    I wasn’t sure about buying a smart controller, but I am so thankful I went for it. So many great features!

  79. Crystal

    Got this one because my friend recommended it, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many features the eco version has. Great value for the price!

  80. Rick

    Great buy! It has really made my day to day life so much easier since I am always forgetting to turn the AC off.

  81. Annalise

    This device really helps me save some money with my electric bills and it is super user friendly. Highly recommend it!

  82. Troy

    I have been using the device for 4 months now… It was so easy to set up!
    Like that all the features can be controlled from my phone even if I am away from home.

  83. Janet

    Cielo Breez Eco is simple, classy, and efficient!

  84. Elliot

    Great product! Bought the white one during the sale & it goes perfectly with the theme of my room!

  85. Mark

    I ran into some issues as my remote wasn’t listed but the support staff was extremely helpful. Within 24 hours, my remote was configured in their system. This dedication is what we need from brands out there. After the configuration, I set up the whole thing in 3 minutes. Definitely recommend this device!

  86. Mason

    Quality is so good… I really wasn’t expecting that at its low price. I think it is going to be my new favorite gadget!

  87. Simon

    I rarely write reviews, but after using Cielo Breez, I had to leave a review to appreciate this magnificent device. Never thought a simple device could have so many features. From geo fencing to scheduling, it has all my favorite features. Can’t wait to buy more devices as Christmas presents for my friends and family.

  88. Larry

    I use Cielo Breez with my heat pump. It is an amazing controller and has provided numerous benefits – my home is warm when I enter after work, I am able to save a lot on my bills. Planning to buy more devices for my guest room and other bedrooms.

  89. Anna

    Easy setup and great features for automating your mini-split!

  90. Marc

    Wonderful product, love all the advanced features such as comfy mode and freeze protection mode.

  91. Fiona

    Was looking for a simple device for my grow room that has a portable unit. Found Cielo Breez on Facebook, and I ordered it the same day.

    I have not used it for a very long time, it’s been 3 weeks only, but I love this device. It provides a convenient way to control the temperature in areas such as grow rooms that are separate from the rest of the house. I don’t have to go all the way to my grow room just to check the temperature settings.

  92. Angeline

    Cielo Breez is the best thing I have bought for my house! I bought 2 devices in May and after testing them, ordered 3 more. I have 5 mini-splits, and all these devices work really well with my ACs. I am a fan of their scheduling and comfy mode. You should buy this smart controller… I promise you will love it.

  93. Adam

    Had a bit of a connection problem, but the Cielo support staff was great! They listened to my issues patiently, and within 1 hour, my device was working. So, obviously, I would give it a 5-star rating.

  94. Frank

    I found Cielo when I was tired of high energy bills and wanted something to help me lower the electricity costs. I found it on Facebook and checked out their Amazon page. It claims to save up to 25% on bills, so I decided to test it out. Within 3 months, I started noticing a difference. I’m so glad I purchased Cielo and would recommend it to anyone wanting to automate their home climate.

  95. Nelson

    Cielo does a great job of automating your heating and cooling. It has a geo-fencing mode, comfy mode, scheduling feature and works quite well with Google assistant. I have it connected with my mini-split and use comfy mode to manage the temperature and humidity levels.

  96. Noah

    Easy to install and works perfectly!

  97. Evans

    I purchased my first device 3 weeks ago. It has basic as well as some advanced features and they all work really well. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to work that perfectly. Before posting this review, I ordered two more Cielo devices for my window units. I definitely recommend Cielo!

  98. Ron

    Got it to manage the temperature and humidity levels for my plants, and so far, it’s performing well. I’m quite impressed. I would highly recommend all the indoor gardeners to give it a try.

  99. William

    Really like the minimalist design of the Cielo app. I hope they never change it.

  100. Emma

    I bought this on my friend’s recommendation, who was constantly talking about how Cielo has made her life better. The installation process was straightforward, and the device works well with my mini-split. Super stuff Cielo Breez.

  101. Mia

    Love their new white Breez Eco. Goes perfectly well with my room decor. I was thinking of upgrading to Breez plus, will do so as soon as they launch it in white color.

  102. Steven

    Set it up in under 3 minutes! Love the smart features of this device and the app! 10/10 recommended.

  103. Millie

    Just brilliant, Cielo. This works like magic.

  104. Oliver

    Lived up to the expectations. A perfect purchase I’d say.

  105. Daniel

    Made life easier and smart. Thank you Cielo.

  106. Paula

    This is simply the best Ac controller I’ve used so far. I use it with Alexa, and the combination is just perfect. You can also use it with Google Assistant and Samsung Smart Things. The setup is pretty easy, and it works with almost every ductless AC. My entire family is happily using Cielo devices now.

  107. Andrew

    I have used some other products in the market, and I have to say this Cielo one is better than all. Their mobile app is perfect and does not stop working for no reason. I purchased two devices last year, and I am looking to avail their sale and buy 2 more in the new white color.

  108. Hailey

    I am pretty impressed with Cielo’s support staff. I needed some help with my remote because it was not listed. They made my remote compatible so swiftly!! Never encountered any problem after that. I would highly recommend Cielo to anyone looking to automate their home climate.

  109. John

    I really like Cielo’s mobile app. It has a clean, user friendly interface and does not give you a headache like some apps do with their bold colors and layout. I have used other smart controllers at my friends’ place, and I would say that the Cielo app is way better.

  110. Will

    I heavily use this device to cool my home before my arrival. A great convenience, especially during extreme temperatures. It also helps with energy savings. I would recommend that you try it out straight away if you have a window unit or mini-split. You will feel the difference for sure in just one day.

  111. Louis

    I have an extensive travel schedule due to my work. I have 60+ plants. Not a good combination, I know, but Cielo Breez has helped a lot. My plants enjoy perfect temperatures that I can control thousands of miles away. I am welcomed home by happy plants, not dead plants. Before Cielo, my sensitive plants would wilt due to harsh summer heat. Thank you, Cielo.

  112. Janice

    Works perfectly with my LG window AC. Cielo has made my life so easy, no more temperature woes.

  113. Andrea

    My cats enjoy perfect temperatures all day long, thanks to Cielo. I was actually planning to give my cats to a friend because I didn’t know how to maintain a comfortable temperature for them while I was gone. They don’t like fluctuating temperatures.
    So, when I came across this Cielo device on Facebook, I thought, why not give it a try. Honestly, I am so glad I made that decision. I can check on the temperature all day using my phone, and when I go back home, I can feel that they are happy and comfortable. Highly recommendedd.

  114. William

    I was looking for my remote replacement when I came across Cielo Breez. Works quite well with Alexa. I just have to give voice commands, and Cielo takes care of the rest. Thank God I didn’t find my remote replacement on time!

  115. Bryan

    I have 3 dogs, and they love this device. I usually set the weekly schedules beforehand, and if there are any sudden weather changes, I change the setting using my phone or set the automated comfy. As a result, my dogs stay happy all day long as they don’t have to deal with temperature fluctuations anymore. Thank you, Cielo!

  116. Michael

    Installing the Cielo device was a breeze. Simple instructions that anyone can understand. When it comes to functionality, it works perfectly well. I have tested almost all the features, and they work just the way Cielo has advertised.

  117. Alex

    Easy to install and exciting to use. Can monitor and change all the functions of my air con from literally anywhere; at work or when I am shopping. Should have purchased it earlier.

  118. Brandon

    Saw Cielo’s ad on Facebook. I did some research and checked their website. Seemed like a nice device to automate my mini-split, so I ordered it. It’s been 2 weeks, and I am happy to come back to report that I am a satisfied customer. I think I would be buying more in the future.

  119. Nick

    I have heard of thermostats with central ACs but making a mini-split smart? That definitely seemed like a distant reality. But thanks to Cielo for making it a reality!

  120. Harli

    When I first heard of Cielo smart controllers, I couldn’t believe that a simple controller could make my AC smart. After going through their website, I placed the order. It’s been 3 months; this smart controller has not disappointed me!

  121. Paul

    I installed the device and connected it with my window AC in minutes. I would recommend it to anyone looking to automate their ductless units.

  122. Allen

    Cielo is more than an AC controller; it can help you save energy, keep track of your usage, and even create zones. If you want more than a remote control for your mini-split or window AC, I suggest that you give this device a try.

  123. Meghab

    I struggled with keeping my bills stable during the holiday season but setting schedules and especially Comfy Mode with Cielo Breez keep everything in control!

  124. Kevin

    I have two kids, and they often mess up the settings on the mini-split remote. With Cielo Eco, I have complete control over my air conditioning from my smartphone. Will surely go for Cielo Plus too soon, as I really liked the on-device controls for that device.

  125. Tina

    I didn’t know that it was possible to make your simple mini-split smart. Got to know about it when I saw the Cielo ad and bought the device out of curiosity. It works quite well, and I also recommend it to my friends and family. Everyone in my family who bought it is all praises for Cielo Breez.

  126. Nicole

    Useful device! I use it for my garage, where I need to lower the temperature a bit in summers. I schedule it according to the weather, and that’s it, no more going back and forth to the garage just to change the settings.

  127. Ronald

    I found this device when searching for mini-splits. Didn’t know I needed it till I saw the ads. After checking their website, I decided to order it. Both the AC and Cielo Breez came in the same week. I have been using it for a month now; it’s working great, definitely exceeded my expectations.

  128. Henry

    I really like Cielo’s mobile app; it has a clean interface, it’s user-friendly, and works seamlessly without any lag. It’s such a relief that Cielo’s app does not have any issues.

  129. Sophia

    Excellent product. Easy installation, you just have to follow all the guidelines in the manual, and you will have it running in 5 minutes. I have been using this for 3 months with my mini-split, and it’s working fine; I never had any issues. If you have a mini-split, you should try this.

  130. Jack

    Cielo Breez Eco easily configured with my window AC. I have been using it for 4 months, never had any issues. Thanks to Cielo for changing the way we control our home climate!

  131. Joe

    If you live in a warm climate and have pets, you would know how difficult it gets to manage the temperature settings when you are not at home. You can’t blast the AC on the highest settings because who would pay all those high bills? In July, it gets too hot in my area, and at one point, I used to ask my neighbor to check on my pets. That same neighbor bought a Cielo device and recommended it to me. My life has changed after that! I can now work in peace without having to check on my pets and disturb my neighbor. I can check all the settings on my phone; I simply love it!

  132. Bryan

    This device provides you with an optimal climate, all the while saving on your bills. What else do you need in a SMART AC controller?

  133. Raymon

    I always forget to turn off my AC, and this used to add to my bills as I’m away for most of the day. My home used to be super cool on my arrival, but I couldn’t waste my money on that. I started looking for smart devices that would allow for remote control. I came across Cielo Breez Eco, had a quick look at their website, and I knew I had to buy it. I am using it for three months now, and I’m super impressed!

  134. Ryan

    I have two of these devices; one is connected to my LG AC and the other one with Samsung. Using them for over three months now and have never encountered any issue. If you have a mini-split, I would advise you to try it. It is not a basic controller; I think the features are pretty advanced.

  135. Fred

    I have used this device with my portable air conditioner, and it works great. All thanks to Cielo my portable AC is now smart!

  136. Anne

    In summers, electricity bills used to burn a hole in my pocket due to AC usage, but Cielo Breez Eco changed that. They claim that their smart AC devices can save up to 25% of energy, and IT’S TRUE! I bought two devices last summer and just placed my order for another device in white color.

  137. Eve

    I have a mini-split in my garage. I wanted something to control the temperature using my phone. Read different reviews and decided to purchase the Cielo Breez Eco. This device didn’t disappoint me. I don’t have to go to the garage to change the settings now and then, all thanks to Breez Eco!

  138. Michael

    I bought it last year just before covid as I used to move a lot for work. I have three pets, and their temperature preferences vary depending on the time of the day. Cielo has made my life easy. I can now schedule the temperatures with a click on my phone and just relax!

  139. Anna

    They have recently launched Breez Eco in the white color, and I totally love it. The black one did not go well with my room decor, but this one just blends in perfectly. Apart from the aesthetics, all the functions are great, and it even helps save on monthly bills!

  140. Elvin

    Honestly, I was not expecting a lot of controls, but this device exceeded my expectations. Weekly scheduling, global controls, geofencing mode, you can get all of this in this smart controller. Moreover, it also sends you the usage insights and when your AC filter needs to be changed. What else do you need?

  141. Smith

    Wanted a device that I can connect to my Google Home. With Cielo, I found exactly what I was looking for. Definitely a 5-star product!

  142. Kevin

    My in-built mini split thermostat stopped giving me accurate reading a while ago. I went on Google to see what else is available on the market. Found this device and immediately bought it. It was a quick decision, but I don’t regret buying it. Five stars for not disappointing me!

  143. Joe

    Cielo’s Comfy mode has my heart. You just have to set your desired setting, and it will take care of your comfort automatically. Running an air-conditioner seemed like a chore with constantly having to check the settings, but not anymore, all thanks to Cielo!

  144. Robert Ken

    Been using Breez Eco for a while now. Simply the best device ever for the AC.

  145. Steve

    This device lets me schedule my preferred setting according to the time of the day; how cool is that! I didn’t quite understand the ‘Comfy Mode’ but researched upon it, tested it in my home, and I am in love!! Deserves no less than five stars.

  146. Alan James

    Cielo Breez Eco is a compact and easily blends in my home. It was delivered in time and was very well packaged. The controller is small and provides full functionality like any other smart AC controller. I can control and set the temperature via my mobile, making air conditioner control very convenient. Not to mention, it is budget-friendly yet still not compromising on quality.

  147. Hank

    I got a lot more than I expected! I have 8 LG minisplit indoor wall units in the house and 3 Fujitsu’s minisplits in my workshop. I’m changing all of them over to the Cielo Breez, 9 Eco and 2 Plus. They are very easy to program and set up in less then 10 minutes. The app is much more user friendly then the LG Thinq app and easier to control the units then with the factory supplied handheld remotes. There’s several included options such as multiple scheduling, comfy temp setting, history log, daily run time, and much more that don’t come with the manufactures remote or the LG app.
    I retired from HVAC service and I’ve recommended these magical little boxes to several of my friends that are still working in the trade. There’s 2 things I can think of that would make them perfect, battery powered and data logging but when you add up all the features that you get with these as they are you’re getting a ton of bang for your buck.

  148. Peter

    Easy set-up, saves on bills, temperature settings can be controlled from anywhere, what else do you need in a smart AC controller?

  149. Sarah

    Plants are quite sensitive to temperature changes, and I, a plant mom, was looking for something that would help me with temperature and humidity management. After buying Cielo Breez Eco, my life has become so much easier. If you have plants or pets at home, do give it a try!

  150. Andrew

    I have been using Breez Eco for a year now and two friends even bought it on my recommendation. They complained about only one thing – lack of colors to match their decor. But finally, finally, they have launched it in white color!! WOOHOO You won’t be disappointed with Cielo, that’s a promise.

  151. Reus

    My friend had a Cielo Breez Eco and he recommended that to me to help with the bills and stuff. But I said no as I thought it would be difficult to install and would require extensive wiring. But a few months ago, I bought the device on my friend’s continuous push and I am glad I did. It was super easy to install, did the entire setup in less than 15 minutes myself. It has so many great features that save time, effort, energy, and money. Greatly Recommended!

  152. Fred

    Loving the sleek look of the new white Cielo Breez Eco. Now want Breez Plus in the same color.

  153. Jane

    I bought this device a while back for my living room. I wanted one for my bedroom too, but it was only available in black. Now they have one in white! Really excited to buy it!

  154. Julian

    Solid 5 Stars! I have mini-split ACs in my house, was looking to create different zones but I thought it was a complicated process. A friend recommended Cielo Breez Eco and I easily did the zoning process with Cielo Home app in under 5 minutes.

  155. Jim

    How did I manage to miss this great smart product for so long? Gave my portable AC a different, smart life.

  156. Sam

    This is for the incredible support staff of Cielo,

    I purchased Cielo Breez with great expectations. I knew the only issue we could have is connecting my minisplit to this smart device as I just lost my remote control unit. But Cielo’s technical team made it possible and got my setup up and running smoothly. Brilliant passionate team of Cielo for the win.

  157. Jerry

    Ordered 2 of the Eco units on Cyber Monday to control the mini-splits in each of my A-frame cabins. Super easy setup and they work AWESOME. Now I’ll be able to either heat up or cool down a cabin on the way up to it from the city.

  158. Jason L.

    I am very pleased with the Breez Eco device and have been using it for two years now. However, I wanted to order a second one in white for my bedroom. So, I put in the suggestion and, lo and behold, the company added the new color within a few months!
    I already liked the look of the original Eco device, but I absolutely love it in white! Goes so well with the aesthetic of my room.

  159. Marvin-Jack

    I have always been a fan of smart devices and being an owner of a mini-split, I felt like I needed to try this one out. The first thing I did after setting it up was to connect it to Alexa – and it works perfectly making it one of the most convenient devices I own. I also really like the design of the app – all the useful features are at my fingertips! It is also a useful device to control your energy consumption and electricity bills. I highly recommend it.

  160. Kobe

    Bought the device to control my AC from work, because I have a dog at home. Intuitive interface, easy on the eye, and easily lets you perform the functions you need.

  161. Regina

    Love the scheduling feature. Now I wake up in the morning, and before I get up and out of the bed, the room is already a comfortable toasty so I can get into my morning routine.

  162. Madison

    Undersell, overperform. That’s all I have to say for Cielo. They may not seem gimmicky, but they have all the features and much more than other competitors in the market. A great investement.

  163. Jerry

    Got one. Great experience. Buying more

  164. Alejandro Lopez

    5 STAR.

  165. Hannah Jacobs

    Love the Google Assistant compatibility. I can talk to my AC. Simply WOW!

  166. Walter

    Got what I wanted, which was to use my Alexa to control my AC. I checked out some of the reviews already present of the device, and wanted to see what the hype was about. Definitely living up to expectations.

  167. Tom

    I bought Breez Eco in $68 and I think this is the best smart home investement I have made. No complaints, easy setup, quick integration with all the other smart home gadgets I have lying around. Not regretting it one bit.

  168. Thomas Plummer

    Great unit, great technical support.

  169. Nick Daniel

    I was looking to buy 9 smart controllers for my Frederich AC units which are more than a decade old. I bought 9 of these controllers and it took me less than an hour to set up all of them.
    Best smart controller with the perfect price tag. 100% recommended.

  170. Ivar

    Great product. I was using it with Mrcool AC. Now I have purchased a different brand AC. Would this device work with my new AC

    • Cielo

      Hi Ivar,

      Congrats for the new AC!

      Cielo Breez smart AC controllers work with 2000+ AC remote control models. For more details, please reach out to us anytime at with the exact brand name of your AC and we will provide detailed information.

  171. Valentina

    Five star product

  172. John

    As written on the website, the Eco can be controlled by Alexa, and it indeed can.

  173. dana

    Plug and play almost, very easy.

  174. Caitlin

    I had a few bumps during the installation, but customer support was a great help.

  175. Dave Rogers

    Love the package! Can control my AC with Google Assistant, and that is all I needed.

  176. Nathaniel

    I have an older window AC at home, so was wondering if the Eco would work with it. Made a call to Cielo support, which confirmed that my AC is compatibe and then got the device. Smooth sailings so far.

  177. Bob

    Needed something to work with my Alexa, and the device works perfectly fine. Quick syncing between the mobile app and Alexa, almost seamless.

  178. Caroline

    Works better than my expectations.

  179. Santiago Gomez

    I have pets at home, so I needed something which would let me control the air conditioning from work. The eco was my choice at the time and it is the perfect one. It gives me what I want without any trouble, and that warrants 5 stars.

  180. Jenny

    I have got an Eco device in each room of my house. I love the flexibility it provides me, and coupling it with Alexa makes the whole experience much more convenient. 5 minute setup for each device, no glitches.

  181. Nate

    It even worked with my 10 year old window AC. Now my window AC is smart.

  182. Sean Wells

    Easy and convenient.

  183. Michael

    I have a minisplit and the built in thermostat has never worked right.

    I purchased this unit in the hope that I could better control the minisplit and monitor it remotely.

    The Cielo was ridiculously easy to setup. Just download the app, create an account, add the Cielo to the network and aim the existing remote at the Cielo, press a button and done!

    The robots are easy to setup and work perfectly. The unit also works well with Alexa and is very responsive.

    Customer service is top notch. I had a small problem with the temp readings. They responded immediately and followed up to make sure the problem was fixed.

    I highly recommend the Cielo for ease of use and great customer service.

  184. Dean

    Great product, great support. Had some questions, contacted support (Jordan), and he directed my questions very patiently.I have two Fridgidair window AC’s, and got two devices for them. I highly recommend!!!

  185. Joshua

    Product works as advertised. Outstanding user interface. You can set schedules for the whole week and just let it be. You could do it from the app from anywhere in the world. Forward-thinking development. Kudos to the Cielo team.

  186. Sarah Hans

    Electric bills get very high in the summer months… with 3 mini-split ACs its important to know if someone has left them on… with Cielo Breez ECO, i do not have to worry anymore .. I can check and turn off any AC from anywhere… this gives me peace of mind and saves allot of money.

  187. Rob

    Did what I wanted to achieve, which was Google Home integration. 5 stars

  188. Duane

    I have 5 mini splits in my home and now I can control them all from my Cielo Home app. WOW.

  189. Finn

    I was looking at a few different options, and this was the cheapest one so I went for it. But I can say that they do not compromise on quality. Works with my Google Home setup as well.

  190. Susan

    I had an issue with registering my AC remote with the device. Called customer support, and they added my remote control within 2 minutes. Thanks Sam. Great device, great support.

  191. Jesus Perez

    I have a ductless minisplit, and the inbuilt thermostat does not give me the right temperature across the roomm. Got the Breez Eco, and I can say that I have not regretted the decision. Easy setup, all done within 5 minutes, with clear instructions. I hooked up my device with Amazon Alexa too, and that was a smooth process as well. Great customer service, great product.

  192. Mark

    Nothing to complain about, good product. I have LG window units, and called support. Jordan guided me through the process, and I was up and running within 10 minutes.

  193. Michael

    Great product

  194. Anthony Jacobs

    I was more interested in the energy saving part of the device, and it did not disappoint. I have 4 mini-splits at home, and was constantly worried about keeping a track on the usage of them all. Now I can just hop on to my phone and be up to date. Definitely has made a difference throughout the season.

  195. Arthur

    Super easy to setup and control

  196. Harry

    Great device. I am planning to add more minisplits and would buy the same product again.

  197. Edsal John

    Using the Eco and also Plus in 7 rooms all over my home. Love the product. I have the Eco in my office, dining room, and bedroom. Setting up each device took 5 minutes. All devices connected to my Alexa. Now I can control all of my house with the same app. Well done, and love the price!

  198. Ruiz123

    My AC wasn’t in their list, called tech support, and they promptly addressed my problem. Got back to me in a couple of days, and now my AC remote was functional with the device. Working with my Google Home as well. Well done Cielo Wigle

  199. Joe N

    Been using the Plus for a few months, and got the Eco for my garage. Again, setup was smooth. Can use all my AC’s with one app. Also planning to buy more for my parents home.

  200. Hanif

    Works great with Google Home, and the customer support is great. No complaints.

  201. Sergey

    I have 6 mini splits in my house and wanted to zone them indivodually and set schedules without having to go to each room separately. This is the device for the job!!! I have been extremely pleased with the Eco so far.

  202. Harvey

    Works as intended. Cheaper than the competition. Seamless integration with google home.

  203. Tim

    Excellent product.

  204. Jacob

    Got, what I expected. Had a few questions for support. Got connected to Sam, who was very helpful. Great service

  205. Aryan

    Device does what it claims. Easy to install and use.

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