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81 reviews for Cielo Breez Max (Black)

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  1. Janessa

    I recently researched alot about smart ac controllers. I went through different websites, different products, read through many reviews and experiences, hell I even contacted some of my friends who had mini-splis to ask them about which device they’re using. After extensive research, I made the final decision to purchase the cielo breeze max.

    I really like the design of the product. I got it in black and it was really important to me that its appearance was sleek and chic looking cause I wanted to place it in my living room, and the entire theme of my home in minimalistic and dark, so it fit in really well. In fact, I think it was the best looking smart ac controller out of everyone I’ve researched.
    Features wise it was really awesome as well. I really like the comfy max thing it had. It was a little technical for me to understand at first, but when I called up support they gave me a really quick response and now ill admit that its made life very easy.

    The only problem i have with this device is that because i don’t want to mount it on my wall, i placed it on the stand on one of the decorative tables in my living room. sometimes, because the device is slanted away, my mini-split has trouble picking up the signals. I hope you do something about this cause otherwise, I’ve had such a good experience with this device!

  2. Andrew Braunstein

    I think this is such a useful product that I bought 7 – one for each of my mini-splits. The feature set is great, the product looks nice in person. Solid build. Why 3 stars? I think the software is a bit buggy especially ComfyMax mode. With a range of 68° to 74° which should handle heat / AC I find it setting the target temp to 69° which means it is cooling far more than it needs to. It should cool to 73/74 and stop. One of them set a cool point of 79° which is 5° above the max range. Also, I question the accuracy of the temp / humidity measurements, which is kinda a basic thing for a thermostat. I put 3 different units next to each other. Two different thermometers and the BreezeMax. The two thermometer agreed within 0.4°. The BreezeMax – at least 2.4° different from them. Similar with humidity. The three varied from 61% – 70% with the breezeMax being the highest (70%) and 6% higher than the middle one.

    I also noticed that ComfyMax moved my fan speed from
    Auto to low when the current temp (78°) was above the max range (74°). That is illogical. After a day it did not get to 74° and I manually set the fan speed to high. After 2 hours at least I am down to 76°.

    While setup was smooth, it listed my network SSID 4 times.

    Many is more than a little light on “how to”. You can set up ComfyHumidity and it shows that you can have two rules – and upper and lower, but absolutely no help on what to set to lower humidity. It looks the same as the ComfyMode for temp. I have high humidity it several rooms and would like it to “just manage it” when it is above a threshold.

    As for support, it is disappointing. If you email, there is no acknowledgment or case # returned. You only get that if you create a case through the link on their website.

    I have emailed multiple times. One regarding my order (to, support and a case in their website), and after a week no response.

    I have opened several other cases regarding the issues above. We’ll see if there is any response.

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