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Breez Max black and white idle screens

81 reviews for Cielo Breez Max (Black)

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  1. Vicki

    All the functions work really well. It’d be great if it offered right and left swing control in addition to up and down.

  2. RubenA

    I got 3 of these a ccouple of mo ths ago for my Mitsubishi mini splits and they have been working pretty great.
    The schedules are great you can have them for the entire week and they turn on and off the minisplit automatically.
    I love all the three units can be controlled using the single app screen which keeps me aware of all the temperatures and which one is on and off.
    The device sharing without sharing account credentials is still not available but the support says it is in their pipeline and would be available soon.

  3. Marty Fletcher

    The installation of thecielo breez max in my upstairs bedroom was simple and esay. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and its features work exceptionally, the comfy max mode is so amazing !! I’m soo thrilled with the awesome functionality and features it offers and am really eager to see how much it’s going to save me on my energy bill.

  4. brett s

    Just set up my cielo breez max, and it was really easy! The installation, connecting to WiFi, and syncing with the app took only about 10 minutes!

  5. Julian f

    Wow! The installation was a breeze, and it easily integrated with my existing minisplit heatpump (it seems universally compatible as advertised). Connected to my wifi swiftly and without any hassle.

  6. Helena Morrison

    We had an older version of cielo smart ac controller installed previously; the breeze plus, and while that was excellent, this one is significantly better, it had a few extra special features which is just awesome, like that comfy max mode.

  7. Thomas Hawke

    Awesome product. Got two of them for my home. Thinking of buying a couple of lites for the less used rooms too.

  8. Nancy Scott

    My favorite feature of this device would be the comfy max mode, although it seemed a little complicated to understand, I totally appreciated the support for explaining all the ways i could save with this device! Amazing!

  9. Jonah Mills

    I experienced one of those rare instances where the customer service exceeded the product itself. Thats what happened to me. Not saying the product is bad but i was having trouble setting it up since it had some features that were new to me. I called the helpline was blown away. the assistant was very helpful, prompt, and thorough in his instructions. I got the hang of the settings in just 5 minutes, and I didn’t even feel stupid, which I usually do especially when asking for help with tech-related stuff.

  10. Ryan Adams

    What i really love about this device is how convenient all its features were! Honestly, hat’s off, i’m recommending it to my parents as well!

  11. Natalie Grayson

    As a teacher and a single mom who recently moved to Minnesota, leaving my 9-year-old at home with a nanny in the mornings was a constant worry. Our apartment had an old-school, glitchy thermostat, and I needed a solution for the harsh winter. After some research, I stumbled upon this device. I needed something that could automate temperature control, be managed from my phone, be easy to use, and not too pricey. At first, it felt like a big ask, but this device checked all the boxes. It’s been a few weeks, and it’s resolved all my concerns. The home app is user-friendly, and now I can focus on teaching without worrying about my kid’s comfort at home. A real lifesaver!

  12. Daniel S

    this device has such a great design. i love the black colour cause i have it installed in my study and fits the overall theme of the room. looks really sleek and cool. Features are pretty cooltoo. Just ordered another for my bedroom.

  13. Emmy

    Irecenty upgraded to this device from my old breez lite. there is no doubt that there is an an immediate jump in performance, cause lemme tell u this device is super cool! i am so amazed at how user friendly it is, and the features are so much greater!!! i mean this comfy max feature was confusing at first but when i finally understood it (with a little help from support, of course), and I am really enjoying all the comforts its brings! Really awesome product!

  14. Raymond Jones

    I got this device for my living room because I wanted a more convenient way to control the AC than the remote it comes with. The installation process was a piece of cake!
    Breez max looks great in my living area, I have placed it on a stand it comes with. I mostly use scheduling feature. I love using the presets since I son’t need to add the settings for every time of the day. It’s super convenient. Also, the on-device controls are an amazing add-on. It helps when my parents are over and they don’t have the app installed so they can easily use the device to make changes.

  15. Hailey

    Bought cielo breez max for my kids room because I wanted their room climate to be just perfect without any fluctuations and this device has exceeded my expectations. I can easily make changes even when I am not home and can keep a closer eye on room temperature and humidity levels. Really like the preset thing, never heard of it in a smart ac controller or any air conditioner remote. I use sleep preset at night and this helps my kids sleep peacefully the whole night. Can it get any better than this?

  16. Dash Hawke

    I was searching for a really efficient smart ac controller for my new mini-split heat pump. Its a Mitsubishi model and i wanted one that was easily compatible with it. I checked out the specs for the breez max and found some that were really interesting. I quickly ordered one for my home and received it two weeks ago.
    The device look really sleek and modern and fits right into my theme. I really love how its easy to manage the temperature at home. The energy-saving features are a fantastic bonus, making this controller a must-have.

  17. William

    Just wanted to check how it would work, so just ordered one. Now that I have been using it for the past month, I absolutely love every feature of cielo breez max, especially Comfy max,. This function automatically maintains my room temperature according to my preferences. Ordered three more for my other mini-splits at home and my small shop. Cheers guys, you are doing a great job.

  18. Mark Lin

    I recently purchased Max AC controller, and I must say it is an absolute game changer when it comes to controlling my mini-split. Installation process was hassle-free, the app guides you through-out with step by step process – I was really amazed when it automatically picked up my AC remote model (it’s pretty magical). The ability to control the AC via voice commands with Alexa comes in real handy. Loving the device!

  19. Jim

    With just a simple click of the remote this device picked up my entire AC remote settings and put them in my phone. As simple as that! This is the future, and Cielo brings it to us. So thank you! 2 months into use and no issues, only love. Ive always wanted to set my room ac to switch on at 10 pm, though the remote controls are such a hassle, however with this i can do it literally from anywhere and in seconds!! Plus it gives so much other cooler options like the comfy max and comfy and ability to see my usage history. Presets are really cool which allow you to save your preferred temp. settings so you can enable them with a touch! Like i have a different one for morning and night.

  20. Leo Bennett

    honestly, i’ve been been waiting for this product for so long, and now that its finally here, I can see it was worth all the hype and excitement surrounding it. It was really easy to install, and I think my favorite new feature is the offline scheduling. Its made everything so much more convenient for me. cheers!

  21. Ivette

    I recently got my hands on Cielo Breez Max and am sorted for the summer. The setup was a breeze and the compatibility with my AC unit was seamless. The mobile app is also intuitive and easy to use, but the standout feature for me is the Max Comfy Mode. This mode ensures that my home is always at the perfect temperature with minimal manual intervention. This has undoubtedly been a major upgrade for my house. The cherry on top is its sleek minimal design which looks amazing.

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