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  1. Blake

    I had been in search for a solution to remotely control my window ac for some time. I came across a mention of cielo in an online group. Following this lead, I checked their website and read up on their devices. I even gave their helpline a call, and the support agents were really cooperative. They gave me a rundown of all their products and i was able to better make a decision! Thats what led to my purchase of breez max. Now I can control my room temp using my phone. Love their comfy max feature. I hated making manual changes every now and then so I love the convenience comfy max has brought into my life.
    The only regret i have is not discovering this device earlier.

  2. Vicky King

    This product truly brings a really modern touch to my home. It turned my ancient AC into a smart one and honestly i just cant get over it! Im truly impressed with the ‘presets’ feature. it allows me to choose among some of the premade settings.I usually choose them when I’m home or asleep. A big shoutout to Cielo for making this possible. This smart AC controller is a really great way to control your mini-splits. It’s worth every penny!

  3. Jason Miller

    I’m not usually one to leave feedback, but this time I have to acknowledge the outstanding product and customer service. Two years ago, I purchased my first Cielo Breeze Plus for my LG mini split. Recently, I found out that breez max had come out. I bought it as a birthday gift for my father, and I’ve just been amazed. It managed to easily connect my dad’s old Friedrich AC. The whole connecting process with the phone app was super simple, and all in all, I am just amazed by the product. Would recommend it to everyone!

  4. Adam

    Got Breez a while ago. Also bought their smart thermostat along with it. I bought breez max for two reasons, the comfy max feature.. It seemed so fancy when I first checked it on cielo website. And I when I got it, that was the first thing I tried. You just have to set the upper and lower temperature and then… perfect room temperature without you having to do anything, literally.
    The other reason – Cielo linked. It is also recently launched and God, it has completely transformed my room climate. I can now link my cielo thermostat and breez max. I have this linkage when my home temperature goes above a certain point as detected by the cielo thermostat, the breez plus in my upper floor bedroom turns on 73 F. Super convenient.

  5. Stella R

    I won’t lie, i doubted if this device would even do what i needed it to. But im so glad that I got it. I was a little confused with the whole set up process and i called up the support helpline hoping i would get a quick response. Can you imagine my surprise when they picked up in seconds?? I explained my issues and the support person was really polite and professional in the way he explained everything to me. He walked me through the whole set up process.
    I then started exploring the many features it had to offer. I was really impressed with the scheduling feature. I didnt know how much more easier and stress-free my life would become with this feature . I’m exploring their new comfy max feature and loving it so far.
    One thing I’d like would be an option to turn off the beep sounds when comfy sends a command.

  6. Annie Morrison

    I’ve used the breeze lite before and ive always been satisfied with its features. After deciding to upgrade my ac controller (and spend some money!), i decided to get the breez max. And this is such an amazing smart AC controller! It seriously blew me away from the start. The setup was a piece of cake, and it worked amazingly with my ac. And the app was really cool too. The user interface is super appealing and easy to use.
    I can tweak settings at anytime and control my AC from anywhere. But the real game-changer is the comfy max feature. I never have to stress about wasting energy and it keeps my home at my preferred temperature all the time. This device is totally convenient! Seriously, I’m over the moon with this thing! I sing praises about this everywhere i go.

  7. Oliver

    One of the main reasons I purchased this device was to have a better way of controlling my air conditioner. My kids seem to have a knack of transforming the AC remote into a game of hide and seek. It’s like it has a pair of legs, wandering off to god knows where, leaving us stuck with the same temperature setting until we launch a full house treasure hunt. Now the AC settings live in my phone. 10/10 for the convenience it has brought into our lives.

  8. Zain

    Upgraded from the Plus to the Max and woah this has answered all my prayers. Instead of the set point showing in big bold numbers, this one shows the live room temp which is great. Also plus’s design was alright while this one is super modern and just looks great in my room. Comfy max is quite an upgrade – it takes less than a minute to set up the mode and voila perfect climate automatically – love love love.

  9. Janina Woo

    This device is MAGICAL. No technical skills needed to install it(phew), the max is for everyone. I can confidently say that this smart AC controller has transformed the way I experience temperature management in my home. Scheduling my cooling this summer has been a complete BLESSING.

    Room for improvement: Please add a schedule for the display also. While it automates my climate, it would be even cooler if it could automatically switch on the display in the morning. The display light is a bother at night, while touch controls are an essential during the day. Each time i need to enable/disable them, i must open the app, go in settings and so on…

  10. Hannah Cooke

    ok so i recently purchased an apartment in a relatively cheap building. It was a good deal in my budget but the biggest drawback was that it had no central air conditioning or any ceiling fans, so i had to buy a portable fan and a mini split ac too. That was fine and everything, but i was worried about any extra energy costs it might make. Thats when i found this product when scrolling through amazon. it had some pretty neat features and i was really impressed so i quickly ordered one.
    When i received it the installation process was pretty smooth, the app was giving very clear instructions and it barely took a second to detect the remote and link itself to the ac. Its really awesome that it can easily connect to my phone. I’ve experimented a lot with it since then and i think my favorite thing is the offline scheduling. I’ll admit i found the comfy max a little confusing, but after contacting the support for it, they explained everything in clear and easy steps. They even told me about how the feature works in a simple way.
    Overall, my experience has been really great. I really like how this device looks like with in my apartment (I have it on the stand instead of wall mounting it) it looks really nice and has made controlling the ac really easy.
    5/5 , would definitely recommend this product to others.

  11. Johnny Drake

    This is such a sophisticated and efficient controller this is. I’ve been really focused on transforming my apartment to be as energy efficient as possible because i wanna cut back on my bills. That’s why i recently got some ductless heatpumps. i got an ac controller for it but I was having huge problems with it, so i switched to cielo breez max at the recommendation of a friend.
    lemme tell you, it works so great. really easy to DIY install it, and it has amazing features. I loved the comfy max mode the best. I love how schedules in this work can work even when wifi is not available. Absolutely amazing product!

  12. Steve David

    I’m already using the devices Cielo Breez Plus and Cielo Smart Thermostat for my attic and the central system. Wanted one for my garage so ordered their latest addition, Cielo Breez Max. It looks really nice on my wall and is pretty easy to use.
    I also started using Cielo Linked and added all three devices to one interface and it has made my life much easier. You can control all the devices from one tap and set commands that help you to maintain the temperature of the whole house. It’s pretty convenient. I urge all those buying or thinking to buy Cielo Breez Max to use Cielo Linked as well.

  13. Jake

    Was waiting for this one so I bought 2! I’ve been on the hunt for a good smart AC controller for my Mitsubishi mini-split but the ones available on the market are pretty basic and somehow all of em seem to be missing one thing or another.
    When I finally got my hands on it, I was thoroughly impressed! The feel of the product itself is quite premium. The design is pretty sleek and feels almost like using a thermostat.
    It’s loaded with cool features, especially comfy max, presets. With the electric costs rising, this thing is a MUST to help save energy and AC usage. I can already see that through its cool usage history feature on the app.

  14. Nathan Young

    I had been waiting for this since it won the AHR product of the year award and I am thoroughly impressed! I’ve been on the hunt for a good smart controller for my Mitsubishi split but the ones available were pretty basic. This is just so premium, takes a minute to connect to the AC and that’s some big deal for someone as impatient as me. The features are amazing and it looks great on the wall. great job done 10/10.

  15. Alex Miles

    This is such an awesome product. I’ve been using it for the past whole week, and I love how convenient and easy to use the breeze max is. Had a little confusion about some of the settings, but the support helpline explained everything in an easy-to-understand way. I’ve just ordered another one to gift my girlfriend. Great stuff.

  16. Freya Payne

    Okay, so, I just recieved my breeze max a day ago. I was so excited about this product that I immediately set it up. The whole processwas really quick and simple. When I opened the box the first thought that came to mind when I saw the device was elegance personified. I ordered the device in black and it looked so sleek and aesthetically pleasing, I spent a good minute just admiring it.
    It came with a wall mount which is great. I already have a breeze plus so I knew how to set up this controller. But they have updated the process and it was way much smooth and easier, hardly took me 2 minutes to get it running and connect with my app.
    And damn, the amount of features this product offers is so great. I loved the comfy max feature which is definitely an upgrade from the previous comfy mode the breeze plus had. The offline scheduling is pretty cool too. Overall I LOVE this product so far! A great job done by cielo!!

  17. Gael M

    I cannot stress how long ive been waiting for this breeze max. I was over the moon when i realized it finally launched. As a regular user of other cielo products, i immediately placed an order for this new controller. I received it a couple of days ago. Installation was as usual a seamless process. I was really surprised to see the offline scheduling feature. The best part of this ac controller is the comfy max mode which makes it super easy to manage room temperature.
    Appearance : 10/10
    Features: 10/10
    Effectiveness: 10/10
    I recommend this product to everyone! I’ve even ordered one more for my parents house.

  18. Dante

    I’ve been waiting for this a long time and this was totally worth the wait! I connected it to my mini-split and the set up was unbelievably straightforward and fast. I initially planned to place it on the wall but the stand is so minimal and sleek, why bother?
    Love the way comfy max mode and schedules work, it’s a complete win for me.

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