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Make your AC smart with the Cielo Breez Plus smart air conditioner controller with on device local controls. Providing unparalleled functionality, with the Breez Plus you can set weekly schedules, location-based controls, temperature & humidity triggers, comfy mode and much more. Control your air conditioner through the mobile app, web app, or using on device controls for comfort, convenience and energy savings.

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265 reviews for Cielo Breez Plus

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  1. Steve Castillo

    I purchased two Cielo Breez Plus thermostats to control our to new Daiken minisplits. The initial setup for these was fairly straightforward. However, it took awhile to configure both of them into a STABLE and minimum energy usage configuration. The “Comfy” mode is absolutely necessary to get the most out of these units. The reason for this is that without the COMFY mode on, the thermostat will keep driving the cooler to keep cooling well below the temperature set point set in the app. With Comfy on, the unit can be configured to keep the mini-split working to maintain a temperature to a fairly narrow range. I would think that COMFY would be unnecessary if the flexibility of the mini-split inverter capability were taken advantage of in the normal mode in order to maintain the temperature in a narrow range. In any case, for the COMFY mode, the biggest issue was that the supplied documentation did not completely detail how COMFY works and how to set it up for glitch-free, smooth operation. I had multiple instances of the app and the unit getting out of sync or messages of the unit being off-line. Fortunately, the help line service from Cielo was patient and detailed, helping me to get all my settings correct to stabilize the units and ensure that I got the most out of them. I am still somewhat fuzzy about the role of the temperature sensor in the Cielo Breeze Plus during operations that are not using the COMFY mode. However, it is clear that the Cielo Breeze Plus is using its internal temperature sensor in the Comfy mode. I am pretty tech savvy given my background as an electrical engineer, so I can see where many buyers of these units might become frustrated and simply give up. Cielo would do well to improve the documentation of the unit – especially for the COMFY mode. My only other issue is that only a single user has access to control the unit through the Cielo app unless the user name and password is shared. The alternative is through Google Home which only gives the user very limited control of the thermostat settings. There are very limited choices in the market for smart thermostats that can control a mini-split or other HVAC unit that is normally controlled through a dumb controller with an I/R link capability. Cielo’s offering is very capable once it is correctly configured.

  2. Greg

    Amazing design of the device! It is so stylish and chic and goes with my black interior perfectly!

  3. Alexis

    I was struggling to find a smart AC controller that had global controls, thankfully Cielo solved that issue. I can now control the temperature from my office, and I don’t have to worry about going to a cold home anymore!

  4. Dylan Rodriguez

    This device adds features to my AC that I never thought were possible! I simply love it. I think it can be improved though because what I don’t like is that since it’s set up with my wife’s phone, when she leaves the house the AC gets turned off. However, overall it’s so amazing that we cannot imagine our summer without it anymore! We constantly check our ACs usages and are loving the new scheduling and the new comfy feature!

  5. Mateas T.

    Everything about this product is what I needed. What I don’t love is the color. Maybe a white version would look better in my room.

  6. Elijah

    Good thermostat, but the IR range is an issue. They need to work on it and maybe increase its power.

    • Cielo

      Thanks for the suggestion. We are sorry that you have to encounter the range issue. We have also shared your observation with our tech department.

  7. russell Serrano

    Works well, but it does not work more than 12feet away. Please improve.

    • Cielo

      Hi Russell,

      Thanks for the review!

      This may be happening due to any obstacle (such as furniture) that could be blocking the IR signals. Please contact our support team at +1 425 529 5775 or and we will try to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

  8. Mason Chavez

    Other features are great, but I would like to have the option of a white color product which matches to my room decor.

    • Cielo


      Thanks for the suggestion. We have sent your wish to our production department.

  9. Hugo

    Features are great, setup is easy, but I just wished the device range could have been greater than 15 feet.

  10. Pablo

    The device works fine, but the whole scheduling and comfy mode settings were a bit hard to get a hang off at first, but still, no major complaints.

  11. Maya

    I currently have 2 devices. Setup was okay, but the app interface was unintuitive for me. Had to click on esaver to get to schedules and other temperature range control features. Could be better. But overall features work really well.

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