Cielo Breez Plus

Rating: 4.8
Cielo Breez Plus
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Natalie Sugar

"Just what I needed to make my house a smart home."

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"If you wanna automate your house this is a great way to do it."

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Kerry Mann

"It's got a big read-out screen. It feels like it's very well built."

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"A total game changer for my house. This device allows me to control and manage my mini split & helps us save $$"

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"It's fantastic, it works really well. Really really convenient, I love this, I'm very very happy."

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"I've even tried this on my portable AC and it works like a charm. This is a pretty cool device."


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  1. Donald P

    Comfy mode has been a game-changer. I no longer wake up at night freezing or sweating. It maintains the ideal temperature and humidity levels, and in conjunction with the scheduling feature, I’m also cutting down on energy waste.

  2. Adeline M.

    This cielo breeze minisplit thermostat has made managing my mini-split system much easier. Installation was quick, and the app is very intuitive. I love being able to control the temperature from my phone and set schedules to save energy. It also works well with Alexa, so I can adjust settings with voice commands. Highly recommended.

  3. Annie

    recently moved into a house with four mini-splits already installed. The previous owners left behind these smart controllers with the systems. We ended up using these controllers, and omg these work so well. i didn’t think that would actually help save energy but the comfy mode and the scheduling features were really great and we did end up saving on our bills. I’m getting more of these for our vacation rental now!

  4. Henry

    Ive got 3 plus units for minisplits by fujitsu and they are incredibly awesome! I can control all the minisplits using one app. All the rooms appear on one screen which makes it super convenient to know which one is running and needs to be turned off. The app control is amazing no matter you control it from home or outside, the units respond to all the commands. The only thing missing in these devices is the support with homekit. I hope they introduce it soon.

  5. Paul

    The plus unit I have been using for quite some time now suddenly disconnected and won’t connect back to my heat pump. I contacted support. Jason was so helpful, he knew exactly what went wrong and within minutes the device was back online. I really enjoy using the device but the promp response from support actually won me over!

  6. Janice L

    I chose this brand based on the recommendation of my HVAC technician and I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience so far. It equips the minisplit with additional features that the remote does not offer. I was surprised by seeing the option to set schedules on the app. I was only expecting the global control and the remote functions on the app but it offers a lot more. The comfy feature is also great when you do not want to deal with the temperature fluctuations manually by constantly adjusting the temp. Just give it your preferred range and it takes care of the rest. It works with several smart home systems but i really wish it worked with homekit also. Otherwise, totally love it!

  7. Marshall S

    I am reaaally enjoying my new Breezy Plus. It effortlessly synchronized with my Mitsubishi remote, and turned it into a smart device that can be conveniently managed through the app. I especially love the scheduling! Without a doubt, this device has saved me alot of moneyy!

  8. Isaac Fitz

    The smart voice control integration is a game-changer. I can simply use voice commands with Alexa to change the temperature or check the status of my AC. It adds a whole new level of convenience to my daily life.

  9. Walker D

    What sets the Cielo Breez Plus apart is its ability to work seamlessly with various smart home platforms. It integrates effortlessly with my existing smart home devices, creating a cohesive and connected environment. I also appreciate the energy-saving insights provided by the app. It’s eye-opening to see how small adjustments can make a big impact on my energy consumption and, ultimately, my utility bills

  10. Wesley P

    Amazing device!! Im going to order another one for our main bedroom!

  11. tony collier

    The mobile app is where the magic happens. I can control the temperature of my home from anywhere, whether I’m at work or out running errands. The intuitive interface makes it easy to set schedules, adjust settings, and even monitor energy usage. It’s like having a personal climate control assistant right in my pocket!

  12. Bridget Smith

    I found the perfect Christmas gift for my dear Nana. My grandmother is always feeling a bit chilly and has trouble with her current AC remote. With my busy work schedule, I can’t always be there to help her out, and that’s where the Cielo Breez Plus helps.

    The ability to manage and adjust the temperature at Nana’s place while I’m at work is a game-changer. It’s like a breath of fresh air, knowing I can ensure her comfort even from a distance.

  13. Felix

    Love the product! works really great…i also wanna thank the support for their help and cooperation in explaining how to set up the device..

  14. Micky Andrews

    My sister forced me to switch to Cielo from the previous smart ac controller i used to use. I was really unwilling at first but I won’t deny that my experience with this breeze plus is so much better than anything I’ve experienced before. I mean, this comfy mode is so amazing and has actually lowered my energy bills, which is great!
    The Cielo app is user-friendly and offers a variety of features to customize your experience. I highly recommend the Cielo Breez Plus to anyone who wants a convenient and efficient solution for controlling their home’s temperature.

  15. Jasmine Benson

    I have been searching for a high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioner thermostat for my home for a long time, and I finally found breeze plus – which is honestly the perfect match for my home. I initially bought only one for the mini-split I have installed in my living room. The device was generally pretty easy to set up, and I can easily control my AC unit through my phone or using alexa.

    One of my favorite features is the option to set customizable schedules for my AC, which has helped me save a lot of money on my energy bills. And honestly, as someone who’s very sensitive to temperature changes (I feel absurdly cold during the mornings and extremely hot in the evenings), the schedules helped me kick back and relax because i knew my set temperature schedules would be followed with no issues!
    Im thinking of buying their premium version now for the ac in my bedroom.

  16. Anderson

    As someone who’s not techy I was really hesitant in investing in this gadget, but then my daughter gifted me a Cielo Breez Plus, and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. This sleek and compact device packs a powerful punch, allowing me to control my air conditioner from anywhere using the user-friendly app. And the best part? Even someone as old as me could easily understand it. It was really easy to install and it had amazing features. Im always losing the remote control and the fact i can now use my phone to control my ac is such a relief to me. Plus, the display allows to change the settings which is very convenient. Though I believe it could be made a little smoother to use. Overall, I would highly recommend the Cielo Breez Plus to anyone looking to upgrade their home’s air conditioning game.

  17. Alex Parks

    I absolutely love this device. I legit set this thing up in no time, like seriously, I’m no tech whiz but it was so simple with the instructions manual that came inside the box! I’ve placed it on my desk but it can also be hardwired in the wall which is great and I’m gonna do that in a couple of days.
    Now, I can control my AC from my phone, which is a huge game-changer on a hot day when you don’t want to get up. Plus, it’s super compatible; it worked with my old AC unit like a charm. And the geofencing? Genius! It knows when I’m coming home and gets the place cool in literally no time. This thing is a lifesaver, man, and it’s saved me some huge cash on my energy bill too. I’m also exploring their comfy mode which they claim saves even more energy and loving it so far. I think they can improve the device touch.
    Overall, a really good product and a total game changer.

  18. Mandy Smith

    I absolutely love cielos products. the breeze plus was the first smart ac controller i ever got and it has made my life so easy. I love how the comfy mode works, its really convenient and ensures my home stays in a comfortable temperature all the time. I especially LOVE the way the app is so user-friendly and easy to navigate!

  19. Steve Castillo

    I purchased two Cielo Breez Plus thermostats to control our to new Daiken minisplits. The initial setup for these was fairly straightforward. However, it took awhile to configure both of them into a STABLE and minimum energy usage configuration. The “Comfy” mode is absolutely necessary to get the most out of these units. The reason for this is that without the COMFY mode on, the thermostat will keep driving the cooler to keep cooling well below the temperature set point set in the app. With Comfy on, the unit can be configured to keep the mini-split working to maintain a temperature to a fairly narrow range. I would think that COMFY would be unnecessary if the flexibility of the mini-split inverter capability were taken advantage of in the normal mode in order to maintain the temperature in a narrow range. In any case, for the COMFY mode, the biggest issue was that the supplied documentation did not completely detail how COMFY works and how to set it up for glitch-free, smooth operation. I had multiple instances of the app and the unit getting out of sync or messages of the unit being off-line. Fortunately, the help line service from Cielo was patient and detailed, helping me to get all my settings correct to stabilize the units and ensure that I got the most out of them. I am still somewhat fuzzy about the role of the temperature sensor in the Cielo Breeze Plus during operations that are not using the COMFY mode. However, it is clear that the Cielo Breeze Plus is using its internal temperature sensor in the Comfy mode. I am pretty tech savvy given my background as an electrical engineer, so I can see where many buyers of these units might become frustrated and simply give up. Cielo would do well to improve the documentation of the unit – especially for the COMFY mode. My only other issue is that only a single user has access to control the unit through the Cielo app unless the user name and password is shared. The alternative is through Google Home which only gives the user very limited control of the thermostat settings. There are very limited choices in the market for smart thermostats that can control a mini-split or other HVAC unit that is normally controlled through a dumb controller with an I/R link capability. Cielo’s offering is very capable once it is correctly configured.

  20. Greg

    Amazing design of the device! It is so stylish and chic and goes with my black interior perfectly!

  21. Alexis

    I was struggling to find a smart AC controller that had global controls, thankfully Cielo solved that issue. I can now control the temperature from my office, and I don’t have to worry about going to a cold home anymore!

  22. Dylan Rodriguez

    This device adds features to my AC that I never thought were possible! I simply love it. I think it can be improved though because what I don’t like is that since it’s set up with my wife’s phone, when she leaves the house the AC gets turned off. However, overall it’s so amazing that we cannot imagine our summer without it anymore! We constantly check our ACs usages and are loving the new scheduling and the new comfy feature!

  23. Mateas T.

    Everything about this product is what I needed. What I don’t love is the color. Maybe a white version would look better in my room.

  24. Elijah

    Good thermostat, but the IR range is an issue. They need to work on it and maybe increase its power.

    • Cielo

      Thanks for the suggestion. We are sorry that you have to encounter the range issue. We have also shared your observation with our tech department.

  25. russell Serrano

    Works well, but it does not work more than 12feet away. Please improve.

    • Cielo

      Hi Russell,

      Thanks for the review!

      This may be happening due to any obstacle (such as furniture) that could be blocking the IR signals. Please contact our support team at +1 425 529 5775 or and we will try to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

  26. Mason Chavez

    Other features are great, but I would like to have the option of a white color product which matches to my room decor.

    • Cielo


      Thanks for the suggestion. We have sent your wish to our production department.

  27. Hugo

    Features are great, setup is easy, but I just wished the device range could have been greater than 15 feet.

  28. Pablo

    The device works fine, but the whole scheduling and comfy mode settings were a bit hard to get a hang off at first, but still, no major complaints.

  29. Maya

    I currently have 2 devices. Setup was okay, but the app interface was unintuitive for me. Had to click on esaver to get to schedules and other temperature range control features. Could be better. But overall features work really well.

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