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  1. Jessica Holland

    This Cielo smart thermostat is amazing! Lets me control my home climate through my phone from anywhere. Setup was pretty straightforward and the app is really user-friendly. Got it for two reasons, it has a great price compared to Nest, and Im already using Cielo Breez Plus for my mini split so I get to control both the devices using a single app.

  2. Rebecca Ward

    I am extremely satisfied with this product. The setup process is remarkably easy. However, what truly sets this thermostat apart is the exceptional customer service and support. When they claim to be available from 9 am to 9 pm, they truly mean it. They were quick to follow up with my emails. Even after my issue with c wire installation, which had nothing to do with the thermostat, was resolved, they took the time to ensure my continued happiness with the device. Amazing job!!

  3. Esther James

    Ive been using cielo products for a long time, but i recently moved into a house with central air conditioning. It gave me an excuse to buy the cielo smart thermostats and I’m so glad i did! its such a sleek and amazing device. I love that the user interface of the app is user-friendly. I can easily adjust the temperature, set schedules, and even monitor energy usage with just a few taps. The app also give me all the valuable insights into my heating and cooling patterns, helps me see how i can make energy-efficicnet actions.
    I’m glad i got this one, now i can control all my ACs using one app only. This saves me a lot of hassle, i keep switching between central and mini splits as needed even when away from home.
    Really love this product, 10/10!!!

  4. Brooke

    Received mine a few weeks ago. The setup and registration process was pretty easy. The detailed manual with pictures and instructions made the installation process a piece of cake. At this price point, Cielo offers more than what you’d expect from a smart thermostat. I got their thermostat because i already have their room AC controllers. They allow to create links between room and central cooling with their special feature Linked. It’s amazing and makes controlling the HVAC systems much much easier!
    More than anything, they have the best support out there. I ran into some issue where it wasn’t picking up my wifi and their support walked me through it without getting annoyed by my questions. They even called me for a follow up on how my experience is going so far.
    Really excited to set up vacation mode when I leave for a month next week!

  5. Sammy

    Switched to Cielo from my previous thermostat and the main reason was so that i’m able to control my minisplit and central units using one app, and i am so grateful! Its brilliant and works really well. I love how great it looks, i mean, my favorite color is black so its a no-brainer that i love this thermostat. It surprisingly didn’t take me long to set it up. I had a little confusion in some of the settings but the support cleared up each and every one of my troubles. I loved how they called me a few days later for a quick checkup.

  6. Aaron

    Recently received my smart thermostat in the mail today. Its so gorgeous man. it looks so modern and stylish, i just want to spend my time admiring it all the time. Im saying this because i did not expect it to look this good given their price point. Another reason for me buying their thermostat is that Ii use three of their controllers also. I didnt want the hassle to keep switching between the apps to control all my units at a time. I can monitor everything on one app which is really cool.
    I was able to install it myself using their detailed manual. I got confused seeing the c wire adapter and couldn’t figure where should i connect it. I called their support, who instantly figured out that with my setup i don’t need to use it. The agent even gave a follow up call to ask about my experience which was really surprising. Would really recommend this thermostat!

  7. Robert

    celio smart thermostat was a switch from my honeywell with the buttons to smart and it’s going really really well! i don’t give 5 stars unless a product has blown my mind and I think this thermostat is getting there. I mean, just sitting on my couch and adjusting the temperature from my phone makes me feel like I am in 2023.
    The set up was a tad bit difficult because I am not extremely techy, I used the support number option that I keep reading about and they literally told me which colored wire to put where. This made it extremely easy and saved me so much on hiring tech – it was completely free.
    Since then no issues, received a call back from support to check if everything is working all right. WOW. It sure is!

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