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  1. Dennis Branson

    As someone who doesn’t usually leave reviews, I just had to share my experience with Cielo smart thermostat.
    I’m already a fan of their products and have been using two plus controllers in my rooms and a Breez lite in my garage. So when I heard they were launching a smart thermostat, I knew it was gonna be a big thing.
    The highlight of adding the smart thermostat to my collection of Cielo products is the way I’m able to control all my air conditioners from the same app. My mini-splits, window and central AC – all from one place. Now that is super convenient!
    If you have both central and room acs, I highly recommend this.

  2. Tim

    I finally received the thermostat a week ago. The installation process was pretty easy. I just had some confusion about the wiring stuff but the awesome support swiftly guided me through it.
    So far, I am LOVING this product, especially its design.

  3. Angelica Harrison

    I’ve been wanting to switch to a smart thermostat since everything is smart nowadays. I was checking various options when I came across cielo and saw that they have launched their smart thermostat. I have heard of ceilo before as some of my friends use their smart controllers. They have all the good things to say about Cielo, so I went ahead and placed my order after checking my requirements.
    I received it two days ago and god, it’s such a beautiful device. It looks sleek and fits the modern contemporary theme of my home. The icing on the cake is that it is SO easy to install! I also like their default presets, really helpful.

  4. Mark Steven

    Just got my hands on the Cielo Smart Thermostat and it has exceeded my expectations. I’m not particularly handy but I thought to give DIY installation a try since it came with a detailed user guide. I was impressed how easily I was able to install it with no issues and it saved me so much on installation.
    The device itself is incredible and easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with my smart home system, and oof I can do so much more with the app. It’s just been a couple of days and I’m enjoying the experience so far, can’t wait to explore more.

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