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Smart Air Conditioning
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Cielo Smart Thermostats

For central air. Supports conventional systems
up to (2H/2C) & heat pumps (4H/2C)

Cielo Smart AC Controllers

Next-gen smart AC controllers for mini-split,
window & portable air conditioners or heat pumps

(White & Black)
(White & Black)
(White & Black)

Revolutionize Your Home Climate
with Features Beyond the Norm

Experience unmatched comfort and control with our innovative
& powerful next-gen features.

Girl using Cielo Home app to manage her home temperature. Cielo app screen shown on the front.

One app control for
central HVAC & room ACs

Suppose you have a central unit to cool & heat your home & mini-splits in your attic & garage. With Cielo, you can intelligently control all units. No need to juggle multiple apps, embrace total control with one!

Automate central + room heating for energy savings & comfort

Connect your central HVAC & room heat pumps with Cielo Linked. Create personalized rules to intelligently switch between them based on weather & personal preferences.

*Only available with select Cielo devices
Girl playing with her dad. Comfy max screen on Cielo home app can be seen in the front.

Comfy Max
for room air conditioners

AI-powered Comfy Max achieves maximum savings & comfort for room ACs. It prevents excessive heating or cooling by automatically adjusting AC settings to maintain perfect room climate.

*Only available with select Cielo devices

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Cielo Smart Thermostat

Next-Gen Features, Exquisite Design. A dynamic blend of comfort & savings.


$12999 $16900
Smart Thermostat Eco

Unbeatable Value, Ultimate Comfort. A thermostat that guarantees savings.



$9999 $12900
Cielo Breez Max

Innovative Features, Elegant Look. Technology that goes above & beyond.



$12499 $15900
$12299 $15900
Cielo Breez Plus

Powerful Features, More Control.
The ultimate smart AC controller.


$11499 $14900
Cielo Breez Eco

Impressively Sleek, Incredibly Smart.
A design that magically blends.



$7999 $9900
$7799 $9900
Cielo Breez Lite

Small in Size, Big in Benefits.
Engineered for affordable comfort.



$6999 $7900
$6799 $7900

Buy More, Save More

Take advantage of our bundle offer to
unlock savings and Get More for Less!

Cielo product bundles discount
Cielo WiGle Product Bundles offer

Home Comfort Reimagined

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Seamless Automation

Backed by state-of-the-art software, experience smooth automation delivering comfort in every corner.

A person using Cielo Home app to make temperature adjustments. Cielo smart products and Cielo home app screens can be seen on the left side.
Cielo Smart Products and App With Man and Car
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Built for Savings

Smart air conditioning controls for an energy efficient home. Enjoy the perfect home climate at all times & save on energy bills.

Home temperature icon

Automatically Senses,
Intelligently Adjusts

Perfect temperature where
it matters with built-in
temperature & humidity

Home comfort icon cielo

Comfort Like
Never Before

Powerful set of features
that enhance home climate
control to a whole new level.

Home climate control icon cielo

Exceptional Control
for Everyday Use

With controls so easy,
day to day temperature
adjustments are a breeze.

Industry’s Best
Integrated HVAC Controls

Intelligent switching between your central & room air conditioners
based on weather & your preferences!

Cielo linked connecting central HVAC system (paired with Cielo Smart Thermostat) with mini-split (paired with Cielo Breex Max)

More Options - More Control

Experience a truly connected smart home by integrating your Cielo smart products
with the rest of your smart home

Cielo smart thermostats works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri shortcuts, SmartThings and IFTTT
Cielo smart products work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings and IFTTT
Cielo thermostat and smart AC controllers with Alexa and Google Speaker
Cielo thermostat and smart AC controllers with Alexa and Google Speaker

Cielo in the Press

"The Cielo Breez Eco Smart AC Controller is the
knight in shining armor you need to make your ductless
cooling system more high-tech"

"Easy to set up and incredibly responsive. This is one of the best devices we’ve tested for controlling a stand-alone air conditioner."

"This Wi-Fi enabled smart A/C controller turns your air conditioner or heat pump into a smart, easily manageable resource."

"Between its wall-mounted control panel and rich control suite, the Cielo Breez Plus really helps your ductless AC units feel like a fully integrated part of your home."

"Offering the same smart control features for regulating a central air conditioning system to one of those manual old-school and — pardon the term — dumb AC units."

Award-Winning Products

Trusted smart air conditioning controls for your home

Cielo Award logos
Cielo awarded Fast 500 by Deloitte
Cielo won AHR Expo innovation award
Cielo won AHR Expo award
Cielo ranked best home and garden brands by Statista and Newsweek
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