more comfort more savings with cielo breez comfy feature

Comfy Mode

More Comfort | More Saving

Intelligent triggers to automate your room environment based on your room temperature or humidity

Comfy 24/7 - Set the air conditioning rules to save energy with added convenience

family enjoying cooking
Comfy Days

Comfy lets you predefine your home’s environment, automatically changing your AC settings & maintaining comfort while you do other things.

sleeping family with dog
Comfy Nights

Comfy automatically adjusts your room temperature for you, while you’re asleep keeping your environment comfortable.                   

Comfy for Pets

With comfy’s intelligent triggers, you can pre-set an ideal environment for your pets and let the triggers maintain their perfect environment.

savings with comfy
Comfy Savings

Comfy ensures efficient usage of your air conditioning by making automatic adjustments, keeping your home comfortable and saving energy.

Smart air conditioning made simple - Convenience Personified

Comfy for Temperature

Comfy for Humidity

Scheduling with Comfy

How to Set Comfy Mode

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Cielo Breez Plus

Cielo Breez Plus

Powerful Features, More Control.
The ultimate smart AC controller.


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Cielo Breez Eco

Impressively Sleek, Incredibly Smart.
A design that magically blends.



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$8999 $9900

Cielo Breez Lite

Small in Size, Big in Benefits.
Engineered for affordable comfort.



$6999 $7900
$6999 $7900
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